Next-Generation Games Consoles Face A Tough Time

Forbes - It seems likely that both Microsoft and Sony will have fresh games consoles on the market ready in time for the holiday spending extravaganza. But it is very probable that these devices – Microsoft’s is widely expected to be called the Xbox 720, while we know Sony’s will be the PlayStation 4 – will have a much tougher time penetrating the market than their predecessors did.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2017d ago

This is exactly why I try to be fair to all Console makers,
because the market keeps predicting console gaming's demise to Tablets and Smartphones.

I feel that if one company fails, at this point in time, it will make it harder for the rest.

Anyway, most of the concerns the writer makes, I agree with a little and a lot.

Time and careful analyst will reveal "All" (Most).
Who know what new conditions will be in the World Market a year from now?

ATi_Elite2017d ago

The more Multiplats that come out the more the consoles suffer as PC mods on multiplats are offering more for Less

Microsoft doesn't even care about exclusives and makes money selling services and licensing fees. And really hammers Sony with timed exclusives and advertisement of certain games that just sell batter on xbox

Sony needs to create a better Exclusive gaming eco system to get more casuals who find the timed exclusives from MS appealing. I think this time around Sony will do that.

Either way all 3 consoles need to do something that says "Hey you can only get this type of gameplay on our machine"

The Wiiu will eventually do it with the remote controller and Mario Zelda Metroid

X720 will be selling all types of stuff, time exclusives, and cable subscriptions

Sony with cross platform play and Game Exclusives.

mochachino2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Sony just need multiplats that look noticlbly better on PS4 than NextBox and solid online.

PC gamers are a different beast and not really in direct competition with consoles, especially considering that the majority of game sales each year are a few FPS games and EA sports games, the latter of which are barely even on PC.

Consoles determine when the true next-gen starts (in terms of games and engines) granted PC will look better, provided you can afford it. However, the law of diminishing returns becomes more obvious which each succeeding generation as publisher budgets apex.

PC gaming is great but it is mostly dictated by and subject to consoles. Devs won't even release their next-gen engines until consoles are out to show how little influence PC gaming has.

Most PC games are essentially Higher Def/texture better FPS versions of console games, a.k.a ports not leads. PC gaming is tantamount PS2 HD remakes (which I admit are great). However, there just isn't the potential to profit on PC like on consoles for most games. Maybe it pirating or something else, but PC is just not the focus of developers/publisher and more an after thought.

It's not about exclusives anymore, with the exception of Nintendo, mutliplats dominate. Exclusives just sweeten the deal. But console gamers will flock to the superior price/performance/games balance, which 360 won early on this gen...then lost recently with their non-gaming focus and its sales show it.

Either way it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top this gen, MS became a Titan in the industry this gen, and the untouchable God Playstation brand showed that it too can bleed and die. Now they're evenly matched, I can't wait.

ATi_Elite2016d ago

PC Gaming is it's own world and is always ahead of console Gaming.

Where do you think: F2P, Micro-transactions, Digital Downloads, Indie games, MMO's, FPS, all came from? PC Gaming

PC Gaming is new ideas and bleeding edge technology that eventually finds it's way down to consoles.

Remember PC gamers were banging out 3D RPG's and 3D FPS while consoles were still 2D side scrolling. come on Bro learn gaming history.

The PC makes huge profits cause if it didn't then why so many multi-plats on PC? Ask Alan Wake Dev team how quickly they made a profit on PC vs. the 3 years it took on Xbox360

2 Microsoft Exclusives, 5 Sony Exclusives, but like 300 PC Exclusives. Your just fooling yourself if you think PC has no games.

Microsoft Flight and Rise of Nations PC Exclusives
Sony Planetside 1 & 2 and Everquest PC Exclusives

MS/Sony seem to make a good buck with these PC Exclusives

I think your just a console gamer who knows Zero about PC Gaming and once again your just making up crap or listening to bad rumors.

Electronic Arts got $60 a Unit from Simcity sold on Origin so they made like $90m in 24hrs (1.5m * $60)

if this was a console game they would of only gotten maybe $15 a units = $22.5m

$20 wholesale to Gaming store minus $5 Sony/MS license fee publisher gets $15 a unit sold, Gaming store then turns around and sales it to u and I for $60 retail

PC makes money u just do not understand Business or the PC business Model.

Jacobster2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I understand what this guy is saying but his product life cycle analysis is some what shambolic and speculates without any real trend analysis.

Yes there are more handhelds out there and cheaper games for 'casual players'. You could argue tablets and smartphones have opened the door for this market to mature in taste and choice (somewhat complimentary to the gaming industry). The opportunity for both Sony, and MS was both clear to them as they tried with such things with Kinect and Move and not to mention the huge success of the Wii.

The cost of consoles has yet to be announced and remains to be seen if the price point remains high. The technology is less specialised in Sony's case keeping the cost of components down. Also the potential market is much larger than it was when the 360 and PS3 first launched- as said in the article 75 million consoles are out there providing a large opportunity to convert these potential buyers at the right price point.

It is clear one of Sony's strategy will heavily focus on the social media slant to capitalise on the casual. This time going further than before. Sony have already given us a slight taste of what to expect. Nintendo are trying to diversify with a tablet which makes sense but why not just buy a tablet that plays Nintendo games? It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Is it any coincidence Sony are supporting Indie developers? I wouldn't be surprised to see cheaper and smaller games in the future. Also free to play games will play a huge part in next gen- especially with the proposed minimal download waiting times. We have yet to see MS hand aswell!

How far can mobile games go? They are limited by sound quality, full multi-player features such as voice, screen size, new artistic direction, improved animation (both debatable), battery-life, touch of controller, etc. Mobile gaming is what is for its convenience. Console gaming on the other hand, is a widely accepted form of entertainment and if you think the next COD came out on next gen only how many people would convert to next gen?