Another take on horror: DreadOut

This Fatal Frame style horror game now has a demo, a new trailer and an Indiegogo campaign.

Digital Happiness is an indie studio out of Indonesia and they have been working on DreadOut for two years now with their own money, time and resources. The game they have put all of this effort into is a horror game that gives the player control of an young Indonesian girl who is lost in a ghost filled city. Like Fatal Frame ghosts are really only view-able through phones, cameras or video cameras.

The basic gameplay revolves around viewing ghosts through various types of cameras and you have to avoid them as you move through a rundown abandoned Indonesian village. There are puzzles in the games, side quests, bosses and an actual story that has you searching out for your friends who are also stuck in this horrific place. It is unclear how many elements of the game will play based on the short demo, but it left me fairly impressed all the same.

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Snookies122021d ago

Cool, I'll give the demo a try.