BioShock Infinite Boss Battles Guide

This guide gives you all the hints, tips, tricks and tactics you need to defeat the Boss’s in Bioshock Infinite.

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Garethvk2485d ago

They were fairly standard did not take that much extra strategy.

lovegames7182485d ago

Really the boss battles were quite easy.

Rhezin2485d ago

I hate guides, spoils the game. Do people actually enjoy themselves when they cheat, know the answer, and proceed like that through the whole game? what's the point? FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF! IT'S FUN, TRUST ME!

die_fiend2485d ago

Loads of people love cheating. Why do you think they produce game guides that you pay for? To make a loss?

Some people love just hammering the right trigger whilst staring vacantly at the screen. You ever heard of Call of Duty?

xYLeinen2485d ago

You shoot it, okey, it's not that hard..

CheatMasters2484d ago

Saves time. You can try a few things and just want to continue without spending more time on figuring it out. Easy to look it up now days if stuck.

Some guides are not cheats per say, but charts, stats and lists of good information to help play.

Locations guides, Trophy / Achievement guides usually give you an easy way to get them if you cannot figure it out in the time you want to give it. That way you still get more from the game and continue.

Also sometimes you miss things and a guide is pretty thorough and can tell you things you may have missed.

You also have to understand there are many levels of gamers and ages. I would rather they find the answer so they do not get frustrated and can get more out of any game they want to play. Lot od people like story lines more than puzzles