The Last of Us Development Series Episode 2: Wasteland Beautiful

PS.Blog: In our first video in The Last of Us Development series we took a look at the Infected. We explored their unpredictable nature, what the Cordyceps fungus has done to these humans, and how we as developers worked some plausible science about infection into the game. Area 5 returned to the studio to discover how we created the game world. The second video in the series looks at what went into the concept and design of the world and its environments in The Last of Us. Check it out:

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Twignberries2486d ago

Can't wait to see next gen Naughty Dog. These guys are absolute perfectionists.

Why o why2486d ago

Looking good. Was the date on the evacuation board the original release date?

showtimefolks2486d ago

Can't wait it's a day one buy for sure

I wonder what Evan wells and his team are working on, ND are genius

Wizziokid2486d ago

I love these dev diary's

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