Microsoft: Is Their Silence Hurting Them?

Graham from Gamers Association wrote "With Sony holding a live global event back in February that announced the PS4 and their plans for it, consumers and developers alike got a chance to get excited and build hype before May’s mega-event E3. Not only announcing it, but showing the controller and several games that are currently in the works, Sony managed to come out of the gate swinging and build momentum in their favor. Now almost a month, and two tradeshows (GDC and PAX East) later, no one has heard anything from Microsoft in regards to the next generation of consoles. Is Microsoft doing itself any favors by being quiet?"

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Hellsvacancy2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

No, the 720 has had loads of free advertising, I bet theres people in the world, on a remote island somewhere that dont even have computers etc, just sticks and stones and know about the 720

"hubba hubba jug jug, jiggy iggy mo-higgy" *translated* Do you think itll be always on?

Nitrowolf22475d ago

hahaha Fu XD

I guess it really depends on how they see it, but if they stay silent for to long people will begin to believe. And it doesn't help that someone from there just blurted out stuff on Twitter.

Microsoft can easily turn this around with a small statement. I mean we know the next console is gonna be announced, thyey could easily come out and say "the next box won't be always online". Still I guess it's that full reveal they want.

LOGICWINS2475d ago

"but if they stay silent for to long people will begin to believe."

It doesn't matter what people believe now. What matters is what they believe this fall when the console is out.

Did it matter a few months ago when we heard that the PS4 wasn't going to be THAT much more powerful than the PS3? No, because we now know that this isn't true.

One way or another, we're going to learn the truth. Whether we learn that truth now or a few months from now is irrelevant.

zebramocha2475d ago

@logic and you honestly believe the ps4 wouldn't be better than the ps3

LOGICWINS2475d ago

I've always believed that the PS4 was going to be better than the PS3...the question was to what degree.

Axe992475d ago

@ Logic - the issue is that the strength and consistency of these rumours (multiple sources hinting that they're true, and generally being consistent with each other) generates a poor emotional association with gamers. Humans are emotional beings, and MS is letting this rumour set them back before they've even started. It's downright odd behaviour.

NewMonday2474d ago

staying in a negative light will make previously xbox only gamers warm up to the idea of a different console.

to get the trust back the Durango must:

* not be overpowered by the PS4
* be playable off-line at any time for non online MP games
* Kinect not mandatory, few are comfortable with a camera watching them all the time.
* show new hardcore games

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2475d ago
Riderz13372475d ago

Yeah but most of it has been bad advertising lol. It's benefiting Sony a lot though so keep the bad publicity coming Microsoft!

BX812475d ago

I don't see how Sony is benefiting from any thing yet. Did they recieve a huge wave of pre orders for the ps4?

Riderz13372475d ago

BX81 - Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. No one knows but it's clearly benefiting Sony when their competition is getting bad publicity.

LOGICWINS2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

"No one knows but it's clearly benefiting Sony when their competition is getting bad publicity."

You don't know that. Your assuming that bad publicity for the 720 means that gamers will jump into Sony's arms with the PS4.

How do you know this news won't make people simply stick with the consoles they already own?

How do you know this news won't make people abandon next-gen consoles all together and adopt PC gaming?

How do you know that people aren't saving their money for the eventual Wii U price drop that will likely happen this year?

You don't know.

Anyone who is already dismissing the 720 was never planning to get one in the first place.

grayfoxx8812474d ago


"Your assuming that bad publicity for the 720 means that gamers will jump into Sony's arms with the PS4."

Well, from the many articles and comments that I've been reading the last several days it certainly looks that way.

Out of all the possibilities out there, the PS4 may likely be the only console that shares similar qualities with the next Xbox, when also taking the WiiU and PC into consideration as well. There is a reason why Sony is competing directly with Microsoft, they are competing over the same gamer.

Gamers may flock to the PS4, the WiiU, or decide to finally build a gaming rig. Overall, though, I believe that if Microsoft follows through with these ill-advised decisions, the majority of their lost business will end up in Sony's pocket, because the PS4 will most likely be the closest experience to the 720....Durango...Infinity?

Anyway, that's just how I see it.

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aviator1892475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The console, if released this year, is potentially still over 7-8 months from launch.
I never take the idea of buying a piece of hardware lightly, more especially if it's going to dig a hold in my wallet. Honestly, I have never let rumors, no matter how ridiculous or sound they may be or have been, convince me, particularly this early prior to a product launch, to either support or abandon it prior to release.

I don't know why so many individuals are such in a quick hurry to cast something aside before even given any official or concrete details on it. It hasn't even been announced yet...

