Xbox 720 leaker: PS4 fans are writing off Microsoft based on "literally nothing"

Thurrott slams "knee-jerk reaction" to always-online rumours [OXM]

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dedicatedtogamers2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

A lot of people will write off something based on "literally nothing". It's why they say first impressions are important. It's not just PS4 fans writing it off. Plenty of gamers from different platforms are concerned about it. Of course, there will be people who end up buying it anyway and who brag about it being the best console ever. It's just the way the world works.

LackTrue4K2483d ago

You don't have to worry about ps3/4 fans writing off the new Xbox (to begin there Sony fans).
"Worry about Xbox fans writing off there next gen Xbox"
Many have already said there jumping ship from Microsoft

sway_z2483d ago


'...Of course, there will be people who end up buying it anyway and who brag about it being the best console ever'

So true, and they're the worst kind of people, cos they don't have a mind of their own.


'...Worry about Xbox fans writing off there next gen Xbox. Many have already said there jumping ship from Microsoft'

Yeah, I see your point too. Basically, all it will take is for MS to debunk all the negative rumours and show a bunch of new games at E3, and watch the same clowns 'Jump Back In'.

These types of people are literally dumb cattle sheeples.

anonymous923482483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


Many? You mean a few fanboys on N4G.

Most people are just waiting for the console to be announced, before making any decisions.

Anyone that makes a decision based soley on a rumour, is an idiot.

JsonHenry2483d ago

I greatly preferred my Xbox360 over my PS3 this generation. But **if** the always online thing proves to be true then I will be getting the PS4 only. Which makes me sad because I really want to own both but I just don't live in an area with reliable enough internet to have an online only console.

sengoku2483d ago

and there right for doing so.
come on what's to know

dicks like Orth work there (not for long)
no used games not confirmed but very likely
windows 8 like dash controlled with kinect 2.0
no exclusives worth mentioning.
that about sums it up.

yeah i think i'll pass thanks..

Cueil2483d ago

1. Everything is rumor...
2. Always Online doesn't mean Required Online
3. All of Microsofts new (including the Xbox 360) product use the "Metro" style interface first used on Zune HD
4. You're the same person who when asked what exclusives the Xbox has can only name 2... 3 at the max.
5. You don't sum anything up you're just being contrite.

Boody-Bandit2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Included is a pic of my triple panel gaming rig, Fanatec CSR Elite FFB wheel (best wheel that is compatible with the XBox 360) and it takes 3 360's to use this triple panel display to play Forza. BUT I also own 2 other 360's for other areas in my home to game.

Okay, with that aside. Am I now allowed to express concern if these rumors turn out to be facts? Sorry but this article is pure flame bait. Is there Sony fans chuckling and jumping on the coat tails of these rumors hoping they are true so they can find fault or rub salt in the wounds? I'm sure there is. BUT I know a lot of 360 gamers that are very concerned these rumors might be true.

Most of the people I talk to so they would most "likely" end up still getting the next offering from MS but they will do so reluctantly. Myself, something like this, again and IF ONLY they are true, could turn me off completely. I rent and purchase used a lot more than purchase new. I'm not hurting for cash but only buy certain titles at full MSRP from specific genres that I know I will play for more than a couple weeks.

I am hoping these are rumors that MS will refute come E3 but I'm a concerned if they were why is MS at the very least not saying, "people wait until E3". All will be known then. When the dust settles. I don't see MS going this route. Always on hopefully is rhetoric and doesn't mean you always need an active connection to the internet. More importantly I hope all these used and rental rumors are pure nonsense.

Signed: An anxious but slightly nervous 360 fan, NOT a Sony fanboy.

DragonKnight2483d ago

@Cueil: You say everything is a rumour then you say "Always Online doesn't mean Required Online" as if you know that for sure. You're contradicting yourself and ignoring what this leaker is saying. In his own words, he's seen documentation that an internet connection is necessary for the Durango to function, he also further on says it's too late in development to change that now, so how do you know that it's not required?

