Why Game Developers Are Flocking to Sony and Fleeing From Microsoft

“Microsoft treats independent developers very badly,” said Jonathon Blow, creator of the breakout indie success Braid. Blow appeared at Sony’s recent PlayStation 4 announcement event to show his new game The Witness. He said in an email that Microsoft’s stance on relations with independent developers is to “put you through as much pain as you will endure in order to extract whatever [they] feel like this week.”

Sony appears to be seizing on Microsoft’s bad reputation among indie developers as an opportunity to lure new games onto its platforms and establish the PlayStation Network as the new place to be for unique independent games. It’s becoming the anti-Microsoft, something it seemed to be stressing in its PlayStation 4 announcement. Provinciano said that working with Sony felt like a “coffee shop chat” as opposed to the “intimidating corporate vibe” of Xbox.

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NewMonday2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

and if the recent rumors are true, so will gamers.

looks like a perfect storm is coming together for the PS4:

* making easy to develop for architecture
* attracting indy developers.
* fast and simple user experience.
* the competitors making mistakes.

okmrman2023d ago

ive been an xbox 360 only gamer this gen
looks like that might change if this is true

pete0072023d ago

dont worry, the psfanboys will make a colect to offer you one, you were lost and now you found the truth

malokevi2023d ago

me too, of this gen and the last. I have loved my Xboxs, and will hold off on making a decision until Microsoft actually announces the Nextbox. But, Microsoft is going to need to do some SERIOUS damage control, and demonstrate some truly amazing stuff, in order to win back its player base.

Rumores surrounding sub-par performance and a restrictive online-only console is one thing... Microsoft being corporate dickheads is another. They will have nothing going for them if they continue to treat developers and customers like children.

On the other hand, 'Jonathon Blow" seems to have nothing but bad things to say about Microsoft. This is the third separate occasion since the PS4 announcement that I have seen this guy dump on Microsoft. While i've heard this same sentiment echoed elsewhere, I'm inclined to believe that Johnny Blow is a paid PS4 shill, and is full of that stuff that we so lovingly refer to as S#!T.


darthv722023d ago

if sony will offer more demos of these smaller independent games on the PS store.

I really like it if there is a demo. Mini's and PS mobile games should get demos as well.

isarai2023d ago

@ malokevi

Blow is not full of shit, many devs have had poor and even downright horrible experiences working with MS and their marketplace. Not to mention every other platform offer higher profit ratios per sale than XBL. Blow is not the only one fed up with MSs BS when it comes to getting games on the marketplace, which is why many of them have migrated away from MS. As a rookie game devs myself(almost done with bacholors) i often speak with tons of indie devs(hell all my instructors are indie devs) and i've always heard MS is horrible to deal with when you're a small studio straight from the devs themselves. Not everyone has the same experience sure, but the ones that have say MS takes the cake for biggest pain in the ass

malokevi2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I suppose you don't do any writing, while earning your "bacholor" in computer science...?

Like I said, I've heard the sentiment expressed by other developers. I am not new to gaming news. However, for one indy developer to come out swinging against MS over and over again, at a time when they can't defend themselves or demonstrate their worth, seems all-too convenient.

It would not surprise me in the least to hear that Sony is encouraging developers to speak out against Microsoft. After all, now is the time. Kick em while their down.

Yes, MS obviously has to cut some limbs off of their Walmart-style bureaucracy. BUT that doesn't mean that Xbox Live hasn't been a great platform for indy developers. Judging by the extensive library... its working for people.

If Joe Blow wants to be taken more seriously, then maybe he should be a little more impartial. He may be right, but his approach is only discrediting himself.

He doesn't like Microsoft? OK. He doesn't have to be a whiny little bitch about it, with his own featured interview every week. We hear you, Joe, now get back to developing this "supposedly" amazing title that your supposed to be working on.

dcbronco2023d ago


Because PSN is free developers have to pay for bandwidth for demos and DLC. It's an added expense some might not be willing to take on.

dcbronco2023d ago

I disagree with the truth too.

malokevi2023d ago

@dcbronco dont you know? If you don't unequivocally support Sony without any rhyme or reason, N4G disagrees with you.

