Miyamoto Preaches Patience With Wii U

Poor Wii U. Life for the fledgling system has been rough since its release last November and despite some small victories, it’s struggling to keep up in the console game. It might be the fact that the Wii U’s technology is lagging terribly behind its upcoming competition or it could be its minuscule library of games — it could even be the fact that several major franchises have canceled development for the console.

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PopRocks3592022d ago

I sympathize with both gamers and Miyamoto here. On the one hand, Nintendo's in a corner where they have no games' on the Wii U's current time slot (yet another of Nintendo's unfortunately usual game droughts), they can only do so much to get more content out there.

On the other hand, gamers need software to play and without that software, interest for the Wii U will diminish (for both early adopters and those yet to adopt) and sales won't pick up.

I may favor Nintendo, but I wouldn't have gotten a Wii U without the guarantee of first party releases in future, and I completely understand that someone who isn't necessarily a fan would not be able to show the same sort of patience. That much, I agree, is on Nintendo.

Ck1x2022d ago

I totally agree with what you said and its not like you are giving Nintendo a free pass, so I'm not sure why all of the disagrees! But once again I think that they as a company just lost sight of how much effort was needed in the development times for HD games alone, just as 3d on the 3ds posed a challenge in the early days of that system. But people forget one major component though, that Nintendo is the only gaming company that is 100% invested in gaming and pushing gameplay ideas forward. Sony has a different day job and so does Microsoft, but Nintendo is just a gaming company and they remind me of an artist. Normally most artist hate being held to a schedule and just go with the flow of creativity. In the end it may annoy us gamers to wait, but how often can we as consumers say that we are thoroughly dissatisfied with the games that Nintendo has put out? Even as much as gaming sites wanted to rag on NSMB-U for looking so similar to the previous games, they still gave it great reviews. So the quality of games hasn't diminished at all! All though many people may want to see Nintendo make more M rated games. I think that a person has to be very immature mentally if you need to see blood in a game for self gratification. Unless the violence and blood serve a purpose to the setting and environment of the game, then there's just no need for somethings to be done. We need variety in gaming and to be honest if it wasn't for the Indie devlopers and Nintendo games, everything would be either FPS games or 3rd Person Shooters

PopRocks3592022d ago

It's me lol. People will assume I'm defending Nintendo even when I really am not.

But anyway, your assessment is pretty much spot on; summed up all of my thoughts completely. Well said.

Realplaya2022d ago

I agree with you and pops I think we have to understand Nintendo just doesn't like to release half assed games. You can knock there hardware as much as you want but there software consistently scores high reviews, They set standards on platform and 2d gaming. New Super Mario Bros U was one of the better platforming games that came out last year and it was done in about 4 to 6 months or less. If they can work magic like that I'm scared of what they can do with a full year.

Venox20082021d ago

well said, yes we have to wait for their games, but in many times - they are worth that (at least for me) :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2022d ago

It OK PopRocks don't worry about the "Disagrees" you'll get

more "Well Said"

so will Ck1x & Realplaya

diepdiep2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I'm going to buy a Wii U no matter what, plus the next playstation and xbox.

DA_SHREDDER2022d ago

only a fake gamer would make that statement, diepdiep

PSNintyGamer2022d ago

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would want a company to fail. It's like gaming has just become one big mess of fanboys.

iGAM3R-VIII2022d ago

I swear there was an article on N4G about the same thing......

josephayal2022d ago

OK but Hurry up The Wii U Is Quickly Losing Momentum

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