LOGICWINS2475d ago

"I don't know why so many individuals are such in a quick hurry to cast something aside before even having any official or concrete details about."

Welcome to N4G.

Nitrowolf22475d ago

It's not just N4G though Logic.
I honestly it's better to say something now rather than have all this a secret until reveal. Say if this rumor wasn't leaked and say MS did go with always online and announced it. That in fact would have a terrible effect on them.

I like to think in a way this rumor is good overall. If proves to be false at least console companies will get the message that no one wants it. And if MS was planning on doing it, hopefully the reactions change their minds.

LOGICWINS2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

"I like to think in a way this rumor is good overall. If proves to be false at least console companies will get the message that no one wants it. And if MS was planning on doing it, hopefully the reactions change their minds."

I get what your saying, but MS has a lot of fans and many of them aren't as informed as we are. IF Microsoft launches an always online console(the rumored $300 subscription based console would imply that they will since MS would obviously want the ability to brick a 360 via the Internet if someone misses a monthly payment), I wouldn't be surprised if they were successful with it.

360 owners have proven in the past that they are okay with a console thats more expensive in the long term(XBL Gold sub) as long as it is less expensive in the short term.

rainslacker2474d ago

That's sound reasoning to get all the facts before making a big purchase. More people should do so.

The day after Sony announced the PS4, I told a guy at work who is a big Sony fan that they announced it(he hadn't heard ahead of time), and the first thing he asked was when it was coming out, then said he was going to buy it. Knew nothing about it, didn't care, just knew he wanted it.

This will be true for MS as well come the release of their console. There will be people that will buy it no matter what, regardless of if this rumor is true or not. If the worst case scenario to this is true, many will still buy it because they haven't informed themselves on it(See SimCity for reference).

Another fun work this same Sony fan asked if MS was going to be always online. He obviously doesn't keep up with news, but he knows what always-on could mean for playing games. The whole thing is reaching out beyond the gaming community, because I've never known him to be terribly informed on anything that isn't COD or BF related, and even then it's usually post-release he becomes informed.

Anyways, to me, this whole debate isn't whether it would be good or bad for MS in the long run. It isn't about whether the rumor is true or not. It's about what potential something like this could mean for gaming and what the community feels about the actual topic at hand. People are focusing too narrowly on the subject in my opinion.

Godmars2902475d ago

I think not talking to indie devs while Sony presents an opens arms policy is going hurt them more than anything. Especially considering by all accounts they don't have good relations with indies they've worked with.

LOGICWINS2475d ago

Not necessarily. Are people buying $400-$500 next-gen consoles to play $0-$15 bite sized experiences, or are they buying next-gen consoles to play AAA first and third party titles?

Indie games are just icing on a delicious cake. The icing makes the cake a tad better, but the cake would still be delicious without that icing.

Godmars2902475d ago

And I'm saying MS as of yet has no cake much less frosting. They have yet to officially announce a system, and their track record for delivering AAA or a diverse assortment of major, 1st through 3rd party, titles could be as best described as limited.

Sony really hasn't shown any PS4 titles yet but they have history. Are establishing early relations for next gen whereas MS is coming off either as following, or off into their own thing.

Hell. For that matter should Sony offer something at $0 it can be said that that's what they ask for it. With MS if something "free" isn't through the veil of a paid subscription it'll be powered by Mountain Dew.

clintos592474d ago


U can say the same thing for BC. Do u really want to buy these upgraded systems only to play last gen games? Id rather have new indie games bringing new experience's to the table then just use my new system to play old games that can ruin my disc drive.

Hicken2474d ago

You're forever playing Devil's Advocate, but you're not very good at it, honestly.

The_Troll_Whisperer2475d ago

I think that they want to build momentum for the successor to the Xbox 360. That is good, but it isn't turning out as good as it should be, theoretically. Momentum is building alright... in a negative way. Always-Online, No BC Xbox 360 games, etc. etc. etc. I never trust rumors so I don't think this is true or fake. I'll wait until E3 or May 21st or whenever it's revealed before judging the console.

Octo12475d ago

No. News or no news, there are already gamers that were planning on buying the next XBox barring any really stupid decisions that MS makes. It exists that we know and I am sure that MS is keeping quiet for a reason and I can't see why this will hurt MS.
Knowing MS they will dump millions on marketing the damn thing. I'm surprised myself that Sony did not wait to announce the PS4 until E3 2013 but I am sure that it's all part of their strategy. There's a method to everyones madness XD

Jaqen_Hghar2475d ago

A man isn't sure you should have such confidence in these companies. They've made some pretty monumental mistakes in the past and they're not the first billion dollar corporations to do so.

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