Microsoft Said to Adopt AMD Chips for Next Xbox Console - Bloomberg

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will use an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) processor in its next Xbox game console as it seeks to cut the cost of building machines and get developers to create more titles, people with knowledge of the matter said. AMD surged the most in almost two years.

The Xbox will use an AMD system-on-a-chip that combines powerful “Jaguar” central processing units with graphics chips, said one of the people, who sought anonymity because the plans aren’t public. The shift to the so-called x86 format ubiquitous in modern personal computers means Microsoft will drop the Power PC technology designed by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), and game discs made for the current Xbox 360 won’t be compatible.

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Pandamobile4124d ago

Poor Nvidia, they're only swimming in the cash that rolls in from desktop and mobile GPU divisions, lol.

If AMD hadn't scored all of the console deals, they'd be in a world of hurt, whereas the only thing that Nvidia misses out on is a bit of extra profit.

BitbyDeath4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

They must be hurting a bit considering all the crying they did a week or two ago.

jukins4124d ago

haha they're not "rolling" in the cash. they're high end graphics cards are a niche market believe it or not. and as for the mobile gpu division haha samsung/qualcom say hi. nvidia, while stable for now, has been on a downhill roll for the past few years just like amd, just not as bad.

nvidia really isnt in a place where they can "miss extra profit" as you say. they're projections have fallen short quarter after quarter for a few years. I dont know any chip maker who wouldnt want to potentially sell upwards of 150+million chips along with the branding that comes with powering consoles.

SilentNegotiator4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Yeah, Nvidia doesn't care about missing out on profit just because it's a little more thin than they tried to demand.


Seriously, convinced yourself yet? No company loses 3 massive business partners and goes "lol, who cares?" like some of their fans.

Pandamobile4124d ago

They didn't "lose", they opted out.

Personally, I'm glad they did considering that could have been one of the final nails in AMD's coffin. Poor bastards lost over a billion dollars last year.

iamgoatman4124d ago

Get with the times Panda! It's now cool to hate Nvidia, and remember a couple of statements, although stating the obvious but still no less true, now constitutes as "crying" or being "butthurt". You know how the sheep on this site work.

M-M4124d ago


Talk about missing the point.

SilentNegotiator4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

"They didn't "lose", they opted out"

They couldn't negotiate a deal to continue with 3 major clients. The completely fell out of the game console industry.

That is a loss, regardless of whether they claim to have been the ones to decide to not finalize a deal. They broke up with me, I broke up with them...doesn't matter, you lost a partner.

N4g_null4124d ago

The 8 gig ram design is done already. Ms only has to pay for it. Sony may have signed a deal for it to not come out on the pc side but they may have forgotten about the Xbox. Only amd has a patient on the design which is why they are pushing HSA and not Sony.

nix4124d ago

i think i've seen it all... Nvidia and AMD fanboyz. like really????? O:

Pandamobile4123d ago

Nobody here gave two craps about Nvidia and AMD until it was announced that AMD would produce the PS4's APU, and then Nvidia said the PS4's APU was comparable to a mid-range PC CPU or something.

Somehow N4G interprets that as Nvidia "crying".

Saigon4123d ago

Well, there it goes...its official. Now the other issue I saw was in the first paragraph, or was it the second. We all speculated whether or not the Next Xbox would be compatible with the previous and it looks like its not. Both Next Generation Consoles look to start from scratch. Man this is going to be interesting, when the rest of the gaming world finds out about this. Can't wait for E3.

nukeitall4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

There is a reason why Nvidia operates at a profit, while AMD is well close to being un-investable!

I love consoles, but reality is that Nvidia has closely chosen it's business wisely. After 7-years and only $500 million on the PS3 for nvidia, that is hardly enough to put skilled engineers on the task, when they could be building that $500 million profit *yearly* product.

I know all you "fans" don't want to hear that, because it hurts your feelings, but AMD is in this, because AMD *needs* the business, not because they necessarily wants it.

geassdanny4123d ago

Expect more cry baby news from Nvidia soon!

SephirothX214123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

AMD are over 100 million in debt whereas Nvidia is booming.


Yeah they're butthurt all right.

givemeshelter4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Actually Nvidia has won very little Mobile GPU contracts with the Tegra 3. If they did not score the design win for the Nexus 7, they pretty much would have been non existent in the mobile realm. The majority of the mobile devices rocking the Tegra Line of GPU's is minimal and those phones sold less the most. Here's hoping the Tegra 4 meets expectations in sales and performance unlike the Tegra 2, and Tegra 3 SOC that failed to wow in performance.
Saying that, Nvidia is doing extremely well financially compared to AMD.
It's just their Mobile Solutions are real mediocre for Tablets and Phones.
Tegra 4 I am hoping kicks ass

ProjectVulcan4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Nvidia is a very profitable company with cash reserves, AMD is a company teetering on major debt and struggling to find revenues against harsh competition from Intel and Nvidia.

Nvidia record profit and growth year on year: http://www.bit-tech.net/new...


AMD cashflow problems and downrating of debt by ratings companies.

I am quite sure Nvidia wouldn't mind creating a part for a console if the price was right. But knowing their current situation and AMD's I don't know why anyone would think Nvidia are in any trouble missing out on a console contract.

AMD need it badly, even on wafer thin margins.

Dee_914123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I just went PC/ Laptop shopping (browsing)while I was out.
60% had Amd Hardware 35% had intel hardware give or take. I saw 1 with nvidia out of 3 stores.Walmart Best Buy & Staples.I think your talking out your rear end sir.
Either that or they are rolling in old money because right now I cant find a Laptop or PC ( in store ) with nvidia hardware if I tried.
If your not selling well overrall then sell a little more than average ofcourse your gonna see profits.Same for AMD just vice versa.

ProjectVulcan4123d ago

Nvidia's markets are more desktop parts with OEMs and they have grown because of their mobile penetration and workstation business. Not to mention Nvidia landing major supercomputer contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Teslas at a time. http://www.anandtech.com/sh... Like this recently for example.

But anyway, more about the consoles-

The leaks since like November last year had the next xbox down as the same CPU inside PS4, a Jaguar 8 core, but with a lesser GPU (2/3 the performance of PS4) and some additional coprocessor bits and pieces thrown in.

PS4 would be quite a bit more powerful if this is really true.

sikbeta4123d ago

Look at that reply, you really invested on Nvidia stocks, nevermind you sure are one of those elitists who pay 1000 US a month to change teh graphicz cardz, dat rig yo! XD


Thanks for the info we all know for Months already e_e

RumbleFish4123d ago

Nvidia can't be so poor, they get lots of my money every year because their GPUs really rock my house! ;)

Gamer19824123d ago

Nvidia make a LOT of money these days from graphics chips in mobile phones more than graphics cards. Consoles would have been a massive coup for them but it wasn't to be. AMD will be happy for this move.

Ritsujun4123d ago

That's why nVitch's so mad.

hiredhelp4123d ago

AMD did loose alot of money last year but mainly from there Processor market.
Unlike Nvidia AMD has been around alot longer and handles alot more than GPU chips oh btw the GPU was the strongest in sales I beleave to there CPUs because of Intel.
I think AMD gonna start to shine again, backing all consoles Nintendo Microsoft and Sony is only gonna be very profitable while still doing what they do best video cards baby.

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zeal0us4124d ago

Nvidia have itself to blame.

N4g_null4124d ago

For profits in the pc market.

sikbeta4123d ago

Nvidia is rich as s#*t, the hell are you talking about!? you do realise there are people out there paying ONE THOUSAND US DOLLARS for the latest graphic card? ... gotta impress the other nerds on the interwebz lol