The Proper Way to Play Racing Games: Wheel vs Controller

Shawn Long of takes a fun look at the age old question: Which is better for racing games?

An experiment with a test subject leads to results that may surprise you!

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DeejayKnight2114d ago

Dude, GREAT article on the two. I'd love to see something like this with other racing games! :D

DEEBO2114d ago

yeah the wheel win's.i have the same wheel with GT5 and after you play with the wheel the controller is like a last thing you want to use in a racing game.sad more games don't support it.

WeAreLegion2114d ago

I definitely prefer the wheel, as far as racing goes. Timed trials for earning a higher grade of license? Controller.

I think I enjoy the Move Wheel more than anything, however. It works on ANY game because the system recognizes it as a DualShock 3. Burnout: Paradise with that thing is a dream!

Quisp2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

If youre gonna spend the $$ on a decent wheel, you cant hook it up to a freakin barstool. You can do it right, and relatively cheap.
My first racing rig.

ptownjbo2113d ago

haha the dudes faces are funny as hell. Good article.