You may want to consider changing everything you believe in, and throw logic out the window.

try this: "PS4 it totes better than the Xbox 3 and thats a confirmed fact of life lulz."

Persistantthug2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

You broke out with a 2009 article when it's 2013, and the whole point of this new article's sentiment is Sony's change of dynamic regarding independent game developers and development.

As the old article stated: "implemented in October of last year, asks publishers to pay 16 cents for every gigabyte of bandwidth distributed through the PlayStation Store."

That's old news and new referendums and policies seem to be taking place now.
If you keep bringing up 2008 and 2009 in the way that you just did....well....I don't see why you think you'll actually get or should get "agrees" with that.

As with virtually everything else in life....Times change.
Just sayin.

rainslacker2023d ago


Oddly enough, when I was in school, most of my instructors were from larger well known studios. They said the complete opposite, and that MS was easier to work with when it came to compliance and what not. One of my teachers was partially responsible for compliance testing for a very large studio, and he said Sony could be very difficult to work with, and had quite the bureaucracy, whereas MS he could talk directly to people who could help them sort things out.

Granted, this was several years ago, and those same teachers hadn't worked for those devs for 2-3 years before that. I really haven't heard anything about either since then. I also don't know how it may have been from the standpoint of getting approval and licensing for releasing on the system for the retail type titles.

dcbronco2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


If you have different information feel free to link it. But they don't disagree because the information is old or wrong, they disagree because they are pure sheep. Any thing that they perceive as a slight against Sony will get a disagree. They even disagree with Sony if they don't want to hear it. Most of them still probably think the Cell was a great idea. Once you implant a sheep with an idea it's hard to reprogram them. Almost impossible.

Just talk to an ignorant elderly person. Some of their views are amazing.


I know but you still have to stick to the facts. You can never let a fool decide for you.

MaxXAttaxX2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

It's because people don't like you and they disagree the moment they see your username because you're almost always saying something negative. Or because you bring up an old article about the PS3 when the current topic is about new policies and support by Sony that help indie devs and on new PlayStation hardware.

""“Microsoft treats independent developers very badly,” said Jonathon Blow, creator of the breakout indie success Braid.""
""Working with Sony felt like a “coffee shop chat” as opposed to the “intimidating corporate vibe” of Xbox."" Devs have talked about limitation on XBL several times before.

You brought up the Cell just to make a statement. You are aware of the reaction you'll get and you post comments knowing that. To incite. It's a bit like trolling.
I could post negative stuff about Xbox too knowing people won't like it and will disagree, despite them being facts and call those who disagree "sheep" as well.

CEOSteveBallmer2023d ago

You are very welcome to the PS community. I myself was a nintendo fan until they released the Wii and I know its a great system but im missing out on so much games with great graphics. Ive never regretted my change in platform but we still have a Wii but its my sisters and let me tell you, She spends more time playing my PS3 than her wii. Could you imagine that? im not joking and making PS3 look good but its the truth. I have almost all nintendo home console, NES, Snes, N64, Gamecube and Wii. Wii-u I dont know if well get it hehe.

sengoku2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

it's really heating up against M$..
M$ can really take it slow and not be intimidated with there
(were not impressed you'll know more may 21 attitude)
but it's coming to a point that it's very hard to imagine they could ever swing this very negative tied back by November release.

there's still two more months of these kinds of news articles.
developers cant afford to wait two more months for M$ to get of there lazy butt and say something.

