Simon Says: Why the Wii U Will Be Insignificant Come Fall

Simon looks at what the near-future holds for the Wii-U and also looks at why the console hasn't been too popular recently.

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dedicatedtogamers2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I don't think it will be "insignificant", but the issue is lack of support, both from Nintendo and from 3rd parties especially. Nintendo chose to launch first. There is no doubt that was intentional. However, by failing to have a killer first year, they've blown a massive advantage.

My fear for the console is this: the 3DS. Nintendo cannot afford to lose their handheld market. Through the dark days (in terms of marketshare) of the N64 and Gamecube, the handheld line always kept Nintendo afloat. Since the 3DS has more competition than ever before, Nintendo needs to make SURE that it succeeds. To do this, they have to divert attention away from the WiiU (which is what they're already doing).

I disagree with the author that it needs games like Mario Galaxy 3 (or an equivalent 3D Mario). What WiiU needs is a Wii Sports equivalent, Mario Kart, or more 2D Mario (which is the only game currently driving the hardware in large numbers). The Wii's popularity (directly due to Wii Sports, Mario Kart, 2D Mario, etc) allowed more niche titles to be developed for the system. You can't focus on the niche market first while ignoring the mainstream.

Neonridr2485d ago

4 months in does not equal the first year.

Let me guess, the Vita had a great first year and it's doomed right? Oh wait, no it isn't..

dedicatedtogamers2485d ago

You're not looking at the big picture. When the 3DS launched, it bombed. Nintendo misjudged the market. The 3DS is selling well directly due to Nintendo diverting a ton of attention to the 3DS, which they didn't anticipate. It clearly ended up diminishing Nintendo's focus on the WiiU, which is what we're seeing now.

You brought up the Vita. The reason why it is not as likely the Vita will bomb is because we're seeing games RIGHT NOW. We're seeing announcements RIGHT NOW. Nintendo, on the other hand, keeps telling us "be patient" without showing us any of those games, y'know, made from the "massive support" from 3rd party devs like Nintendo promised 2 years ago.

Neonridr2485d ago

The 3DS is selling well because it appeals to lots of people, especially in places like Japan where it continues to just move units. Nintendo has always succeeded in the handheld market because they understand what sells. Sure there are more games on the 3DS now, but that's natural as the system matures to see more titles. Just like as the Wii U matures, we will see more titles. We can both agree that once the core Nintendo titles show up (Zelda, Galaxy style Mario, Mario Kart, Metroid, Smash Bros) that the hardware will move. It's a hard sell to a new customer when there isn't much in the way of exclusives on the system right now..

Dj7FairyTail2485d ago


3DS did great. It started doing bad late 2011 Spring. Then Summer it started dropping more then
Price Cut came August 2011. From Feb-Aug 2011 3DS sold 6m worldwide. At the end of the year 3DS sold over 12m.

Vita been out for a year is still at 5m while 3DS sits at 31m now.

Wii U sold 3.06m from Nov. 18 and Dec. 31 that is almost half of what Vita is at now over a year.

PopRocks3592485d ago


The 3DS didn't bomb at all (a bomb is a product that ultimately was a failure like the Virtual Boy and Dreamcast), it just initially sold sluggishly until after its price was dropped and shortly thereafter two AAA Mario games were released. The only "attention" that price drop received was from all of the media outlets talking about it which only affects the likes of us who talk about games and the industry on the internet which only makes up so much of the mass market (as in not a lot). That sort of news didn't make the headlines of CNN or other mainstream TV outlets as far as I know.

"Nintendo, on the other hand, keeps telling us "be patient" without showing us any of those games, y'know, made from the "massive support" from 3rd party devs like Nintendo promised 2 years ago."

What else can they do exactly, rush out Pikmin 3 and their other titles in a broken and unfinished state? Nintendo can't exactly snap their fingers and have all the big third party devs at their doorstep you know. Furthermore (if we're talking about the Vita), exactly what third party support does that platform have right now? All I remember being announced for it since the CoD and Assassin's Creed spinoffs is Tearaway and some cross-compatible PS3/PS4 games. Yet somehow that platform is perfectly well off (not that I disagree, but I don't see how the Wii U's situation is all that different).

dedicatedtogamers2485d ago

@ PopRocks

Those games were shown off over two years ago. In the case of Pikmin, it was announced 3 years ago, originally for the Wii. Nintendo is failing to generate interest in their console because they need to make sure the 3DS is selling well. Despite what the 3DS has currently sold, keep in mind that the 3DS is selling HALF of what the DS managed to sell (30 million a year compared to 15 million a year).

