You Hate Microsoft For All The Wrong Reasons

Cheatcc says - "The more I read about this Adam Orth situation, the more irritating it becomes. Not because Orth was particularly offensive—he was mostly just being hyperbolic and insensitive—but because gamers have completely thrown any semblance of reasonable thought out the window."

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iGAM3R-VIII2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

@article lmfao

On-Topic: The only part I hate is their silence and the non-confirmed stuff like the 'always online' rumour that is 'always online' :P lol. I think the reveal of May 21st is just to far away for MS to not say anything, nevertheless if these rumours are true that is a serious disadvantage

darthv722483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

but it's worth waiting for.

I love how the rumors are all bad on MS with an online component for games to work but that sony is given a free pass in the same regard. Sony may not enforce it, then again they will have to if the game publisher requires it. So who is really the bad guy here?

the platform (PS4/720) or the content provider (EA, Capcom, Konami...)

MS coming out and saying "yes our platform will need an active internet connection because the content providers require it" is different from sony saying they wont but that 3rd parties may require it..... how exactly???

Like it or not, it seems very plausible that both platforms will be trying to appease the content providers with some form of active online connection. AND both will have it "REQUIRED" depending on the game/content in question.

Rather than MS being silent that people are up in arms over, they should probably turn the attention to sony and how they wont do anything to stop the practice by 3rd party companies who have the right to do it.

I really hope in the end, both dont pursue such a direction but it could very well NOT be up to them but the companies making the games. Them wanting to know which is going to cater to their needs for a more secure system.

Seeing as this is competition, I'm going to go on a limb and say BOTH are going to do what they can to secure the deals for 3rd party content to be available on their platforms. Even if it means succumbing to developer pressure for an always online system.

iGAM3R-VIII2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

it was supposed to be in April but they postponed it. Unless they postpone again then I guess it would be at E3. It would be very interesting to see if all of these rumours are true, and to see what games and what type of console they are brining (non-coregamer or coregamer)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I hate paying for multiplayer, charging indie devs 10k for a patch, possibly having SuperDea spend 20 years to life for leaking xbox 720 documents, lack of core games since 2010's alan wake(which I got on pc), defending online drm, trying to be like apple but worse, messing up windows, etc.

Seems legit to me.

BABYLEG2482d ago

You're suppose to hate Microsoft.

Sony is the face of the industry
Nintendo is a other face of the industry
and Microsoft is the heel of the industry

remove the heel and you have a sewage water

AngelicIceDiamond2482d ago

Sony was the heel and MS was the baby face this this gen.

Now according to rumors MS is looking like the heel and Sony is the baby face. While Nintendo is the "tweener" (Both good and bad)

PopRocks3592483d ago

I don't hate Microsoft at all. I hate their all but confirmed "always online strategy" and their incompetence and/or inability to rectify the PR issue. Maybe the author hasn't noticed but this sort of DRM has never worked and only punishes the consumer. PC gamers have had enough of it I'm sure and I doubt any console gamer wants it on their preferred platform.

The Orth situation only made it worse because we're talking about a CREATIVE DIRECTOR at the company making insensitive and ignorant remarks about gamers in regards to the negativity towards an otherwise strictly punishing feature.

Bimkoblerutso2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Yeah, it's such a weird article. People are actually just angry that his comments present further evidence that the next Xbox is going to be "always on." It's a problem that the author himself the same article.

I mean yeah, Orth said some ridiculously stupid things, so the first law of the internet dictates that a shitstorm commence, but people are pissed at MICROSOFT itself because "always on" seems almost inevitable at this point.

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

I think you meant wong weasons. ( this might not make sense later)

Transporter472483d ago

I think that nobody needs to defend Microsoft but Microsoft, if they want to keep their consumers happy why not just make a comment about it, the longer they wait the worse it slowly gets for them, at least in my opinion.

Jek_Porkins2483d ago

No hate from me, why would I get mad at rumors? If something is true that would be a totally different story, but you wont see me get pissed over rumors and speculation.

I know how these things work, smokescreens, false documents, supposed leaks, someone could have found an old document that MS discarded and WHAM! We have a new rumor that is completely false.

The thing I don't understand is why people are all like "Yo, MS needs to comment on dis right now ya heard". What the heck kind of a new console announcement would that be?
"We aren't using always online" is not the way I want to hear about the next Xbox, I want a huge event with lights, music, games and all that kind of spectacle. Yes, I realize we all know a new Xbox is being made, but there is a large group of people who don't know, that is why the Xbox 360 is the only console up month over month right now, so let them reveal it when they want.

Mustang300C20122483d ago

I agree with you completely. The people who bitch about the current 360 and paying for Live and who has the best graphics are the same people constantly complaining about a system they say they are not going to get regardless. It wouldn't matter if this rumor wasn't an issue to them. They would find something else to complain about. Life is too busy to be that worried about this seriously lol.

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

I'm sorry. But I like how out of light, music and games. You listed games last.

Jek_Porkins2483d ago

Does it really matter what one I put first? I realize this site is conditioned to Sony's "Were for gamer's", but they are after the same meatball that Microsoft is after, they want music and movies on their device, social media, camera and motion controls.

I like all kinds of games, I mentioned games, I think you are looking for something that isn't there.