Skizelli2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I own both a 360 and PS3. I'm not a fanboy of either, but I tend to use my 360 more because it's what my friends play on. That, and the social aspect is much better on 360 than it is on PS3 (cross-game chat, etc.). That being said, as my friends and I hear more and more about the PS4 and next Xbox, we're leaning more towards the PS4 as our next-gen platform of choice. We've grown tired of Microsoft's business model and nobody wants to pay to play games online. Leave it to Microsoft to take something that's been free since the dawn of online gaming and attempt to make money off it.

loulou2022d ago

all these indie games will come to the nextbox as well lol

another day, another full of s"*t blog wrotes especally for the fanboys that dwell on n4g

dantesparda2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I think its funny how DCBronco is b!tching about Sony charging publishers 16 cents per gigabyte. When instead Microsoft just charges you. And you think that is somehow better? So you dont like the fact that Sony doesnt make you pay for it. You do realize that Sony cant afford to subsidize it right? because of the way the sale of the Playstation 3 went (and no Sony fanboys, do not get mad at me and think i am saying that the PS3 didnt sell as well or better than the 360, im just saying it didnt do as good as Sony had hoped for)


You sit here and talk sh!t about Sony fanboys being this way and that way. When MS fanboys do the exact same thing! all fanboys do, they are all the same, they are all obnoxious and they are all hypocrits. So stop this holier than thou bullsh1t. Sony fanboys are no wost than MS or Nintendo fanboys, they are all the same!

And whats with this "fanboys on N4G" sh!t? as if other websites dont have fanboys. All gaming sites are full of nothing but fanboys and in my opinion worst than N4G. People need to stop this bullsh!t, gotta love the hypocrisy

_-EDMIX-_2022d ago

@Loulou- lol, and..........where are those free to play games on xbl? Lol...are you sure?

Why o why2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

'If you have different information feel free to link it. But they don't disagree because the information is old or wrong, they disagree because they are pure sheep. Any thing that they perceive as a slight against Microsoft will get a disagree. They even disagree with microsoft if they don't want to hear it. Most of them still probably think the dvd9 was a great idea. Once you implant a sheep with an idea it's hard to reprogram them. Almost impossible.'

Sheep are all over the place dcbronco. Calling out one side is soo last decade. My comment is in gest. I've zero issue with you as I always read and welcome what you say even if I don't agree with it all

3-4-52022d ago

Same here. I can't stand dual shock controller.

If the new one feels better in my hands and doesn't feel cheap like Sony's past controllers then I'm sold.

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MikeMyers2023d ago

Microsoft will have to get their act together. The Indie scene is where you will find some real innovation and some very talented people. It's time to drop the red tape and for them to actually listen to people.

They mention the game Journey but oddly enough they will be going multiplatform. Maybe after they have some experience working with Microsoft they will go back to just supporting Sony.

CC-Tron2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Go back to supporting just Sony? Nah. There's not enough money in it and Sony doesn't have the money to keep 'em.

stuna12023d ago

To be honest Microsoft is trying to cash in on a constant and steady stream of revenue! Xbox live is one such stream, but they want to go even further.

Just think about it, if a constant Internet connection is accurate, they won't have to rely on just game sales as a form of revenue.

A set top box with different price levels, monthly subscriptions, music app, bundled together or sold individually, but all requiring the initial Xbox live subscription, in general they would take on the attributes of a cable or satellite tv provider.

Most cable and satellite provide basic forms of gaming even now.
Right now most don't know if Microsoft has it's own solution to streaming games, but always online does kind of point to something of the sort! Also we can't forget all games require installation to the hard drive.

These are some things that need to be looked at. That could be reason enough for Microsoft's silence.

specialagent45322023d ago

I agree with you because you are giving a realistic outlook towards the next xbox. Thing is I am not a fan of cable or satellite subscriptions. If Microsoft can bring a service similar to Netflix except for games then that could be interesting.

AngelicIceDiamond2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

That's funny because the article is completely untrue.

What developers? This is an opinion so allow me to opinionate.

I'm expecting these devs at MS conference.

CD Projectz
Respawn Entertainment

I'm sure I'm missing some but that's not including 1st party.

My god people, just wait until MS announces something.

TheTwelve2023d ago

Read the article and you'll see they are talking about Indie devs.

G20WLY2023d ago

"Independent Developers"

I say this for your benefit, as you don't appear to have read the article you're so readily trying to discredit. You ask what developers - if you read the article, you will get examples. It's that easy.

I have heard this before, as well. We have to hope it's just a couple of people with a bitter taste in their mouths, or it could be quite one-sided next gen.

