Xbox now Microsoft’s sole TV strategy

Microsoft confirmed today that it has agreed to sell its MediaRoom IPTV unit to Ericsson, following rumors about the deal a few weeks ago.

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Arai2475d ago

What this means is that Microsoft's next console will be more of a media hub than a dedicated gaming machine.
It was rumored a while ago by several sites, this adds more credence to what was rumored already.

omi25p2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

So is the PS4 or is everyone ignoring the multimedia social networking button built into the controller?

So linking across different platforms isnt multimedia just because it can link to a social network??

Ok iGam3R-VIII you are clearly far superior in everyway. il leave you to your pure knowledge

iGAM3R-VIII2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

*Me when I saw your comment *

How is that not related to gaming. You see media is different from social. The 360 and the PS3 both had social features so you could play with your friends but the new xbox is moving away from that to MEDIA which is like music, videos, and TV. The new Sony console still is for gamers but is better with these new social features.

And that button in the controller 'shares the screenshot' or produces a live stream for the game which in my opinion isn't related to social because it goes to YouTube.

In case you still don't believe me, I linked the online dictionary website for social and media:

Media- http://dictionary.reference...

Social- http://dictionary.reference...

darthv722475d ago

everyone is ignoring it. but keep in mind that there is a group who feels all the social stuff is taking away from the intended use of a game console.

They can think that way but its a sign of the times. The adding of social features and more smart functions is proof that gaming has evolved.

You cant sell a game only console anymore, these companies have to remain relevant in light of changing trends. We cant predict what trend is happening next but we can see the addition of all these conveniences is something the likes of which sony and Ms will not give up but expand upon.

If anything, both look to try and fill the gap of the smart tv by way of making pretty much any tv into a smart tv. Is that so bad for sony and ms to fill a need they see as being open?

Many may not use these features now, but we really dont know how they will integrate in the future. We may find ourselves using these social features more than ever. Maybe it just needs the right game to come along to open the door.

KwietStorm2475d ago

And that makes it a media hub? o_O

NewMonday2475d ago

so instead of a top console they now want to be in the market with AppleTV, Ruko and the Pirate Bay?

good luck with that.

Saigon2475d ago

I think what people need to get in their heads is that this media hub MS is creating is not a Social device per say. In comparison to the PS4, they are not on terms if the rumor or should I say what MS expects. iGAM3R-VIII pointed out the definition directly.

Look at MS device as being something like your Local cable company device box. If you have one that has all of the bells and whistles, than you can expect to download items, upload items, digital download, record, etc. The boxes does everything to entertain you. The next Xbox sounds like it is going to be similar with the only difference is that you can play games. With that, 'always on' sounds a little more true. I am thinking they are expecting to develop a system similar to TiVo where you need to purchase the box and then inform your subscribed company that you have the device. Or maybe they will work something out with a major cable company to provide it. Or maybe it can be an added device to your current STB.

Man, IDK about this...

nukeitall2475d ago


"so instead of a top console they now want to be in the market with AppleTV, Ruko and the Pirate Bay?

good luck with that."

No, they want to be the box you need to do anything with your TV.

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Bigpappy2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

M$ is not stupid. They will have a great console again, and they will do lots of stuff with the console. Sony will follow suite, like they always do.

Isn't Ericsson owned by Sony?

Saigon2475d ago

i was wondering that myself...

darthv722475d ago

the media side is its own conglomerate. The side that sony has is/was their mobile division. All the cell phones and whatnot. But sony bought that side and (I think) retained the ericsson name because of it being more associated with previous mobile products.

The mobility side was small as compared to the rest of the company.

Gimmemorebubblez2475d ago

Look Im not being a fanboy but I just want to say this plan is not very well thought out.
The Xbox could end up being a Jack-of-all-trades master of none. I have a smart TV I have a cable, I want a games console. I think as Smart TV's become mainstream the need for any sort of box will diminish. All keep in mind that the largest entertainment company in the world is SONY (Go look it up) they control the most content.

Gimmemorebubblez2475d ago

Sorry my mistake, after Universal took nearly 80% of EMI today (Sony took the other roughly 20%), Sony are no longer the worlds largest Entertainment company, they are now in 2nd.

Heavenly King2475d ago

When that happen?? Do you have a link please?

sway_z2475d ago Show
dcbronco2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

It's not about the need for a box. This is a battle to make your box relevant. These companies are in competition. No one is going to just step aside and say, go ahead Samsung, you can have it all. Each company has to have a more compelling product. Plus looking at the world from a tech persons perspective is a mistake. The vast majority will continue to do what they've always done. SmartTVs are a afterthought to them.

But this is actually a very smart deal for MS. They already have 40+ million Gold subscribers. They already have a department of writers and producers run by a former major TV executive. They have been buying content. The big content holders are squeezing out competitors. Look at the way Netflix has been squeezed with late or less content. MS having their own content and delivery service is a better option than waiting to get pushed into a corner.

AMC, MTV and the History Channel have major TVs hits. You no longer have to be one of the big networks to be a player. Selling their IPTV (rumored to be for as much as 1 billion) gives the Xbox a ton of cash to develop their own content.

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lovegames7182475d ago

Tsk Tsk Tsk Microsoft. Im sure you guys made a pretty penny and of course business comes first but in relation to gaming this isnt a good look. Im starting to believe the rumors more and more lol Kinect to start up Netflix lol gtfo of here lol hahahahahaha

Number-Nine2475d ago

focusing on the kinect, focusing on tv, possibly always online, nothing really about gaming.....

MS must be digging their own grave

darthv722475d ago

a commercial last night about a new samsung smart tv that you can control with moving your hands (like kinect) and you could speak to it and the tv would relay what you said with results (perhaps like kinect 2.0).

so the new playing field isnt about consoles anymore. Its about the growing rise to smart enabled devices. To think a tv that does more than simply watch tv...go figure.

No idea what the nextbox has in store but if its goal is to enable smart functionality at a fraction of the price of these new tv's then it could be a big win for millions of consumers that dont have the kind of scratch to buy one of these new tv's.

Obviously sony is looking at the same smart tv market with cautious eyes as well. Console gaming stopped being solely about "gaming" many years ago when we got systems that could watch movies and surf the internet (PS2, DC, maybe even earlier).

It seemd like the only direction the gaming industry was heading was more integration. More conveniences. That doenst mean they will stop playing games, it means that games cant be the only thing these systems do anymore.

KwietStorm2475d ago

I saw that commercial too. I don't want to watch TV like that. I'm not a mime.

HammadTheBeast2475d ago

I can also play Tetris on mine.

Oh, the magic.

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