BX812483d ago

I don't think many are jumping ship until they announce the new xbox and it's features.

sengoku2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


well yeah there are only a few exclusives.
the ones i use to play are already milked to death.

as for windows 8 style kinect 2.0 gui.
you know there going to force hand-gestures and voice commands now. it's not 100% but why els would kinect be forced to be connected to function??

i know it looks cool in the movies but i just want to play a game, i don't want to hold up my hand like i would in a class room to use the bathroom.
and don't like talking and especially repeating my self to a machine to eject disk or power on.

sorry but the direction they have been going for years now and the always-online + kinect 2.0 included and must be connected to function stuff, is just rubbing me the wrong way.

let's see there console but, my money is on it not being my cup of tea.

sikbeta2483d ago


46 million XBLive Users active right now, do you really think they'll ditch their years of investment? I don't see that happening always online or not


Truth, no one saw what MS got under their sleeve, IF X720 becomes a success... lot of you will be eating so much crow... it's going to be a nice spectacle to watch :D

loulou2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

another day with the same fanboys spewing the same stuff which is not yet true or false..

could please someone tell me what it feels like to be a pathetic fanboy??

Kurt Russell2483d ago

If it's true I'll jump ship. If it's not I'll weigh up my options when I know everything about the 2 headliners.

2483d ago
bangshi2483d ago

I thought it was Xbox fan boys who are writing Microsoft off and cursing them for this always-online crap.

Why would PS4 fan boys care what the 720 is doing to make people opt for a PS4!

nukeitall2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


"Many have already said there jumping ship from Microsoft"

That is the thing, historically Xbox LIVE Gold membership has increased every year while the next console isn't likely to be released at the end of the year.

Basically what it means is depending on what grand plans MS has, it might just blow everyone away.

Remember when Netflix was released on Xbox 360? That is when Netflix adoption exploded, and made huge waves. A very simple feature executed very well.

Xbox TV might just be that, or it might not, but we won't know for a while. Same thing with the Wii, nobody thought it would be the superstar it became!

deal with it! :D

Darrius Cole2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

@Cueil - Post. 1.1.5

Cueil said in Post 1.1.5
"2. Always Online doesn't mean Required Online "

Actually, in this case it does mean "Required Online," that's what's got everyone so upset. Either the new Xbox will play a game when it is not connected to the internet or it won't. All the rumors and leaks say that it will not play a game if it is not connected to the internet. Since this is a game console we are talking about, this means that the system will not perform it's intended purpose without the internet. That is very much required online.

The fact is no one cares whether has to be "Always online" or not. We only care whether it has to be "online for my game to work." If the only time the internet was required was when I want to play my game, then that is enough to make it broken. The system is slave to the internet, and not fit for use, or purchase.

The only defense possible is for someone to say "it's not true, the next Xbox will play a game if there is no internet connection".

It's as cut and dried and as black and white as can be. There is no wiggle room here. Either it will play the game or it will not; and these rumors either are true or they are not.

FITgamer2483d ago

@ onyoursisterback "THERE Sony fans" @ sengoku "and THERE right for doing so" [THEY'RE]

pixelsword2483d ago

Yeah, because it's only PS4 fans complaining.


Tr10wn2483d ago

Personally i can't find nothing for me in the PS4 so i'm waiting for MS to announce what they got but i think i will stick with my PC since PS4 games are still running [email protected] so i will assume the same goes to the new Xbox.

Rex_Aeternae2483d ago

Not all games are going to be 30fps in fact most will probably be (1080p) 60fps (for example battlefield 4) and as for games that are puzzlers and such, 60fps doesn't really do anything to help the game out.
But, if you only want the super incredible deluxe graphics that "only the PC master race can achieve" then you sir don't truly appreciate the story, music, and emotion evoking-ness that we should judge a game on.
Yes, I will admit that for some people having great graphics will make the game easier to like and play but it should not be the first thing you judge a game on.

Plus your use of a double negative means that you actually can find something in the PS4 that you like. Grammar . . . it's a lifestyle.

SilentNegotiator2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Xbox fan(boy)s love to pull the old "Emmanuel 'Sony fan' Goldstein" whenever any sort of doubt or dissatisfaction happens to anything Xbox.

The entire internet isn't happy that leaked documents, angry MS developer leaders, third party developers, and a hundred other sources suggest that the next Xbox will be online only?