If I was a betting man, I wouldn't back MS right now, I know that much for sure - they need to speak up quickly and until they do, we have no reason to distrust persistant rumours like this one...

specialagent45322023d ago

I am waiting but I do see EA and Activision at Microsoft conference for this E3 event. Now CD project I doubt it due to it owns GOG service. Meaning Microsoft and CD project have to negotiate in allowing this developer to run its network along with its GOG service. Also a deal that there is no DRM for the games something that is unlikely for Microsoft to deal with. Another there is the possibility of a monthly subscription and it's imminent that kinect will be center stage for this event. I am not looking forward to the next xbox but I heard miracles happen but will see. I already posted several links on my YouTube channel and here in regards to Microsoft kicking the ass of indie game developers

Blaze9292023d ago

title should be "Why Indie Game Developers Are Flocking to Sony and Fleeing From Microsoft"

but of course if it was then not as many people would probably care to read this article...

GraveLord2023d ago

They're attracting more than just indie developers. Big name developers have praised the system as well. Mark Rein from Epic Games seems particularly excited about the specs.

I expect at least 1 huge 3rd party exclusive for the PS4. Maybe Epic Games next big IP.

Hercules1892023d ago

Epic games is not stupid enough to make a game exclusive, theyll lose a lot of money that way. But hey theres no such thing as common sense on here, where youll get disagrees for stating an opinion, unless youre talking about bad rumours about microsoft then youll get tons of bubbles and agrees.

BitbyDeath2023d ago

"Epic games is not stupid enough to make a game exclusive"

Epic Games make Gears of War which is exclusive to Xbox.

Gorilla_Killa_X2023d ago

@ Hercules
What do you mean? Epic has been making exclusive games for xbox. Why not for PlayStation?

Hercules1892023d ago

What i meant to say was that theyre not gonna just do a 180 that quickly and completely abandon their fanbase cus theyve got lots of fans from the 360 side.

kupomogli2023d ago


"What i meant to say was that theyre not gonna just do a 180 that quickly and completely abandon their fanbase cus theyve got lots of fans from the 360 side."

...who don't own a PS4 or NextBox, so they're abandoning no one by making an exclusive PS4 game.

OmegaSlayer2022d ago

I'm with Hercules.
Epic won't make an exclusive.
They said loads of time they were gutted to not ship Gears on PS3, but that Microsoft funded them very well and they wanted to keep the relation good.

kutocer2022d ago


And before consoles Epic were PC exclusives and you point?

In today's gaming world money is what makes companies do exclusives and if Sony have paid then Epic will make exclusives for the PS4.

Do I think that will happen? no way I don't think Epic will make another exclusive game as there is too much money to be made on all consoles and PC. Sony have made it so easy for dev's to develop for the PS4 now as it is basic x86 architecture.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2023d ago

I think it's becuz they make games and MS hates games and core gamers.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago

Developers of Braid, Meatboy, and many other big name indie titles have complained a lot about what publishing with MS is like.

For their sake, I hope PS4 does become the bigger platform, if MS isn't going to treat them right.

ginsunuva2023d ago

Don't forget Unity engine

Psn8002023d ago

Each to there own , mind you I switched from Xbox 360 to Ps3 due to the cost of Live I thought why should I pay when I can get it free and I never used the mike so I was really happy switching and I had the RROD twice .
I have never looked back really happy because I have made good friends on psn as well and it's the best thing I did .

JamieL2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I agree only I would say it like this
Each to there own , mind you I switched from PS3 to Xbox 360 due to the cost of PSN I thought why should I have to pay for anything ever, and I always use the mike so I was really happy switching, see the 360 p-acks one with every system, and I had the ylod twice .
I have never looked back really happy because I have made good friends on Live as well and it's the best thing I did .

2023d ago
Gamer19822023d ago

WOW this is certainly bad PR for MS.. They will probably come out with some sort of statement to save face..

otherZinc2022d ago

Last I checked:

Mine Craft has sold more than all PS3 Indie games combined. Also, Mine Craft is Played more than all PS3 Indie games combined! Mine Craft isn't on the PS3.

Who The F*** is buying a Next Gen Console for some damn Indie Games? A Nut That's Who.

