BioShock Infinite VP of development Rod Fergusson leaving Irrational Games

Rod Fergusson, the former Gears of War producer who joined Irrational Games to help wrap up BioShock Infinite, is in the process of leaving the company, Fergusson confirmed to Polygon today.

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konnerbllb2481d ago

He's leaving irrational. Seems like it was a one title agreement. His family never moved to Boston with him. I'm not surprised by this.

DwightOwen2481d ago

Gears of War Series
BioShock Infinite

That's not too shabby of a resume.

BanBrother2481d ago

He is one my my most respected people in the games industry. He was always so calm and was the best at answering questions. I'm glad he left EPIC, as he is capable to do better things now. Apparently he was only supposed to help Irrational get Bioshock out the door, and then move on. I think he wanted experience with stories, so he can form his own studio or something.

If he stayed at EPIC, he never would be able to do anything good with a story (coming from a Gears fan, I can admit their stories are quite bad).

Jek_Porkins2481d ago

I always liked this guy, followed him on Twitter and he would interact with fans. He never changed his GearsViking handle either, he was the one that would always do the 10x XP weekends on Gears and whatnot.

Hopefully he goes where he can actually get some input and create to his hearts content.

greatcrusader442481d ago

Was really cool that he came in to help them with Bioshock Infinite, just finished and was one of the best games I've played in a few years. Ending was a bit weird though, I got it, but it seems just about every game in, he past few years has to have some sort of [email protected] ending, but I guess I wouldn't expect Bioshock to end any other way.

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