Life After Xbox

Kotaku - Over the weekend, I donated my Xbox 360 Elite to Goodwill. It represented a time in my life as a developer that I'm not overly proud about living.

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IK IR Y IP T2475d ago

Your games suck anyways if microsoft did one thing for gamers it was multiplayer and for that i thank them they created a infa-structure and eco system that is mainstream across all platforms with the help of bungie. It is a good yr to be a gamer reguardless of the console u choose !!!

ThatCanadianGuy5142475d ago

More useless stupidity from Kotaku.This is what passes as journalism these days, apparently.

NeoTribe2475d ago

Most boring, pointless article ever. Thank you kotaku for this meaningless dribble. Dont mind me while i downvote this site.