For those that say "I'm switching to PS3 because of "RUMORS" you were never a 360 fan in the first place so STFU.

The smart consumer waits until "All The Facts Are In", period!

socks2022d ago

"Minecraft on Xbox sold a lot and you dont like indie games"

Aren't you just full of great points!

Next gen does not equal this gen. Only a fool would consider PS3's showing among indie devs to be indicative of the next gen reset switch: by all accounts they are very much hating on MS and the opposite on Sony.

I guess what means that everything you wrote is pointless trolling.

HurtfulTimez2022d ago

The smart consumer also makes a purchase depending on how the manaufacturer of there last product treated them and supported there product as well as product reliability...

I am one of those customers and purchased both the 360 and ps3 next gen i will only purchase the ps4 why? my reasons are...

4 of my 360s have broke (my original 80gb ps3 is still going just fine with nooooo problems) my latest slim i purchased a year ago failed after 4days! resulting in me sending it back to microsoft which they did replace but left me without the console for 20days...

Paying for live and yes i know its only £35 a year i have no problem affording it but it is not worth it compared to ps+ and i aint dumb i know when i am being swindled.

Poor diversity in the games library - the 360 games library is shocking shooter after shooter the best exclusive game on the 360 imo is the witcher 2 which is also on pc anyway...

even the abiltiy to save music, videos (can you even save videos to a 360?! last time i checked you couldnt)etc to the 360 is a nightmare with its lack of codecs compared to the ps3...

i could go on and on but my point is many 'smart consumers' would have already made there choice regardless of what microsoft has yet to say and announce purely because MS f**ked them over this gen.

geassdanny2022d ago

The fact that you're writing off indie developers proves you're a moron and an insult to gamers and the industry.And no you're not a smart consumer either!

MYSTERIO3602022d ago

Its good to see indie developers getting the support they need regardless of hows giving it.

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dedicatedtogamers2023d ago

Sony is actively pursuing these developers. For the last 5 years, XBLA has had the best selection of indie games between the three consoles. But slowly, Sony has continued to increase indie support for the PS3, Vita, and now the PS4, while the indie support for the Xbox brand has steadily decreased (or simply gone multiplatform).

Every time there's a "360 has no exclusives!" article, I see at least one person bring up the (valid) argument of "hey! Don't ignore XBLA. It's full of awesome games". Well, now even that seems to be fading away...

YodaCracker2023d ago

Fading away? How? 2012 was the best year yet for Xbox LIVE Arcade, in my opinion. We had Trials Evolution, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Mark of The Ninja, Spelunky, Fez, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, and so on. Journey was brilliant, but it was the only really notable PSN exclusive in 2012. XBLA has a much broader and more diverse catalog of games. There's no denying that.

Gimmemorebubblez2023d ago ShowReplies(1)
Cocozero2023d ago

When the 720 is announced and devs are allowed to talk about it, expect the PS4 to be an afterthought just like this gen. Sony is trying to get as much positive attention while they are the only ones who can talk.

MariaHelFutura2023d ago

It's pretty amazing that an "afterthough" outsold the 360.

LightningMokey2023d ago

Are you kidding? Sony sold more than Microsoft in less time.

Research, it might help you a bit. Get off Gears of Halo and Look at a superior console with superior games.

PeaSFor2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )



damn...must be pretty hard to swallow eh?

MariaHelFutura2023d ago

A full year and a billion more in advertisements.

testerg352023d ago

Oh you mean MS that only sold 25mil last gen and will probably reach 90mil 360s sold this gen?

Oh you're talking about Sony, who dominated the last 2 gens, but somehow let Nintendo and 360 tie or beat them in total sales?

Edward752023d ago

I prefer the gain in MARKETSHARE by Microsoft over the huge loss in MARKETSHARE by Sony. That is actually more. Important in showing who gained and lost this gen.

omi25p2023d ago

The ps3 hasn't outsold the 360.

A month or two ago it was a rumor. No official conformation at all.

Also it was said the Sony Shipped more console not sold more consoles.