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

No. I actually don't mind some of your posts. I just found it funny.

Why o why2483d ago

cant get too riled up over speculation

can get annoyed at how they dealt with that same speculation

cant moan about the specs we know nothing of

can get annoyed ms has shown an inability to cater to both core and casual with a greater balance

Some people are going too far but those who are just concerned are being lumped in the same category. When both consoles were allegedly considering blocking used games BOTH were getting it in the neck not just microsoft. Sony spoke up and gave some clarity whereas MS did not.

The onus is on them to quell fud just like they did with the halo to pc saga....they weren't caught on their heels then but now we have the guy, who used to be super loud, greenberg waking from his slumber to say he doesnt know the guy whos causing more concern .....when he could of just killed the rumour dead..he chose not to thus fueling more speculation.

I also think hate is a strong word.

darthv722483d ago

that is the feeling i get when I see people use the official comment from MS concerning the tweets from Orth.

They dont want to admit or deny anything, and their simple means to state something... is used as a form of guilt on their part even though they didnt confirm or deny anything other than the guy works for MS.

for some, that is all the proof they need to be convinced. If they dont come forward to squash the rumors...their hiding something. If they come forward to apologize for some other guy flying off the handle...their hiding something. If they come out and squash the rumors...their STILL hiding something.

That's why its best for them to just keep quiet till we are ready to listen, instead of speculate.

Jek_Porkins2483d ago

How would you like to see Microsoft deal with speculation for a console they haven't announced yet?

"can get annoyed ms has shown an inability to cater to both core and casual with a greater balance"

That is strictly your opinion, and maybe a lot of people feel that way, but nobody I know feels that way. Imagine a world where gamer's enjoy Kinect and motion controls and yet can love games like Halo, Gears, Forza and the great content on XBLA? Some people are very short sided when it comes to certain aspects, but how can someone hate on Microsoft for doing the same thing as Nintendo and Sony?

I'd say Microsoft's 2012 Xbox 360 lineup was more core centered than the PS3's lineup, which saw Wonderbook, All Stars and LBP Karting.

As for used games, Sony was dogged with rumors all of last year, they didn't rush out and deny it, they waited until after their PS4 reveal and were very, VERY cagey about it, we still don't know.

Microsoft is right to stay the course, they are making headlines without saying anything. If they came out and said one thing or the other, they would risk losing the record numbers that are going to tune in to find out these things.

Why o why2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

nobody is hating on kinect lovers or their preference. It amuses me to hear how you say 'nobody you know' feels ms shifted towards the casual BUT you did acknowledged some may feel that way so fair do's. My point is the discontented are just as important as those who are content if not more so due to the fact its easier for my type not to purchase another ms console.

My story is a different one but not too dissimilar from many n4g members which is that the 360 is my secondary console so my multis are played on my ps leaving its exclusives being the main reason I own a 360. The backlog is running low.. Many 360 guys have recommended many great titles that were released before I grabbed a 360 but if a chunk of them weren't rpgs I'd have nothing to play within my preference SO do I want more games that I like. Er yep. Am I into kinect, er nah so I would like more alan wakes, crackdown 1, crimson skies, panza dragoons....damn right I do and I dont feel I'm being fanboyish about it either why should the console im paying live fees on to be gathering dust.

I feel they give less back to my type especially compared to gen start when greenberg used to be so loud. Sad thing is the concept of exclusives gets downplayed by many now. Kinect exclusives aren't for me I'm afraid.

Hicken2482d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Of course you wouldn't hate Microsoft. Even if they hit your dog with your car they stole while your girlfriend laughed from the passenger seat.

Edit: Mature people are also able to reasonably speculate, taking into consideration current trends/conditions. Nobody's drawing conclusions, as of yet, but more like hypothesizing. Theorizing. You know what that means?

"If then, then that."

"If there's no used games,
If it's always online and doesn't work in any other way,
If it's focused mainly on the casual,
If there aren't any/many new IPs,
If Kinect is required for the system to work,

then I won't buy."

Seems a pretty mature way of doing things, to me. It's better than just blindly following, or blanket accepting. Can he HONESTLY be happy with EVERYTHING Microsoft has done? For all that your Microsoft-loving(both open and closet) friends may want to profess me as blind fanboy, I'm not happy with everything Sony does or has done.

(Yeah, imagine that: a "Sony fanboy" who doesn't love everything Sony does... wait, is that even a fanboy? No, I thought not.)

I wanna see the reveal, too, and I hope that none of these rumors turn out to be true. But it wouldn't exactly be mature of me to ignore what's going on already, and what's being indicated to happen. That's the exact opposite: sticking my hands in my ears and repeating "I don't hear you."

That's what Jek does, and others too: instead of approaching the rumors objectively, they choose instead to disregard the rumors, their sources- and subsequent credibility- and anything concrete that may lend weight to the rumors.

Can't figure out how it's immature to critique before any info is official, as even a person/company's silence can speak volumes, given context.

JeffGUNZ2482d ago

Or perhaps he enjoyed what the 360 gave him this generation and is just eager to see the reveal? You know, some of us educated people here don't draw conclusions until we have all the facts. Right now, we have no facts of the next gen xbox. Like he said, we don't know what they will reveal, but as a mature person, we wait for official reveal before we start to critique.

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