5 Favourite LAN games

MWeb has compiled a list of 5 favourite LAN games. We'll show you ours if you show us yours!

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DesVader2485d ago

No COD4? *sigh*

Very much agree on Left4Dead, great game to play co-op when the other peeps are in the room to shout at :D

caseh2485d ago

People still play games via LAN? Hah, dats so 90s yo!

DesVader2485d ago

LOL, it is very 90's but its still fun :)

caseh2485d ago

Granted it was fun lol, for me it was all about leeching the absurd amount of pr0n, movies, mps3 and games that everyone had accumulated over the months. This is going back to when 56k ruled the earth so nabbing huge chunks of data was a rare occasion that had to be seized. :D

PandaMcBearface2485d ago

Well, I mean stealing things from people's folders is a big part of the fun :3