Batman VS Superman: Who Wins? You Decide The Winner of the Final Injustice Battle Arena Fight

If you’ve been watching our Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena coverage, then you know that the last set of battles have led to this: the final battle, between DC’s two biggest heroes:

Batman and Superman.

Check out the Injustice Battle Arena trailers below for celebrity opinions from screenwriter David S. Goyer, actor, director and writer Kevin Smith, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon, Kevin Conroy (the immortal voice of Batman), George Newbern (the voice of animated Superman), DC creative director and co-publisher Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, respectively, and even Marvel’s Stan Lee himself.

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ATi_Elite2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Batman of course!

He's the smartest super hero and has no mutant powers therefore he knows he's mortal thus fights like it.

Superman with all his arrogance would just run at Batman and try to crush him but Batman at the last second flash a Batsuit made outta Kryptonite and Superman would be FINISHED.

Besides Superman technically can't beat the Hulk or Doomsday!

tarbis2476d ago

When it comes to smarts. Batman would win. But seeing Supes has abandoned the value of life. He can take out anyone without holding back or needing to be near his target. The world is nothing but paper and cardboard to him.
Supes has officially beaten Hulk many times in crossover comics. Hulk fanboys just can't accept it.

ForgottenProphecy2476d ago

Batman has officially beaten Superman in comics and I also believe an animated movie.

I_am_Batman2476d ago

I agree on that. And thanks for the compliment.

Snakefist302476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

LMAO People think batman can beat superman it's hilarious!!!Batman can beat superman with kryptonite and nothingelse or superman is weak.They say they read comics if u guys really read comnics u shouldnt have made this stupid statement!!

Here's proof of that

cemelc2476d ago


The link count the dark knight return and red sun as batman loosing ...

Im going to ignore it.

Moncole2476d ago

Batman is a great tactician but he is not the smartest super hero.

deno2476d ago

I'd say professor xavior is the smartest.

darthseth242476d ago

Really you went there. As I recall bane broke batman back.You talk about superman not beating hulk or doomsday batman isn't even in their league.

deno2476d ago

Technically superman can flick the hulk into space with one finger. If you know superman comics and hulk comics as I do you will know that superman can rotate the whole earth if need be.That's power my friend. Sorry, I had to nerd out.

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lovegames7182476d ago

There is no comparing a mere mortal to the likes of Superman one of the most powerful superheroes ever, if not thee most powerful.

ATi_Elite2475d ago

He got killed by Doomsday!

Batman and The Hulk never got Killed

Seraphemz2476d ago

Superman moves faster than a speeding question that Superman beats Batman, who is JUST A HUMAN..

To ATIELITE - you cant compare Hulk or Doomsday to Batman....

Batman got his ass whooped by Bain...

ForgottenProphecy2476d ago

But Batman beat Superman in the comics. Also, Bane outsmarted Batman, that's how he got him. He released every super villain from Arkham Asylum, and after Batman captured a majority of them in one night, Bane waited for him at his mansion to sneak attack him.

maniacmayhem2476d ago

There's been issues where Superman also beat Batman. In the Hush story line Superman was hypnotized by Poison Ivy and sent to kill Batman.

Batman used everything he had just to hold him back but even said himself that Superman was constantly fighting Ivy's control and therefore holding back. He said said that if Superman was truly and fully under Ivy's control he would have ripped him in half easily.

DC always likes to play the Batman beats Superman angle because of the whole David and Goliath aspect. But honestly, Superman could be on the moon super vision and xray through the Batcave and heat vision Batman's head off.

Chucky20032476d ago

Batman,because he's Batman

KingOfArcadia2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

If the comics have taught us anything, Batman wins. He's done it before in The Dark Knight Returns & JLA: Tower of Babel. Hell, Batman takes down the entire JLA in Tower of Babel (mind you, it's Ra's al Ghul using Batman's plans, and not Batman himself who sets it all in motion).

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