Sony Worked On PS4 On PS Vita 'Simultaneously'

The cross-compatibility with the PS4 and the PS Vita are going to be more important than you might have first thought.

Though Sony has already released the PS Vita, both the handheld console and the upcoming PS4 were developed simultaneously according to Sony's president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

In the latest issue of Edge, Yoshida explained that work on the PS4 started as soon as the PS3 was released.

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iGAM3R-VIII2479d ago

Smart, so this means that they knew that the Vita would be able to link to the PS4 way back in 2008. Good read.

Septic2479d ago

A while back I suggested that compatibility between the PS4 and VITA was probably what Sony planned from the outset but my opinion was dismissed.

We haven't even scratched the surface of what the VITA can do and early signs seem very promising for the handheld. I really do think that, if Sony approach this correctly, they can make the VITA an essential peripheral that compliments the PS4. Already, the VITA is a far cry from the original PSP.

Felonycarclub82479d ago

Yeah I can't wait to see what they will e able to accomplish withy the ps4/vita combo

Bathyj2479d ago

Well they need to bundle them at an attractive price to really push that connection. In my opinion if you buy a PS4, a Vita should be half price.

Sony might take a bit of a bath (no pun intended, ok it was) on that, but it will be worth it as it will sell more PS4's, more Vitas and drive that combo into the psyche of gamers. Getting the userbase up early is more important than the short term profit loss of half a Vita.

nukeitall2479d ago

Early signs for the PS Vita is good?

All the signs so far has pointed to lackluster demand. Many spin-offs from major games are just that, hastened development, and low quality games.

Nintendo turned around the 3DS, so there is still time, but if anything all signs are pointing to it performing worse than the PSP.

I hope I'm wrong though!

Septic2479d ago

@nukeitall (all this time I read your username is nuketail)

I'm talking about early signs as far as the VITA and PS4 combo is concerned. It really is an impressive bit of kit and with the PS4 comoplimenting it, I'm confident that you will really see the VITA come into its own.

Mark my words; the VITA is something to watch out for.

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DA_SHREDDER2479d ago

Not smart. The only way they can fix the vita is by making another model that has L3 R3 buttons. Otherwise Ill just use the regular controller. Im not sold on the vita cross ps4 crap

DOMination-2478d ago

And L2/R2. As i assume the backpad will mimic the ds4 touchpad. These missing buttons do concern me.

badkolo2479d ago

i said this too months back, vita was designed for ps4 and not ps3. the vita will also be much cheaper in a year so they released it early, smart and risky move

MasterCornholio2479d ago

Just to back you up.

"To wrap up, Norden discussed the extra PS4 chip that allows for a constant storage of the last few minutes of video of your gameplay, without taking away power from the core CPU or GPU. This allows for easy sharing of awesome moments without advance planning, Norden said. It also allows for live streaming and spectating of every PS4 game without extra developer support, and for Remote Play on the PlayStation Vita, with a mirrored display that makes use of the system's full 960×554 resolution. That Remote Play will be possible over either a home network or the Internet, but the latter will obviously be highly dependent on bandwidth and latency, Norden said."

The ability for the PS4 to stream to the Vita is built into the hardware with the incorporation of an Arm chip thats dedicated to the share and streaming functions of the PS4.

XXXL2479d ago

Here's hoping for a PS4/Vita bundle. Just take my $

vigilante_man2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Let's hope so.

Remote play using PSP or PS Vita sucks. There is too much lag and the screen looks very blurry.

I always liked the idea but have never been impressed. Watching trailers was pretty cool but gaming wise - no way.

If all PS4 games can be played on the PS Vita it needs to use better tech than on the PS3. I have heard that a dedicated chip is on the PS4 for the Vita connection. We live in hope...

Tultras2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Have you even tried remote play, it's crystal clear.

It also depends on your LAN speed, try getting a better router.

Tei7772479d ago

"crystal clear"..... LIE

vigilante_man2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I tried remote play on my PSP when I got my PS3 in 2009. The menus displayed but not brilliantly. Games played but not very clear. The only thing that really impressed me about remote play was when watching HD trailers from the PS3.

I could watch a HD trailer from my PSP - cool. But actual XMB menus and games - no!

I have just bought a PS Vita and am sorry to say the remote play looks just as bad. That's why I am excited by the PS4 - PS Vita relationship.

One more thing - I have always had the fastest and latest Broadband from Virgin (currently 120Mbps). I can only go on my experiences.

Tultras2479d ago

Do you use remoteplay via the Internet, or via private network, I can stream through everything just fine and my router isn't all that.

Never had a PSP, so woudnt know anything about that.

sherimae24132479d ago

now this is what i wanted to hear ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.