Console buying guide: Old hardware still worth your time

With the release of the PlayStation 4 around the corner, are older consoles still worth your time and, most importantly, your money?

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ziratul2111d ago

Now is the best time (for true gamers) to start collecting XBOX360 and PS3 games, because they are still good, visually appealing and extremely cheap (used). For 50 GBP you can get like 4-5 AAA used PS3 games.

BlackCarrot2111d ago

Yup, I've been stocking up on all the games I missed out on. From the likes of Uncharted to the Bioshocks, Borderlands, Resistance, God of War... I can get the games I missed out on for fairly cheap. Thank you, used games.

TedCruzsTaint2111d ago

Will be buying a PS3 for the first time, whether it be for Black Friday or if they announce another price drop.
Need to get in on the exclusives I have been denying myself all these years.

XXXL2111d ago

Last years black friday deals for ps3 were great (*$199 for a 500gb bundle with assassins creed 3) I'm looking to pick up one this year also to backup my 80gb

TedCruzsTaint2111d ago

Exact one I was looking into last year.
Still kicking myself a bit that I didn't jump on the deal.


when asking myself this same question, my mind used to think "absolutely! its totally worth it to pick up a game, regardless of the time you decide to play it." but my heart used to make me feel as if i couldnt touch an old game....NOT if there was something new out there.

i think that all changed about 2 years ago, when i actually hooked up a ps2 to finish up MGS2 for the first time. Since then, i think i almost enjoy the simplicity of retroish games more so than this TEAM DEATHMATCH 20 ON 20 RACIST KIDS ONLINE PLAY gaming world we live in.

ziratul2111d ago

Some people are still playing Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. Good game is a good game, no matter how old. Good old games are underrated.

monkey nuts2111d ago

Super ghosts and goblins never fails to impress. Best game ever. Though if I get bored of that there's always super mario kart, f zero, SMW, parodius, super tennis, flash back among others.

Timmey2111d ago

Ok, the reason The Last Of Us is beeing delayed to a few days after E3 is simply because there will be a price drop to 199 for the ps3. i think thats a good price for the late adopters for getting a ps3 with all it's exclusives and an build in blu ray player as well


Buy your self a nice used Sega Dreamcast and games first. Get a VGA adaptor and hit it. Crazy Taxi is awesome here is a random list from the net

10. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

9. Skies of Arcadia

8. Power Stone

7. Jet Grind Radio

6. Sonic Adventure

5. Shenmue

4. Sonic Adventure 2

3.Soul Calibur

2. Crazy Taxi

1. Resident Evil: Code Veronica