EA turning over a new leaf?

The upcoming game FUSE from Insomniac Games and published by the behemoth that is EA is set to not require an online pass or include any microtransitions. Now we all know that microtransitions can hinder a game a la Real Racing 3 but with the recent inclusion of the little blighters in Dead Space 3 i for one thought this was the start of a trend that all future titles from the games giant would include them.

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zeal0us2846d ago

Nope, more like EA don't want turn away any potential buyers/players with online passes and microtransaction, given that is Fuse is a new IP.

sinncross2846d ago

Its also possible that it was not enforced due to Insomniac not being owned by them unlike EA Swiss sarl, who I believe to be the developer of Real Racing 3.

Blank2845d ago

Damn I was going to say what you said but aside from them not owning insomniac I believe its going to take more than just a single game to show that they are changing their horrible methods of business

MikeMyers2845d ago

So why were they in Resistance 3?

DOMination-2845d ago

Because R3 was published by Sony who have an online pass policy with all games at the moment.

MikeMyers2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Does Sony get the same amount of hate for having them?

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chrish19902845d ago

I was going to suggest it's due to having poor confidence in the game, but with a demo on the way, maybe not.

AngelicIceDiamond2845d ago

This just in, ME 4 just been announced and will support Online pass and Microstrans.

So there go EA "Turning over a new Leaf"

cyberninja2845d ago

I like insomniac games, but i just don't care about fuse for some reason.

dcbronco2845d ago

Could be that EA has a new CEO because the board thought they needed a new direction. Maybe the new guy has better ideas on how to make money instead of nickel and dimming people.

InTheLab2845d ago

I like your positive thinking. Hopefully, that's the case.

dcbronco2845d ago

I hope so too. I won't be buying anymore of their titles until the online part is set. No more day one or pre-orders for them. The online always sucks the first few weeks. They need to turn their Xbox servers over to Microsoft. At least the servers would stay active all of the time.

Baka-akaB2845d ago

I'll believe it when i see a change of attitude in actual CORE EA titles such as Fifa , battlefield etc..

delboy2845d ago

Just wishful thinking, EA won't change, at least not so quickly.
Don't you guys remember Syndicate, EA published it, but without a online pass, hmm... why did they do that?
I hope I'm wrong, and Fuse is a exceptionally good game, cause I like Insomniac and I loved all their 60fps games.

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