Miyamoto: Wii U's rivals will feel limited over time

Mvk: ''The Wii U’s use of an integrated second screen poses a notable threat to Microsoft and Sony’s rival machines.

That’s according to design legend Shigeru Miyamoto who speaking to CNN said that the Wii U’s impact will grow considerably over time.''

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caseh2383d ago

"The Wii U’s use of an integrated second screen poses a notable threat to Microsoft and Sony’s rival machines."

Only if devs find some real uses for it, being able to trot to the toilet and play Mario while taking a dump isn't one of them.

fermcr2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Wasn't interested in the WiiU, but with the no used games crap the PS4 and next Xbox are using, always online crap (next Xbox) and no backwards compatibility (PS4 and i guess next Xbox)... the WiiU is looking more appealing each day that passes.

I'm waiting for the release of the PS4 and next Xbox consoles to make my decision. WiiU will probably be much cheaper by then :)
At this moment Wii U Pack Premium is 350€... when PS4 and Xbox release, Wii U Pack Premium will probably be 250€.

This years E3 is going to be very interesting indeed...

Dark_Overlord2383d ago

"but with the no used games crap the PS4 and next Xbox are using"

Didn't Jack Tretton already confirm that the PS4 wont block used games?

as for MS, its rumoured that they will be blocking them, but until MS announce it its still just a rumour.

fermcr2382d ago



Jack Tretton confirmed that the PS4 had the option to block used games for any developer that wanted to use it... probably all (or most) developers are going to use it.

Mounce2382d ago

"probably all (or most) developers are going to use it."

You're speaking for the mouths of the publishers as to imply your Suspicion and assumption and using it as Facts?

Way to go, Fermcr.....

3-4-52382d ago

uhh...PS4 isn't doing that...You've been misinformed.

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OmegaSlayer2383d ago

Now that Miyamoto is speaking bulls, can we safely and once for all say that WiiU is doomed?

Knushwood Butt2383d ago

You called it.

Rivals will feel limited over time? Compared to what? Mario Bros Wii U? A Wind Walker remake? Wii Fit U??!!

from the beach2383d ago

Yeah, I'm way more excited about next Halo, next Killzone, next Forza, next God of War..

OmegaSlayer2383d ago

@from the beach
can you make a list of the new IP that first party developer of Nintendo studios, Sony studios and Microsoft studios created for Wii/PS3/360.

To me it seems that the innovation is branded with Sony name.

from the beach2382d ago

No, it would take ages.

I don't associate Sony with innovation at all, but if that's your perception then that's grand.

My comment above is only partly sarcastic - I actually am looking forward to those games, as well as whatever new IPs come out!

AKR2382d ago


- Doomed? 4 months on the market, and it's doomed? Hah. The thing is selling on par with the 360 and PS3 at the same time period (4 months). Like every new console, it's going through the infancy drought. Looking at recent times, PS3, Vita, X360 and 3DS ALL went through it. But now look at them?

All the Wii U needs is time. It's FAR to early to call it "doomed" or a "failure". Why? Because all consoles before it have gone through similar pains, it's nothing new.

@Knushwood Butt

- All you named was three games. The Wii U has other games like:

~ Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
~ Bayonetta 2
~ Monolithsoft 'X'
~ Pikmin 3
~ Dues Ex: Human Revolution

... Just to name a few. We should be seeing even more annoucements this year as well. You named THREE titles, and expect to make a point? Hah, you owned yourself, dude.

LOL_WUT2382d ago

Miyamoto has lost his mind!

WiiUsauce2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

yep it's definitely doomed alright. Have fun playing this EPIC RPG on your PS4 :D

Knushwood Butt2382d ago

@ Extreme Azure

My point was that Miyamoto's comment was dumb, and there's absolutely nothing to back it up.

Maybe you can enlighten us on why

~ Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
~ Bayonetta 2
~ Monolithsoft 'X'
~ Pikmin 3
~ Dues Ex: Human Revolution

will make Wii U's rivals feel limited over time...

MaxXAttaxX2382d ago

NFS: Most Wanted and Deus Ex, to name a few, are multiplatform.