"It's the Sony fanboys' fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Delusional fanboy

Yi-Long2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

... is pretty much what MS has shown the last 3-4 years at E3 when it comes to stuff that interests me as a gamer, with their main focus on Kinect and dashboard apps.

THAT'S why I've lost interest in their new console. MS has lost it's focus on GAMES for ME.

I started this generation as a big fan of the original Xbox, never having owned a PS1 or PS2, and I also loved my 360. Still do actually, although mainly for 3rd party games and XBLA, and ofcourse the terrific controller.

But somewhere along the line, Microsoft has seriously dropped the ball, and after a very slow and poor start from Sony this generation, they really picked up that ball in the last 2 years orso, remaining a focus on cool new original IPs and core-games, and scored BIG with their PSN+, along with their PSN being free anyway.

The 'Always Online' rumours now surrounding the new Xbox, just means I won't even consider buying it.

MS is being run by fools nowadays. Sadly. The ONLY GREAT thing about the 360 the last 3 years, has been an absolutely fantastic output of games on XBLA, with some tremendous titles. And somehow MS has managed to piss off many of those great developers one way or another, so it's doubtful they'll be developing exclusively for the next MS console...

limewax2482d ago

So 208 comments and still nobody has noticed that Paul Thurrott also confirmed the always online necessity and even that MS are focusing on TV in this very article?!

For the love of god, read before you comment people. There's people in here trying to say its all rumor just because that's what the headline says. Try reading the rest of it first.

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k2d2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Funny how it reads PS4 fans when it's mainly 360 owners who are up in arms about this.

I would too, if my console of choice stood the chance of being online only.

InTheLab2483d ago

agreed. The next Xbox was not on my radar based on how poorly MS has performed these last 3 or so years and the lack of free online. This latest bit of controversy kinda made me say..."huh...whatever&quo t;.

zebramocha2483d ago

@k2d I don't know why you are getting so many disagrees?as a ps fan only thing i want to see from Ms is,specs,games/features and if any of these rumors turn out to be true.

k2d2483d ago

The closer you hit to home, the more flak you get in return. :)

MikeMyers2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

It's not just Sony fans but also current Xbox 360 owners. If it requires an online connection to work then a lot of people will write it off. What I do agree with is not to have knee-jerk reactions until we get official details on everything we should have clarification on. That includes the PS4. Sony hasn't revealed everything either, although what they have shown and said is very positive so far.

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fermcr2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

IF (i'll say again IF) rumors are true about the next Xbox...

$500, always online, no used game, more kinect functionality and titles... yep Microsoft's got a winner on their hands. /s

Peppino72483d ago

They're writing them off based on rumors based off of devs saying stuff like "It needs a constant connection." I wouldn't say thats literally nothing. Maybe if it came from a Joe Shmoe, then yeah.

TheSaint2482d ago

This, also Xbox need to pull their collective fingers from their A-holes and give us something concrete to base our decision off.

JANF2483d ago

Have you guys notice how everyone saying anything positive about MS have 2 or less bubbles while the ones saying anything positive PS or negative MS have three or more. I wonder why?

anyway, I say lets wait and see, If this rumors turns out to be false a lot of people here will look foolish.

CC-Tron2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

You wonder why? Here's a clue. Sony4G.

jacksons982483d ago

What has MS done in the last couple years for games? 360 owners have literally been left hanging. Sony is the only company supporting hobby gamers and N4G is a website for gamers.

IRetrouk2483d ago

Load of crap m8, im more of a sony fan than anything else and i have been on two bubbles for years.

BlackTar1872483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

i play everything but i support Sony focus alot more and i have 3 bubbles. Ohh less then you.

Maybe people losing bubbles because all they seem to do on this site is cry like little school girls about being outnumbered and blah blah blah.

never seen such victim card kids in my life.

kenshiro1002483d ago

Give me a break.

You lose bubbles based on complaints and screaming 'fanboys!!' instead of engaging in a productive debate.

Th3 Chr0nic2482d ago

You speak as if N4G had a "community" behind it to make the bubble rating system have any meaning to it. This site is more like a "trollunity" if anything.

