8 popular video game cliches that we’re getting tired off

Whether it’s laziness, running out of ideas, or working on a tight budget, there are many game developers out there that resort to abusing gaming clichés just to add bulk to their titles. Here are some that we hate.

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mcroddi2019d ago

Ah glitches. Aren't they just the best?

Speed-Racer2019d ago

Yea glitches are so annoying! I saw they brought up Dead Island. Bloody thing was riddled with problems. I was at the stage where I had to walk from the tribal village to the river and there were waves of zombies I needed to kill. At that point the game just glitched and I spent over an hour just running around hoping it would trigger. Ended up having to go online to play that portion in co-op otherwise I would have been a sitting duck in single player.

xHeavYx2019d ago

Isn't a glitch something that makes the game unplayable? The guy isn't listing any glitches, just things he doesn't like

xHeavYx2019d ago

Sorry, I have a case of Mondays (and those boobs distracted me too)

caseh2019d ago

Personally i'm a fan of point 5 and its a cliche i'm more than happy to endure. :)

ApolloTheBoss2019d ago

Hey hey now. There is NOTHING wrong with #5.

CaptainYesterday2019d ago

There will always be cliches in video games and thats fine with me, I hope red exploding barrels never go away.

pissed9992019d ago

"we"? You mean "you"? I love sexy video game woman. As do most manly men, who are manlike in nature.

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