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skipper2382d ago

What are you talking about? Games like Trine 2, Nintendo Land, BOPS2, Assassins Creed 3, Rayman (the demo), Need For Speed, Monster Hunter (I like the HUD on the gamepad, it cleans the screen up), Zombi U, Lego City, oh heck the list goes on and on. Make great use of the second screen. Much more than just off TV play. These are just the first batch of games.

AngelicIceDiamond2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Right, they have those games but future "heavy hitters won't make it on Wii U as well as certain publishers.

Aliens Colonial Marines (cancelled)
Dead Space 3
Saints Row IV
Bioshock Infinite
TombRaider Proof
Epic Games
EA Games

Now games like Assassins Creed IV and any Ubisoft games as well as Activision Cod series will more than likely make it to Wii U. Despite the fact that Activision being "upset with the Wii U fanbase due to poor sales on the U version. Nintendo probably has allot of Japanese titles supporting the console and may announce at E3.

But in the U.S Nintendo has always had a history of shunning third party. Though, they are the only company who made an absolute fortune on 1st party games alone, but have pushed away others in the process.

Game Cube barely had third party help. And Nintendo deliberately dropped the ball with the Wii by making it not third party friendly. Now several years later they want to cater to third party?

You can't blame devs for skipping the U version after all these years of either, lack of effort, or no effort at all. So devs see little to no interest in the Wii U.

Like I've said before, E3 season is coming up and Nintendo will be there. So lets just wait and see what they say.

Triggytrolls2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

ZombiU used the second screen to great affect, it made the game a lot more scary/intense and fun to play.

Off TV is not that good anyway the signal is to short. I can't play mario on the toilet, the signal breaks and my wiiu is only in the bedroom.

chente00252382d ago

I think that nintendo should take a chance and develop a FPS that's exclusive to the wii u.and who knows,maybe they can integrate the tablet controller with innovative ways that can't be found in other FPS games.if that turns out to be a massive success then nintendo would most likely dominate the console market all over again.

baraka0072382d ago

i disagree poopin' and playin' be my life bra

Oh_Yeah2382d ago

A second screen is a distraction, an unneeded feature that just makes gameplay more cumbersome.. People seem to like it for some reason though.

profgerbik2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"The Wii U’s use of an integrated second screen poses a notable threat to Microsoft and Sony’s rival machines."

If you don't know your history sure or the fact Playstation already did it with the PS Vita and PS3.

On top of that the PS4 and PS Vita will be far superior to anything the gamepad offers, I am sorry the gamepad is just a controller with a screen, the PS Vita is more than that. The PS Vita can literally be used in the same way as the gamepad but still be it's own device. That is much more than what Nintendo currently offers.

Did the PS3 and PS Vita also not exist and were in development before the Wii U? I guess not. Sure let's just give Nintendo all the credit for that idea.

Sony even back in the day was the first people to implement this idea, with the PocketStation for the PS1.

I am not saying the Wii U gamepad is shit or that no one enjoys it or that it doesn't add value to its games but don't get it twisted thinking Nintendo were the first people to think of this, they were far from it actually. Playstation and Sega were technically the first to use this type of idea.

Iwata has been around long enough to know exactly just that but his pride in his company will never allow him to admit otherwise.

R00bot2381d ago

You'd be surprised how great it is, Mario and dumping at the same time. Oh, and if someone's using the TV it's ok too.

Honestly I haven't used the TV for gaming in ages now.

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clintos592383d ago

I think wii u will do well. I was watching zombie u footage how they used the wii u as a scope for head shots in some parts of the game. Great ideas from nintendo. I think sony will do very well along with nintendo.

rustyspoon802383d ago

The problem is that element like that are still gimmicks. They don't really add anything that isn't possible on other systems.
Nintendo really need to show something that uses the second screen that makes people say WOW. The Wii-mote had everyone wanting to give it a go once they saw Wii sports. The Wii-U (currently) has nothing like that.

Ck1x2382d ago

Everyone's favorite gimmick word I see... You guys are so hell bent on stagnation its ridiculous! Anything that offers the slightest change in gaming is a gimmick, (presumed to be a bad thing by the context that you are using it in.) Even though you are given the option of not using that play method and just gaming on a regular ass controller. So if you don't want to try something new then that's you, but many other people in the gaming community like trying different and new ways to play games. People like you go to a very nice restaurant and order hotdogs and French fries, because they are to scared of trying anything else...

jcnba282382d ago

"They don't really add anything that isn't possible on other systems."