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dcbronco2483d ago


You're right about people buying it anyway. The majority of the noise is from Sony fanboys. People that are willing to buy any brand will buy both, all three or whichever they think is best. All of the talk is just N4G talk. If the 720 proves to be a better console they will go with the wind.

Eyeco2483d ago

I'm not writing of the Nextbox, I may be getting bad vibes based off Microsoft's last few years but I'm not writing it off, because the console hasn't even revealed yet, and that's what's pi$$ing me off the most that it hasn't even revealed yet.

Realistically the 720 (as with the PS4) should have been announced and released 2-3 years ago, the 360 is almost 10 years old and we still don't know anything about it's successor, all we have are these negative rumours,

If we were in 2009 then I easily would have dismissed them, but the fact that where this late into the generation 2013 and so far only one next gen console has been released, and all we have of the Nextxbox, are rumours, bad ones that is, it's really off putting and it makes me wonder what Microsoft has been doing for the past 4 years.

Gimmemorebubblez2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

This is the part that worries me;
"Thurrott also reckons Microsoft has less to fear from other console manufacturers than from digital media outlets, presumably in light of such initiatives as Xbox TV, under which the manufacturer has founded a studio in Los Angeles to work on unique, bespoke television programming for Xbox Live."

And this:
"The problem Microsoft has has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo anymore, it's Roku and AppleTV," he said. "The market for hardcore video games, the market of people will always buy the next Gears of War game, the next Halo game, the next Call of Duty game, it's fairly finite."

I got a SMART TV so I dont need TV services, I want GAMES MICROSOFT.

Saigon2483d ago

Yeah...I read that also, and I noticed it right away. This is what scares me. But the sad part, is that I am not surprised. in an IM message to another n4g user, we had a great conversation on this, and the other day i found an article that contained an Xbox tablet, MS is thinking of releasing. To me that proved why they are pushing Always on. Maybe this is the only way to allow the tablet to always be connected. Who knows. they are switching their competition and going into the realm of casual versus hardcore gamer market. either way this E3 is going to be interesting.

Leviathan2483d ago

Xbox 720 leaker: PS4 fans are writing off Microsoft based on "literally nothing coming out for it except a few kinekt titles"

1Victor2483d ago

have anyone though that the "always on" comments from orth was Microsoft way to test the waters imagine how bad it would be at E3 if they say one more thing our console is always on and you can't play used games as all games are locked to your account/console.the article writer assume that because some games he play have online parts that all games does need a online connection.can anyone tell me honestly how many console games are MMO only on xbox for it to warrant a "always on approach.

omi25p2483d ago

"First impressions are the most important"

How can you have a first impression on something that has yet to be even confirmed it exists.

Its the equivalent of hating someone you have never met, heard of, spoken too. Because someone told you that they were annoying.

This website is literally the only website bad mouthing a fairy tale every single chance it gets.
Some of the users are the most hypocritical biased morons you will ever see.

For example i have literally seen one user say this in two different articles.


"Well its understandable really. Sony spend alot of money releasing these perfect games it must be heartbreaking to watch when people are playing there game with out actually giving Sony the reward they deserve for Being the one publisher who cares"


"Typically M$. Screwing over its "fan" base again.
So now not only to you have to pay for online you can even save a little money by buying used games. It isn't even as if there are any exclusives worth buying anyway. If anybody buys the nextbox knowing it does this they are nothing but a sheep"

Saigon2483d ago

That is sad that they actually said that because it means they really didn't read the pattens. I understand that this is a rumor, but the content discussed is in favor to be relevant. I think what makes this even more creditable is the fact its coming from an Xbox website and again, the information discussed states the subject to be true. You might disagree with this, but the facts are in 'Read full story' link above.

AngelicIceDiamond2483d ago

PS4 fans are writing off Microsoft based on "literally nothing"

Lol of course fanboys will take any excuse to ride off the Xbox. But just like @dedicatedtogamers said, plenty of people on the net are upset obout the rumors.

We virtually know nothing about the Xbox besides this "Alaways on" rumor that continues to make its usual rounds.

