PCs' key role in HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray war

PCs are emerging as a battleground in the budding war between two technologies vying to be the standard for high-capacity DVDs--and take the lucrative mantle of next benchmark in optical storage.

The stakes are huge for one group led by Sony, developer of the standard known as Blu-ray, and another led by Toshiba, developer of the rival HD DVD standard, with each party standing to reap a fortune in royalties if its candidate becomes the next industry standard.

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OutLaw6529d ago (Edited 6529d ago )

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FamoAmo6529d ago

Good post but for the wrong article. Anyway the Toshiba HD DVD playa sold out when released so thats good. I did see the HD DVD Toshiba playa at best buy playing a movie and next to it was a standard movie and its a night and day difference. I am waiting for the HD DVD add on. Can't pay 500$ for a dvd playa after buying another lcd!!

OutLaw6529d ago

Thats why I erased what I said. Sorry for the confusion.

Anerythristic266529d ago

What happens to the PS3 if BluRay fails? A serious answer would be greatly appriciated

FamoAmo6529d ago

Sony would not be making consoles anymore that's for sure. The losses would be to huge!

Anerythristic266529d ago (Edited 6529d ago )

To be honest , I hear BluRay is gaining acceptance industry wide. What I heard was if it failed ( which is a possibility even if you consider it a remote possibility )they would lose developers and games would be even more expensive than 60 dollars. That is a gamble if I've ever seen one!

FamoAmo6529d ago

No doubt a huge gamble. Its do or dire for Sony!! No way Sony could recover in the gamming industry! Sony is putting pedal to the metal for blu-ray and with it's cost's and no need for that much disc space really has me in question. 1080p is something 5-10 years away still!

Marriot VP6529d ago

not much new news here. The winner is still a toss up, it can sway either way.

BLow6529d ago

So there is a difference. Can't tell to many fanboys though cuz they might get mad. Blu ray for me.

pRo loGic II6529d ago (Edited 6529d ago )

HD-DVD for me, i hope HD-DVD wins the war, the player has better feature's, who care's about Blu-ray when it comes to High-def DVD's. Don't attack my post fanboy's.

Anerythristic266529d ago

Whatever is cheaper for the same quality for me. I guess that is HD-DVD?

shoota336529d ago

N0 1080p
Less compacity as blu ray.
what features are you talking about because it seems to me you are a xbox fanboy so you will support anything Ms does even when it is not the best and you know it.

Mark6529d ago

HD-DVD: N0 1080p, No HDMI, Less compacity as blu ray. WHAT???

First, you need to learn to spell. Second, 1080p is useless right now and HD-DVD video can be encoded to 1080p just like blu-ray. The 1080p limitation lies with the player not the format. When the time comes the HD-DVD player will support 1080p. Last, HD-DVD will support HDMI because it will be a requirement of HDCP. The only difference is the capacity.