Latest PS4 and Xbox 720 Event Announcements

Many reports leading up to the beginning of April had placed Microsoft to finally announce the Xbox 720 by the end of April.

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Jek_Porkins2481d ago

Rumor has the next Xbox reveal May 21st, could be the always on rumor was a smokescreen for used game passes, which people wouldn't have an issue with, as long as the console isn't DRM.

Darrius Cole2481d ago

Who says people wouldn't have an issue with used game passes? If it stops me from playing or selling what I have bought with my own money then I have a problem with it.

Godmars2902481d ago

It wouldn't stop you from selling your used games, but if online pass requires an online verification, then that's the DRM issue almost back at square one.

Jek_Porkins2481d ago

I actually think both MS and Sony will implement this in their new consoles, which is why Sony was so cagey about the ability to play used games.

A fair deal for everyone is allowing used games to be played, but you'll need to buy an activation key for like $10. If I had to choose between that and no used games, I'd pick that for sure.

Darrius Cole2481d ago

@Jek Porkins - Post 1.1.2

That's not fair at all. Fair is when you buy it, you own it. If it comes with the right to play online then fair is being able to sell and trade that right as well.

If the game maker's complaint is that they have to spend money to maintain online infrastructure after the game's release then, after a certain point, they should charge a proper amount to play online. But they should charge all who are playing online, because all are helping to create cost, not just those who are playing with a used copy.

That model would probably best for everyone involved. It would match the charges with the costs. Probably most importantly, it would help the game makers see clearly which games should have a online component and which games shouldn't. Now they seem to think that all games should be online, and they shouldn't.

StrongMan2481d ago

"Rumor has the next Xbox reveal May 21st"

I think you should wait for facts from MS about a reveal and don't believe every "rumor" that you read on the interwebz.


Jek_Porkins2481d ago

Maybe you didn't catch it because it was text, but I was playing on the whole "rumor" BS that we see every day around here. I don't buy rumors, I buy facts. Which is why I can laugh and enjoy some of the posts we've seen recently.

fsfsxii2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

M$ agenda is having their cablebox720 DRM, isn't XBL enough??
I thought XBL was ripoff for not being able to play the game i own online, but with "Always On" crap you'll have to pay and stay connected to play the SP. PS4 will rule the next gen for sure.

JeffGUNZ2481d ago

You must be lucky to have all these concrete facts about a system which hasn't even been announced. Man, where do you get all your great information?!

dcbronco2481d ago

I bet you could play your 360 games online for free if you set up your own server system. It's apparently is free to do that.

lovegames7182481d ago

Xbox meh ill pass they can keep kinect focus garbage only idiots will give them a second chance with all the bs they did wrong (RROD fiasco, paying for online, kinect lies and garbage, few exclusive ips to mention, etc....) but Sony is doing things right and are about to take the industry by storm!!!! Lets get it!!!!!

theWB272481d ago

This next gen will be as close as last gen...there are a ton of XBOX faithful who will not go to Sony no matter with it. There will be no storm.

airgangstarr2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

sony is definetly the try hards this gen.. so what does that tell u ? that there taking microsoft seriously this gen there big heads have came back to reality...which is only good for us the gamers.. until they fix the free online an make it comparable to xbl im not interested i had both systems last gen an i never used my ps3 for gaming besides for my guitar hero stuff casue u cant buy that anymore...i bought ps3 for socom 4 what a bad game an the online experience was horrible ... we would sit on xbl in a party while playing on ps3 so we could communicate sad.. so sony has guranteed best online experience this gen fastest blah blah blah lets hope so an i bet it wont be free ull have to have plus which last i checked most of the moron ps3 fanboys are paying for online as well.. an let me tell u payin for plus so u can play a beta or get maps ontime instead of weeks later thats not a ripoff at all right? payin for psn is the biggest ripoff period its horrible...
id rather be forced to have a allways on system then play on the playstation network thats how bad it is

Lazarus692481d ago

If you really believe what you wrote you are quite delusional

slampunk2480d ago

I agree that live is a better online service and I thinks its worth the $4 (roughly) a month compared to standard psn.

Sony must get some kudos however for PS plus which does give good value for money.

jacksheen00002481d ago

Personally, I don't think the DRM rumor has anything to do with the reason why MS decided to push back the Xbox 720 announcement.

Though, I believe that the MS announcement won't make any difference if the reveal of their next GEN console is equal to the PS4 reveal.

With that being said, MS have to bring the ruckus this time. I mean, Anything above average is not acceptable.