But, despite the negativity shrouding the unannounced console, I have a feeling the new Xbox is gonna turn out to be a damn good machine. And great showing from MS.

oof462483d ago

Plenty of Xbox fans concerned.

TheoreticalParticle2483d ago

Here's the thing for the leaker. Assume that the always-online DRM is true.

Yeah, while they're using an always-online system and there's only a handful of people online, and nobody's stressing the system, it's fine, and it's totally non-intrusive.

But there are a billion ways from prototype to production that something non-intrusive can come to be exceptionally INTRUSIVE.

potenquatro2483d ago

This always online sux. Unless it's a 4g Lte option like W8 on tablets with some contract for less money SKU. Not allowing you to play software that you legally own however, would not hold water in court and I don't think all devs would like that. I personally have privacy and kid issues, or atleast my kid got issues, so my Surface and ipads are NOT 4g and my router is off when im not online(I live in a big city, this also stops people from trying to steal it). Basically my phones are the only thing always connected and i turn those off all the time. A "always online" NextBox would be horrible. MS, just deny this already. Between PS4, nextbox and their respective accesories and fees I'm gonna be dropping around 15-16 hundred in a clouple months. Ain't nobody got time for that!!

fr0sty2483d ago

From the "Official" Xbox magazine, saying there is "nothing wrong" with always being online... = Damage control topped off with a hint of spin.

showtimefolks2483d ago

no we are writing them off based of what they did in last 3 years, and that's coming from a day one buyer of xbox360 and original xbox

once kinect was introduced than they forgot about core gamers, they thought that market had been maxed out but look at sony still selling ps3 strongly and still delivering top notched games

personally i am tired of halo,gears,forza. I like fable,alan wake and crackdown but all 3 of those IP's have huge potential but MS just doesn't care since they don't sell millions of copies

also watch the last 3 E3'd MS conferences, I dare you to watch them back to back to back and than come back to me. we have mostly kinect crap and dance games followed by maybe a showing of next halo or gears

this time they don't have the advantage of coming out 1st or RROD, they better come out with a good plan otherwise i see sony demolishing them in every sense. Sony under Kaz's leadership reminds me of old sony which was aggressive and use advertisement to their advantage

so if expecting greatness out of MS or next xbox is hating on ms than so be it but when another company provides better value and more bang for my buck but i have every right to support that company with my money

kenshiro1002483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

The fact that Microsoft hasn't denied these rumors is troubling. But they are rumors so we have to wait and see what happens.

And there are plenty of 360 fans that are worried about the rumors as well. I don't see why the journalist felt the need to say 'PS4 fans are worried about nothing.'

Some people own two consoles you know...

Syntax-Error2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

PS4 hasn't shown me why I need to have it. My PS3 has tons of life and can still WOW me. I find no reason to worry about next gen right now. Let's see of most of you are going to give a shit when GTA5 releases

50Terabytespersec2482d ago

I want Solid State Drive in Raid 0!!!500MB per sec
on Xbox 720
80GB is fine for me!

Then I will gladly tell Sony to F off!!! LOL
This is the only way I will Buy a MS product over the PS4!

Psn8002482d ago

No news is good news the old saying is . In Microsoft's case they need too start showing there hand or they will get left way behind because everyone I know is per-ordering the Ps4 already .

2482d ago
extermin8or2482d ago

not strictly true, they have all the info so far on the Ps4 to go on, Sony's track record of exclusive games and the closer and better developer relations Sony now has, to go on. Granted they don't have anything other than rumors on the net xbox but if people want to make a decision then they are basing it on something- also if they listen to him isn't that the same as listening to the rumors...

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DragonKnight2483d ago

For starters, this guy sounds like a teenage girl. Lots of "like" and "by the way."

Secondly just because for you Xbox is an almost entirely online experience, doesn't mean an always-online requirement is a good thing. For the millionth time, there is no such thing as a 100% consistently stable network connection, and that includes places like Japan who have a far better infrastructure for it than the Western world.

"Thurrott claims he has access to documents that reveal the next Xbox "must be internet-connected to use", but says he's not sure of the precise ramifications."

You'd have to be an idiot not to know what that means. It's plain as day. You need to be connected to use Durango. No connection, no usage. What part of that is ambiguous?

