NIS America reaches a European publishing agreement with Atlus

As I point out in just about every single post I’ve ever written about any Atlus game, European Atlus fans have really been getting dragged through the mud recently, the worst example being the two year wait to play Devil Survivor: Overclocked, an enhanced port of a DS game that still shipped with game breaking bugs not seen in any other region’s version of the game.

It’s a situation that deserves to have been addressed years ago, and it seems like that might just have happened, as Nippon Ichi Software America sat down with Siliconera and told them that they’ve reached a deal with Atlus where they’ll handle the publishing of their titles in Europe.

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dedicatedtogamers3634d ago

This is awesome. I always feel bad for JRPG fans who live in Europe because they always seem to get games late (or not at all). Hopefully they'll get games faster and with more quality control than before.

guitarded773634d ago

Cool. Maybe our friends in Europe will get their games published faster.

oONinjavitiSOo3634d ago

Could not agree more with comments #1 & 2. Both should be released in the us and eu markets simultaneously. This red tape nonsense needs to end.

3634d ago
Smashbro293634d ago

It's a matter of re-localization. I don't think they just want to give Europe the US translation.