Xenoblade 2 will be the Wii U's Final Fantasy VII

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses how Monolith Soft is the new Square Soft. And why Xenoblade 2 will be the Wii U's version of Final Fantasy VII.

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Godmars2902481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

So they're going to advertise the hell out of it?

No offense, this game was love at first trailer, but if Nintendo, or more to the point Nintendo fans, expect this to sell like gangbusters a lot of TV ad time is going to have to be bought. Get Crunchy Roll and Toonami involved.

I wish Sony had bought Monolith.
I wish they had continued to directly develop JRPGs post the PS1 era.

Theyellowflash302481d ago

The game will sell, trust me. Online Marketing is more effective than TV marketing. Market the game on websites, and GameInformer, YouTube. There's all sorts of marketing you can do.

I don't think it will sell as much as Final Fantasy VII, I just think it will move a decent amount of Wii U's and show developers how to use the Wii U Gamepad right in an RPG.

Nobody though Fire Emblem Awakening was going to sell, especially after FE Shadow Dragon did so poorly selling 250K lifetime.

But Nintendo marketed the game, made it really good, and has already surpassed the sales of the first game. Mainly due to the eShop sales.

Snookies122481d ago

Fire Emblem Awakening was an amazing game though, no doubt...

Qrphe2481d ago

His point still stands. Regardless of game quality, to be like FFVII, it needs to gain huge mainstream success and thus a ridiculous amount of marketing and hype just like VII did.

DA_SHREDDER2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

This is like Zone of The Enders mix with monster hunter owned by a Nintendo first part studios that made the best jrpgs of all time? Man so glad I got a WiiU. Its got online and everything? Wow!

btw, I liked this dudes opinion. Good show

rainslacker2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I remember when FFVII first released. You couldn't turn on the TV, go online, open a magazine, or even go see a movie in the theater without seeing a FFVII trailer(That trailer was awesome on a theater screen I might add). It had one hell of a marketing campaign, and it was showing stuff that people had never seen before in a game.

Even with marketing, this title isn't going to give the same "WOW" factor that FFVII held for many. It'll likely be a great game, and I'm definitely buying it, but today's games have become mostly homogenized and the advancements to graphics(ie the "WOW" factor) aren't going to be as extreme as prior generations.

Outside of gamers, not many people know about Monolith soft or Xenoblade chronicles. With FFVII people knew about Square and FF. It was gamers excitement over the game, along with a huge influx of new consumers which helped make FFVII so successful. Nowadays, it seems everyone is too jaded to really be fussed over something really amazing.

I do agree though that there are ways to market without going to such extremes. They can also be more effective, and cost less money, sometimes showing better results compared to TV ads.

3-4-52481d ago

Yea FE:A was pure quality all the way through...that is why it sold well...yes marketing helps...

You can't tie a gold ribbon around crap and try and sell it though.

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Shok2481d ago

I agree FF7 is a bit of a stretch, but this game, which was a brand new IP at the time:

1) Sold 800,000 copies,
2) While being GameStop exclusive in the West
3) Had limited supplies (go see how much the game costs now)
4) And was pirated over 1,000,000 times.

So it would've sold A LOT more than just the 800k it sold, so it was a fairly popular game and is very critically acclaimed, especially in Japan.

Theyellowflash302481d ago

I'm not saying the game is going to sell as much as FF VII, I just said it will be the Wii U's FF VII, push a lot of consoles and redefine the RPG genre.

Obviously its going to be tough for Xenoblade 2 to sell as much as FF VII. I don't think it will get anywhere near the sales of FF VII, I just think it will help move a lot of Wii U's,

Tapani2481d ago


So basically what you are saying it's NOT the Wii U's Final Fantasy VII.

Maybe you just wish it would be? :D

Heavenly King2481d ago

It was pirated (as many other piece of media) because that 1M of gamers, did not think the game is worthy of the price tag.

rainslacker2480d ago


The only way it will push consoles is if it has a marketing campaign that appeals to the masses. It may push consoles among gamers, but that is hard to speculate on right now given that we don't know when it will release, or what else it will be up against come it's release.

I also don't know if it will redefine the genre. That's a pretty bold leap. RPG's don't often get redefined, and when they do, they tend to be critical and commercial failures. Even FFVII didn't really redefine them from a game play standpoint, just on a presentation stand point. The original Xenoblade Chronicles also didn't redefine anything, so not sure why the 2nd one would.

As good as I think the game will be, there is nothing that I've seen so far that hasn't been shown in other games in various other genres.

Many people won't pay over $100 for a game, particularly one on a system that isn't even on most people's radar. It is not a statement on the quality of the game itself, just that the availability of the game is extremely low, and demand is high right now.

Qrphe2480d ago

The number of times it was pirated is of little indication since that is never an indicator of lost sales.

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Moncole2481d ago

Its more likely Nintendo will buy them seeing how they work more with Nintendo more and made more Nintendo games.

Godmars2902481d ago

Nintendo bought them from Bandai. They're an exclusive 2nd party dev at the very least.

Moncole2481d ago

I didn't know that. I didn't see it on their wiki page when I was on it.

Godmars2902481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

You mean the bit where it says "Subsidiary of Nintendo" at the very top of their company profile?

Though I was wrong: they're 1st party.

Moncole2481d ago

I didnt see that part when I was on their wiki page, I went on again and I see it,

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Dj7FairyTail2481d ago

Namco wouldn't let that happen why because
Sony never partnered up with Namco or Monolith Soft on Xeno series or exclusive game,

Nintendo partnered up with them on both Baeten Kratos
and Namco saw that Nintendo had interest in them.
Following 2006 all of Monolith Game came on Nintendo platform.

Namco then sold Monolith Soft to Nintendo in 2007.

Xenosaga 1 and 2 on DS Japan Only by Namco
Disaster Day of Crisis Japan Only by Nintendo Rated M
Xenoblade Chronicles by Nintendo

They also worked on
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Zelda Skyward Sword

working on this game for Wii U and maybe working on a new 3DS game.

Nintendo allowed Namco to publish Project X Zone even when Monolith Soft develop it only cause Nintendo revealed the secret 3DS game by Namco, Capocm and Sega.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32480d ago

That game looks so smooth...

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Optical_Matrix2481d ago

So it's going to call a huge resurgence of Japanese RPG's in the west? It's going to sell over 10 million copies? It's going to get a huge multi million dollar advertising campaign? I don't think so mate

socks2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Xenoblade was possibly my favorite game of the generation. However, I am rational. No way it sells even 5M.

I dream that it could though...

rainslacker2480d ago

I would love it if it did.:) I miss the days of lots and lots of JRPG's being released on the consoles.

Other than that it is my most anticipated game for the Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't short supply the US this time.

Jek_Porkins2481d ago

This game could help in Japan and certain other areas, but Nintendo wasn't even going to release the last game in North America because JRPG's aren't doing well at this time here.

It certainly looks promising, but there is no single one game that is going to be the "be all, end all" game for the Wii U, let alone the Wii U's FFVII.

Hellsvacancy2481d ago

It looks awesome, should be a multiplat title if you want it to reach FF7 sales

LAWSON722481d ago

If this game delivers i will probably buy a wii u and maybe that would lead to some good jrpgs that arent ff. This will probably end up being my first next gen console

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