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Last week, Ubisoft held two events in Paris to promote its forthcoming titles Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids. As observed by EMEA boss Alain Corre in a speech at the first event, Ubisoft plans to release seven games for Nintendo Wii on December 8 - the most support the third-party publisher has ever given to a console at launch.

So what's the thinking behind Ubisoft's decision to place their bets on the Wii? GamesIndustry.biz sat down with company president Yves Guillemot to find out more. Read on to learn what he had to say about the next-gen console battle, the latest rumours of an EA acquisition and how Ubisoft plans to compete with its rivals.

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Ubisoft video reignites Mario RPG and Rabbids crossover rumours

It looks like rumours about a crossover game for Nintendo Switch, called Invasion Of The Rabbids, might be true after all.

wonderfulmonkeyman2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

If there's any truth to this, then it's going to reignite a lot of the software rumors that people assumed were false, just by being a part of those lists...

Big_Game_Hunters2635d ago

I thouvnt it was supposed to be a "yoshi rabbids crossover "though

TheFirstClassic2635d ago

Worst crossover idea I have ever heard of. Rabbids are irrelevant.


Game Informer - Replay – Red Steel

Game Informer - This week we're taking a look at the ambitious Wii launch title, Red Steel.

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Top 5 Over-Hated Video Games

Take a look at some recent games that everybody loves to hate despite the fact that they're not so bad.

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MCTJim2984d ago

I agree, I loved this game and Ryse. Definitely too much hate for these games.

ZaWarudo2984d ago

That Batman MP sucked ass, but the campaign was awesome. It had the best writing and boss fights in the series.

AKR2984d ago

I agree with the addition of Lost World. It wasn't perfect, but neither was it a bad game. Heck, when you have games like Sonic 06' and Rise of Lyric, calling it a bad game would be an INSULT.

Segata2984d ago

Lost World is a pretty good game and some of the levels esp early on are pretty much Genesis levels in 3D with branching paths and momentum based. The articles is one of 4 people I seen online ACTUALLY understand what Sonic is. It's not speed but momentum on Genesis.

TXIDarkAvenger2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Sadly, Star Wars: Battlefront is NOT Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. If it was, the game would be much better.

I had no idea Red Steel was hated so much. That was one of the better Wii launch games IMO. Had a lot of fun playing multiplayer.

iplay1up22984d ago

I liked Red Steel too! Red Steel 2 as well. I do not care for Red Steel 2's graphics so much, but a fun game!

TXIDarkAvenger2984d ago

Wow I forgot there was a Red Steel 2! And judging from the ratings, it seems way better.

blawren42983d ago

Just think, within every trash bag, box, and everything else shootable there is money. We could all be rich!!

But seriously...Red Steel 2 was fantastic

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