PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite only $29.98 at Target

Bioshock Infinite is just $29.98 at Target.

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ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

If you do not have this pick it up NOW

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

Or don't. Maybe flip a coin to decide. Heads you get it tails you don't

Genuine-User2481d ago

Heads you get it. Tails you... Get it.

ginsunuva2480d ago

I think it was a reference to the coin flip in the game.

Rockefellow2481d ago

Ha! I'd wager this being the action of someone who was either misinformed or wholly ignorant of what BioShock title they were holding in their hands. It's definitely not priced this way at my local Target, at least as of yesterday, and that "Clearance" sticker is usually saved for items that are fairly old and sitting in massive quantities back in their stock room.

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

It appears someone is going to get fired. Which will give them more time to play bioshock

RioKing2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

BS, I work in the Electronics Dept. at my local Target and I can assure you it is not that price. There's a BioShock 1 & 2 mulitpack that's $29.99 though..

I will say this though, we had a return from an online purchase of PES 2013 ($29.99) that was on the clearance end-cap un-opened selling "AS-IS" for $7.56. I snagged it up on break, along with the Remastered God of War Collection for $8.98. I'm happy about it :D