Retro City Rampage dev's Microsoft horror story

Developer says Microsoft cancelled his game and then released it at wrong price

After a shaky relationship that put his career and game on the line, Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano joins Jonathan Blow and Team Meat in talking mess about Microsoft.

After developing RCR for over four years, Microsoft cancelled the Xbox Live Arcade release due to Provinciano publicly stating his issues with the process, Provinciano told Wired. Perhaps this was written in some contract and Microsoft wasn't out of line, but that is much harder to hold on to after what came next.

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Hellsvacancy2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

He says working with Sony is a "coffee shop chat," while dealing with Microsoft feels like an "intimidating corporate vibe".

Makes me want to break something

Snookies12, I wonder how many other games out there that COULD of been made, but due to companies being greedy, they havnt, these companies are not happy with making a little profit, they wanna squeeze ya dry, and if they cant do that, well, its game over for you

Godmars2902486d ago

"these companies are not happy with making a little profit"

That seems to be exactingly true of Square Enix. They invest in projects solely based on brand value, set expectations too high and then limit creative effort.

RuleofOne343 2486d ago ShowReplies(6)
IK IR Y IP T2486d ago

I could really care less the games suck anyway

xursz2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

This implies you do care, just saying. I know what you mean though. I also know you're just saying that because you love Microsoft but Braid was a fantastic game, and there's a reason that and Super Meat Boy reached critical acclaim and such success. Those games do not suck. You know you're an idotic gamer when you let fanboy loyalty get between you and great games, not only that but by spreading hate as well. It's the same thing WiiU owners do when a game or specific technology is not supporting their system. "ZombiU? That game is amazing! Unreal Engine? Pfft, bunch of crap games and lazy developers, I tell ya." It's completely childish.

TemplarDante2486d ago

Jonathan Blow was of the same accord. The 3rd console curse is starting to be a reality for Microsoft and their Xbox720.
Sony were so arrogant at the start of this gen. Primarily down to their astronomical sales with the PS2.
PS4, they ate humble pie and oh, how proud I am in the route their taking. They're not not that arrogant sleeping giant anymore, their going out of their way for devs and indie devs in particular.
Microsoft, however, has been collecting false pride and arrogance this entire gen, Im afraid its going to catch up with them next gen.
PS4, the return of the king!

Zhipp2486d ago

3rd console curse... N64, PS3...Xbox720? Funny how I never noticed it before.

a_bro2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Sega Saturn as well. heck, it marked the beginning of the end for Sega as a hardware company.

supraking9512486d ago

Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast

a_bro2486d ago

Sega Masters=>Sega Genesis=>Sega Saturn=> Sega Dreamcast

Jazz41082486d ago

Not to knock sony but i dont think there investers would let them do it any other way.

hellvaguy2485d ago

"Microsoft, however, has been collecting false pride and arrogance this entire gen, Im afraid its going to catch up with them next gen."

Projecting media hype and personal fanboyism into a corporation is always good humor and does have a certain entertainment value.

BrianC62342486d ago

Since Microsoft doesn't have many of their own developers you'd think they'd try to make things easier for third party developers. Even the little guys. They sure aren't doing a good job trying to build up a library of games for their next console.

Why o why2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

And how many many of those are dormant or underperforming? No point keeping all them horses in the stables. Feed them and let them run free

Ripsta7th2485d ago

Actually most of dem sell pretty well, Halo sells, Gears sells, and Forza Sells , and quite alot. We dont know much about the other studios as they have supposedly been working Next gen titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.