""I look at all this stuff that I've seen about Durango and I think, 'it's all positive.' I don't really see any bad news here at all. Like to me, everything I've seen about this is really positive."

Because you're an idiot.

"It's amazing to me that, based on like no information at all, everyone is like freaking out about everything. Aside from this online thing, by the way, the number one question I've gotten from people is, 'What does it look like?' Who gives a shit what it looks like?"

No information? You're the one that leaked this "online thing." YOU just said it requires a network connection to use. That's not "freaking out about nothing." You're either calling yourself a liar, or you're an idiot. And I'm pretty sure the next concern is about the Durango playing used games, which leaked information claims won't be possible as the Durango will force a complete harddrive installation of every game and lock each game to that one console. Clearly there is reason for suspicion.

""The market for hardcore video games, the market of people will always buy the next Gears of War game, the next Halo game, the next Call of Duty game, it's fairly finite. It's a decent market, yada yada yada, it's not the market for tablets, it's not the market for smartphones."

*Facepalm* You know so little.

As for the rest of the article where Thurott is then backpeddling, but then not backpeddling, and then backpeddling again, you're the problem. It seems that most of what you're saying is "The Durango will have an always-online requirement and you're just going to have to deal with it." And you think people are having a "knee-jerk" reaction? You haven't been paying attention to Assassin's Creed 2 on PC, Diablo 3 on PC, or SimCity (even though you mention it) much have you? This isn't a knee-jerk reaction, this is an experienced reaction. Gamers know what always-online means and have damned good reasons for not wanting or liking it. You really look foolish by claiming gamers have nothing to complain about.

Cueil2483d ago

Steam... it works ok (though it was a pile of garbage for a long time)

DragonKnight2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Steam is a bad example. It has its problems as well. It may have an offline mode, but after awhile it will force you to go online to check for updates and ensure you're not playing pirated games. Let's not forget also the ease with which people are banned, the fact that you don't get refunds easily after your first one, the fact you don't own the games you buy from there and can easily be locked out of playing your games because of that.

Steam is only lauded because of its various sales really.

potenquatro2483d ago

Steam still doesn't work perfect. The new UI is cute but unnesesary and it seem they make u be online more and more often. Also if you loose connection before a game can cloudsync when u quit it will almost certainly make you be online to restart. It's nice that they always update their games but always updating the Steam app itself gets annoying aswell

dumahim2483d ago

"For me, Xbox 360 is almost entirely an online experience,"

He seems to be taking the Orth mentality on this. His way is how it is for everyone. Hey, great, you're online almost all the time. Me? Almost never. I use my 360 for games, and only games. I rarely play online with other people, so I don't want and I don't need an always on console.

Cueil2483d ago

so you wouldn't want a console that automatic kept itself updated with newest firmware and updated your games while you were not using it? There are positives to having a always connected device

dumahim2483d ago


No. I can do that now with my PS3 and I have it turned off. I don't want it starting up every night just do download stuff I probably don't even want, at least for game patches. I'm usually done with the game within a week or so. No point having it keep downloading updates for games I'm done with.

System updates might be another thing, but they're usually infrequent enough to not bother me. If 10 minutes out of my day every few weeks is too much, I probably shouldn't be playing games anyway. Besides, I usually do something else anyway while a system update is running.

extermin8or2482d ago

@Cueil Ummmy ps3 does that whilst turned off, and my PS4 will do it whilst turned off/on standby without turning on fully and using a background processor with highly reduced power intake... and so far as we are are it doesn't always have to be online

Cocozero2483d ago

Its because they are scared, MS beat Sony this gen taking nearly half of their PS2 userbase and they know next gen MS will take their remaining fanbase.

Scare tactics are their only weapon against the 720 storm

IcicleTrepan2483d ago

I'll say the same thing I say in the Sony threads. Sony is not scared of MS, MS is not scared of Sony. They're both huge corporations that make money hand over fist regardless of what the other does, not kids in the playground.

USMC_POLICE2483d ago Show
DirtyMagician2483d ago

Microsoft hardly beat Sony this generation! The numbers are pretty much on par from the last time I saw, there's really not much in it.