Battlefield 3: My Week In Batters vol. 6

If you want mushroom... shut up. If you want mugs, panache and Batters, you've come to the right place.

The Finite Playlist = 20 games in 40 minutes. A weekly podcast from veteran games writers Chet Roivas and Jon Denton.

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PeaSFor2484d ago

javelin..... made for the peoples who cant aim.

caseh2484d ago

Funny if you have a little squad with a painter, javelin and support though. Air superiority from the ground. :D

PeaSFor2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

meh, i can anticipate enuff to hit shits with the basic rpg/smaw, and its also good against infantry.

btw, im MmaFanQc as you can see http://battlelog.battlefiel...

do you also play on pc?