The problem with WiiU compared to Vita is perception. Despite its slow start, Vita appears to be getting more games. All of the games (except for Tearaway and Killzone, I believe) shown off prior to Vita's launch are available. The few Vita games that were shown off but not launched are due within the year. WiiU, on the other hand, has several games in limbo. Will Pikmin 3 launch this year? Will Zelda U launch this year? What about Mario Kart? Nintendo isn't giving us any answers.

PopRocks3592485d ago


The DS is also the second best selling platform of all time, just under that of the PS2. Besides, the 3DS is currently selling pretty well, not to mention how quickly it was selling throughout the past year.

As for the Vita assessment, that's a very fair point. You're right in that Nintendo is being secretive as usual, but let's not pretend that games without release dates are necessarily games that will never release. While I sympathize with those saying that the games are taking too long to come out, as an actual owner of the console, I'd rather wait until those games are developed at their best and released. I don't want another situation like Star Fox 64 3D where they neglected to include online multiplayer to save time and money and get the game out sooner (essentially leaving out content for the sake of an earlier release).

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ziggurcat2485d ago

"Nintendo chose to launch first. There is no doubt that was intentional. However, by failing to have a killer first year, they've blown a massive advantage."

actually, they blew their advantage when they decided to release a system that's barely better than current generation consoles rather than putting something out that would be comparable to what sony/MS are going to be putting out later this year, and tried to sell 3rd party AAA titles that people played 1 - 2 years prior to the system's release.

dedicatedtogamers2485d ago

Not necessarily. The Wii launched 1 year after the 360 and was greatly underpowered compared to its competitors. It isn't unusual to see Nintendo go with the underpowered/cheap to manufacture route once again.

wingman32x2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I think Nintendo's pretty safe in terms of market share in the portable market. The Vita would need a perfect storm to make any serious threat for first place. This is purely based off of how big the gap is at this point in time vs. some of the big stuff Nintendo hasn't released yet. So yeah, there is increased competition, but not enough for the 3DS not to do good. Plus, profit is still being made on every unit sold.

I seem to have trouble reading you. A couple of weeks ago you joked at how the DS' library was stronger than the 3DS' at equivalent time periods in a blog. But here you're saying that the 3DS is benefiting from more first party attention than usual(which is true). Which is it? This isn't meant to antagonize, just want a more clear explanation of your view on this.

dedicatedtogamers2485d ago

The 3DS is starting to get a library that appeals to people who bought the DS, let me put it that way. The first run of 3DS games were primarily focused on - you guessed it - 3D. Their newer games are just trying to be good games. Nintendo needs to make sure the 3DS succeeds. The Vita isn't its only competitor, keep in mind. And even though the 3DS isn't selling horribly, it is selling about half of what the DS sold. And the DS was a completely new and unproven kit. The 3DS should have the advantage of following in the DS' legacy, but the sales aren't there (yet).

I didn't want to shift focus away from the WiiU. All I was pointing out is that during the years leading up to the WiiU's launch, an event happened which caused Nintendo to forget about their own gaming console. What was that event? A less than stellar first year for the 3DS. Nintendo needed to fix that, and the WiiU is currently suffering because of that.

wingman32x2485d ago

In regard to the diverting focus thing, that's a pretty plausible hunch. However, it's hard to guess what studios were working on near term Wii U games before hand.

The only one that comes to mind is that maybe EAD developing 3D Land got in the way of progress on 3D Mario and Zelda, but even if they trashed 3D land, I don't think either of them would have made launch or anywhere near it.

As for Intelligent Systems, who knows if they had anything queued up. They're working on SMT X FE now, but that seems more recent.

Nintendo had a fair number of games outsourced for the 3DS. They had Grezzo do OoT, and Star Fox was done by someone else, too. DKCR 3D is also being outsourced, and Luigi's mansion was done by Next Level Games, a 3rd party dev.

So while I see merit in your idea, it's hard to really say to what extent it affected things.

jcnba282485d ago

I wonder why you only see these type of articles on N4G?


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LOL_WUT2485d ago

As of now yea you'd could say that the Wii U is insignificant but come this fall that could all change. #E3 ;)

lovegames7182485d ago

hmmmmm i want to weigh in without ppl getting offended. Now it is insignificant to many but come fall yes it will have some good staple ips on the horizon and will catch interest, however i do believe it will be nowhere near the interest of the ps4/xbox and even its staple ips wont make it a successful console as say the other big two. Wiiu disappointed many not just in terms of lack of software to this point but just the overall package to many is underwhelming. Ps4 and rumored xbox is just in another league according to professionals like Digital Foundry and such and Wiiu just isnt doing it for many.

that being said Wiiu may not have the success that Wii had but i believe it will have some success and have some good games to play soon (not saying there arent any now just not that many). I admit when it drops below 200 and it gets a new Zelda game ill probably buy into one but at this point it has nothing for me or anything better than what my ps3 offers.

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