People on this site are pathetic. MS haven't even said if there is another Xbox.
Yet every one is already complaining that the nextxbox is a terrible console and that MS are just after the money.

Even if the PS3 had outsold the 360 (Doubt it) The 360 still started off with a huge handicap by having the smallest fanbase in the industry and have now become the most popular console on the market. So really this gen MS have won hands down.

Sarobi2023d ago

Won hands down?.. yeah sure.. I guess you also believe that the Zune beat the iPod hands down, or that Surface beat iPad/Kindle Fire hands down.. haha

Hercules1892023d ago

@kewl The reason we like Gears and halo is that its very easy to join matches cus people actually care about these games unlike uncharted or killzone where nobody plays, oh and why is noone talking bad about having to pay to play uncharted 3 online cus i wanted to play it when i rented it.

BitbyDeath2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@omnip, it was confirmed by Jack Tretton some months ago.

Found a link - http://www.playstationlifes...

Ezz20132023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

not a rumor... Tretton mentioned how the PS3 has caught up with the 360 in sales (worldwide) despite its launch problems, the fact that the PS3 is the most popular Netflix device and that Sony’s focus is gaming:

********"We look at the market in worldwide terms, and every market is extremely important to us. The facts are, we debuted the PlayStation 3 at $599, which was an extremely steep price barrier for a lot of consumers. And we debuted a year after Microsoft, but on a worldwide basis, we’ve sold the same, if not more, devices. I think we’re at 77 million sold right now — it’s basically splitting hairs. Despite all that, our message has been extremely well-received around the world."*******

mcstorm2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@Sarobi You really need to rethink what you have just said. The Zune was never going to out sell the Ipod because it was only out in the USA. But that said the Zune was the better of the 2 devices.

As for the Surface the RT has version sold over one million by Febuary and the Pro sold Half a million in its 1st month, again this is not available all over the world and is only available via the Microsoft web site and in one or 2 stores in the country's it is out in. The Surface is also not up against the Kindle Fire as it is a premium device like the Ipad and there is a big price difference.

The Surface was never going to out sell the Ipad just like the 1st xbox was never going to out sell the PS2.

Also all the hate the next xbox is getting is now getting silly because we don't know any facts on what it will and will not do.

It may be more powerful than the PS4 but it could also be less powerful than the WiiU. It may be priced at £100 it may cost £1000.

People need to wait for the facts before they start to say that something it bad or good.

For all you PS fan boys know sony may say the PS4 price is £599 again which is what hampered the sales of the PS3 at the beginning. Sony may also come out and say to use a lot of the online fetchers you need to buy PS+.

We don't know enough about the PS3 or anything about the Next xbox to say one is better than the other. Once everything is out we can then all go on about which one we think is better but without knowing everything about them this is not possible its just fan boys having wet dreams and making things up as they go along.

Why o why2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Ah omni.. theres a link there for ya. Not that their sales affected my gaming so 1st 2nd or 3rd I got my games. If the pathetic ones trouble you so just blow.. no need to come back and please dont pm me;)

With the resent triage of articles about this subject matter its obvious ms are more stringent to the point where some are saying they're overly controlling. This has worked for ms in many respects and I wish sony had done the same in terms of making sure devs included features like ms do instead of their laissez faire approach.

There are some instances like the ones mentioned in the aforementioned articles that will scare some fresh devs away for sure. Even a dev as large as EPIC were prohibited to release free dlc on xbl for unreal tournament.... a game made very popular because of the modding. This feature was included in the ps3 version as well as mouse and keyboard support. There's no smoke without fire.

OmegaSlayer2022d ago

Would be funny to see how many 360s and PS3s are working and see who, obviously will come on top.
The average 360 owner bought at least 2 360s...LOL

Urusernamesucks2022d ago

Um, nope.

EVEN THOUGH SONY HAD HALF JAPAN BEHIND THEM, they still didnt outsold the 360 lol. But i guss you sory fanboys love to ignore that fact

yes im aware of the year head start

but facts=facts

Xbox360 did technicaly outsold the ps3.

NAH ah aH!, tecnicaly i tell ya...