I didn't know the ps4 and 720 controllers had touch screens on them...and don't say ps4's remote play because that is nothing compared to what the Wii U can do.

"Nintendo really need to show something that uses the second screen that makes people say WOW."

Nintendoland does this vey well. Have you tried it?

Nevers0ft2382d ago

Ironically, something along the lines of "Wii Sports U" (it's bound to happen) would probably help... During last years E3 Nintendo demoed using the pad to pan around and catch a baseball. They also showed a Gamepad on the floor being used as a golf tee and means of seeing the shot more accurately. I could see Goalkeepers in a football game using the pad to catch the ball in 1st person view. Hell, what about Freefall parachuting where you have to pan the pad around to find who you're falling with and perform stunts (yes, you'd look like an idiot)?

I dunno, I'm not a games designer (can you tell?) but I think a sports minigame collection like Wii Sports U could demonstrate the different uses really well and also be the huge public draw that Wii Sports was when the Wii launched. Simple sports mini-games can capture the non-gamer imagination a lot better than something like Warioware can - which despite creative uses of the gamepad, aint a system seller.

R00bot2381d ago

IMO the GamePad makes me say WOW more than the wiimotes ever did.

rustyspoon802381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

You all missed my point (or I wasn't clear enough). I wasn't saying the touch screen is a gimmick, I was saying that the was in which it has been used so far is. Using it for maps and such is something that can be done in other games by pausing.
The new Super Mario does offers something different by letting another player add objects into the game for other players. This is what I mean. More games need to add elements like that. Where the screen is used in a more meaningful way.
Also, where are all the TV ad's, the wii used to have loads of adverts. I haven't seen any for the Wii-U.
Hopefully Nintendo will roll out the big guns at E3.

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Triggytrolls2382d ago

The using the pad as a scope got me killed more times then I like to admit, especially on the mounted guns when a horde turned up.

wantonGamer2383d ago

As opposed to limited right out of the box like the Wii U ?

xursz2383d ago

Wow. I can't disagree with that if I tried. :|

Jakens2383d ago

Go outside and play my young Nintendo...

Come back in later for dinner.

delboy2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

WiiU is innovative, unlike the competition.
And if you put some thought you might come up with some great ideas for the use of the second screen.

dmN_1142383d ago

Fanboy much?
Going by your logic what about the pic below then???

Wii U has potential sure but Nintendos fault is/was to rely too much on their 1st party games and gimmick. 3rd pary support is nearly non existent and with the other 2 next gen consoles around the corner it can only be worse...Wii had similar problems but its success was caused by 'games' like wii fit etc. which appealed alot to non gamers and the like and getting those into the bag again is not so easy since they don't care too much about the console itself.

zebramocha2383d ago

@delboy the wiiu tablet looks like the udraw tablet,so what's your point?

eferreira2382d ago

It's not innovation when the ds and 3ds already does what the wii u is doing now for gimmicks.

Clarence2382d ago

You will be able to use android, ipad, and vita to do the same thing. The problem is Nintendo tried to make the tablet the main selling point of the Wii u.

They could have saved that tablet gimmick and put a brand new Mario gaxley game in the box.

DarkHeroZX2382d ago

And Sony is trying to make the Vita able to stream all PS4 games as well as certified phones and tablets. The next box will probably also follow suit as well. Where is this innovation in which you speak of? Heck the Vita can connect to the PS4 over wifi on 4g lte mobile data and stream games anywhere. The Wii U is a cool console but far from innocative.

HD Wii+ Ipad= Wii U

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sway_z2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

As much as I respect Nintendo's long standing prominence in this industry...

Every statement coming from camp Nintendo seems to suggest 'In time' ...'with time' ...'Next year Wii U will have games..blah blah blah.

Just a bunch of promise after promise. Yes we know Zelda, Mario 3D and Metroid will come eventually....but after folks invested £299 premium duties, Nintendo needed to deliver like yesterday.

We all know what happens when you hold your breath.

Triggytrolls2382d ago

You turn Blue? Real life Pokemon yo. Innovation for you.