7 things MGS 5 should learn from MGS 4. Things it needs to learn from the past

OPM: No Phantom Pain, no gain. Here are the lessons we’d like Metal Gear Solid 5 to take on board from its beloved, cigar-puffing predecessor, including more diaper-wearing monkeys and the hiring of a bloke from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon to replace David Hayter.

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fsfsxii2475d ago

Longer cutscenes should really happen in MGSV, loved them in MGS4, any one who bitched about them is not a true MGS fan

jammy_702475d ago

No the cutscenes were long enough in mgs4..... All mgs4 needed IMO to be a perfect game is more gameplay. MgsV will be awesome :)

Donnieboi2475d ago

I want a new MGO. But i'm afraid of the westernization of the online component.

fsfsxii2475d ago

That is exactly what worries me, but i trust Kojima

bumnut2475d ago

Cutscenes were way too long and the story was shit!

Good gameplay is what kept me interested, shorter loading times please.

Luke_fon_Fabre2475d ago

It helps to play them all and play them in release order. Then the story is awesome.

Z5012475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

1."Yet compare the robot ladies to the mournful madness of Psycho Mantis or the pistol-spinning treachery of Revolver Ocelot, and they were left sorely lacking in personality and backstory" -- See, these same 'type' of people also review games. U can't tell me games don't get marked down because they're NOT like a previous/another game. (i know this isn't a review. i'm j/s) 2. Make cutscenes more interactive. -- Really? As a MGS fan that's exactly what i've wanted since 1998 /s. 3. -- LOL! BIG BOSS EMBLEM. 4. I agree. 5. Wierd, but i agree. I still think Snake Eater should've had this. 6 & 7 No comment. (don't care about monkeys or trophies)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2475d ago

exclusivity sucks?

I want this on pc.

Fishy Fingers2475d ago

Skippable cutscenes. I'm a big MGS fan but my god those "plane sequences" where bad enough first play through let alone the forth.

Shuyin2475d ago

You could skip em all, lol. Don't know what you're on about.

Fishy Fingers2475d ago

Pretty sure you couldn't. At least at launch. Either that or the countless people I've spoke to over the years and I all missed something.

If I did, my bad but I thought it was only post update which came long after launch that allowed you to skip them.

EditorAtGNG2475d ago

An editor. The dialogue in MGS games is dreadful. The story might be complex and awesome (the characters well rounded and interesting) but, my God, the lines they deliver are just pure garbage. They should look at Bioware and their games for how effective dialogue is being written - long and overly convoluted sentences (probably the result from translation from Japanese) just drown down the urgency and sense of dread and make if laughable.

I strongly believe that if they can manage to sort that out and focus on stealth more (MGS4 felt more like an action FPS) they can deliver a worthy sequel to the franchise.

EditorAtGNG2475d ago

Erm, an example as to why I am wrong maybe?

Luke_fon_Fabre2475d ago

It's just that they don't like your opinion. It is my opinion that the Metal Gear games have excellent dialogue, even in Metal Gear Rising. I've never been into Bioware games though. I do have Mass Effect 1, but I haven't played it yet.

EditorAtGNG2475d ago

Yeah, I guessed that. Though after 11 dislikes one would think there would be some kind of explanation. Ah well. Fanboys :)

Nate-Dog2475d ago

I have to lol at you saying Bioware games have better dialogue. I can't speak for Dragon Age but Mass Effect 2 and 3 has some atrocious dialogue and scenes. All of the romance scenes and dialogue (particularly in 2) are cringeworthy to say the least, and hearing Shepard do that oh-so typical paragon thing of summarising what someone has done and then justifying it in order to console them got old so quickly, heard it all before. Talking to Kaidan and Ashley in 3 was like talking to a brick wall.

EditorAtGNG2474d ago

That's nit picking my friend. From a wealth of Bioware games (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, etc) you chose 2 characters from Mass Effect which (while awesome as a whole) has the stink of "standardization" (something EA has been forcing Bioware to do). By all means, I am not stating that it is flawless, but when compared to MGS4 for instance, it is Oscar material.

Let me explain. Dialogue in RPG's and Stelth / action games can be different. However, in these 2 examples, I think they have switched places (i.e in Mass Effect 3, Shepard pretty much gets to the point and keeps things snappy, while in MGS4, every verbal exchange between Solid Snake and ANY other character drags on and on... without any real weight).

So yes, I do think they can do better and they should.

Nate-Dog2474d ago

I didn't say just 2 characters, I used those 2 as examples of poor dialogue, but I also said how bad all of the romancing dialogue is and Shepard basically repeating what NPCs say and then consoling them.

I don't disagree about MGS4, scenes were way, way, way too long especially when compared with gameplay time in the game, but I simply can't agree with someone saying dialogue in all MGS games is bad, especially not MGS1 and 2.

EditorAtGNG2474d ago

Well to be honest, I was leaning more towards the newer iterations (mainly MGS4).