10 New Fight Night Round 3 Images

Here are 10 new High Resolution pics for Fight night round 3 for ps3

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zypher6429d ago

yeah, i know EA has had about 9 months more development time compared to the 360 version, but even the most jaded, hardcore 360 fanboy gotta admit that those screens are simply breath-taking!

tatical6429d ago

These screen shots almost make me wanna keep my PS3 off eBay! The 360 version was good, although it was a bit short for me.

Question: Could this be considered a 2nd generation game for the PS3?

Logic behind the question: The PS3 was supposed to be released this past spring (due to Blu-Ray according to Sony), so this and some other games should have been at least 80%-90% done by then. Gears of War was delayed from spring 06 to fall 06 also, and that's coming along good also. So I figure thats 9 months to polish them up.

shotty6429d ago

Ya, pretty much since dev have had equal time developing for both consoles. It's far to compare Gears of War to RFOM.

zypher6429d ago

GOW has been in development longer than RFOM. it would be fairer to compare GOW to UT2007 on the PS3.

lalaland6429d ago

Although EA has spent more time working on their art assets, they've actually only had about 5 months with final dev kits to make their engine work. Ofcourse they can use some of their generic code from before, and ofcourse that frees up more time for the nitty-gritty work on their PS3 graphics engine. But it's only when they get the final dev kits they can really challenge the unproven architecture, and that is what counts for graphical finesse. Hence it is indeed a first gen PS3 game.

EnforcerOfTheTruth6429d ago

...cause the devs just got the final dev kits. 2nd gen games are only such that are released at least 1 year after the console launch and the devs had enough time with the final dev kits.
It doesn't matter that the PS3 should have launched spring 2006, what matter is that the devs just got the final kits.
Duke Nukem is in developement for around 10 years, so would you call this game a 10 years ago gen game? Surely not, cause this game is developed on actual hardware and not on that from 10 years ago. So as I said, the developemnt time doesn't matter, but the hardware you are workin on.

beans6429d ago

Im sorry but the more development time you have on a game the better it's going to look period! There is a big difference in the way GOW looks now and the way it looked a year ago and it shows! Im sure with the extra time and commitment the 360 version would have looked just like this! Im not trying to get into some silly hardware battle but come on and check out the vid I posted below and u can tell it looks nowhere near the quality of those pictures! http://media.ps3.ign.com/me...

lalaland6429d ago (Edited 6429d ago )

Please read what is actually written before answering.

GoW is indeed coming along nicely... But they've had access to final dev kits for more than a year now. If FNR3 was indeed in development for the X360 still, it would be a second gen game, because the developers would know more of how the X360 innards are working. To know and test that, the developers need final dev kits.

The PS3 devs simply haven't had access to final dev kits for more than about 5 months by now. That is why games released now for the X360 are second gen games, and the launch titles for PS3 are first gen games. And that is why a number of crossplatform titles are for now are mainly developed on the X360 and ported to PS3 -- they simply have had final dev kits for a lot longer on the X360 than the PS3.

And btw, I do think the video looks like a downsampled version of the pics.

beans6429d ago

Impressive pictures but I want to see the game in motion in 3rd person view! The 360 version was great for it's time and this just shows what can be done with more time! Here's a video of the game in motion if u haven't seen it which to me just looks ok! http://media.ps3.ign.com/me...

kingboy6429d ago

lol that video isn`t impressive simply because of poor footage.

beans6429d ago

All im saying is that im not impressed with the video but I am with the pictures! Even if it's poor footage as u put it, this still give me an idea of the overall look!

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