Sony's PS Vita Comeback Continues As Wii U Fails

This is a crucial period for the PlayStation Vita: several weeks after a price cut that revived the console in Japan, Vita is demonstrating fairly astonishing tenacity. According to Famitsu, Vita remained the No. 2 console in Japan during the week of March 31st with 33,000 units sold, down moderately from 38,000 units in the previous week. The reason this week was particularly important was the debut of a major new title for Nintendo’s (NTDOY) struggling home console Wii U. Alarm bells at Nintendo’s headquarters must be on full blast, because Dragon Quest X sold just 36,000 units and failed to lift weekly Wii U sales higher than 21,000 units from the previous week’s dismal 10,000 unit level

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dedicatedtogamers3335d ago

There are a lot of cool games coming out for the Vita, that's why. Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden (sp?) are both excellent MH clones (I played the demos). We have Muramasa, Dragon's Crown, and various 1st-party Sony games on the way. The WiiU has....nothing on it that I can't already play on other systems.

HammadTheBeast3335d ago

I don't like the term Monster Hunter clone. Because in history, it was Phantasy Star that MH copied a bit.

dedicatedtogamers3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

The two games are very different from one another. Both are great games. Phantasy Star is an action-RPG. Monster hunter is a 3rd-person, skill-based action based game with light RPG elements added in.

gamefiles3335d ago

lol vita.
not becuae it has shit game, but because it has shit comfort

PeaSFor3335d ago


and guess what?
you have shit arguments.

thechosenone3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I'm glad I bought my Vita when I did! Dat $200 price point. :D But now that it's starting to gain in popularity again they've jacked the price back up to $250-300.

Bad gamefiles! No! *Rubs face in his poo-poo comment*

profgerbik3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Yea funny everytime I hear the word MH clone, kind of clone like in itself to use that term. Clearly people don't know their history. Bunch of up and comers just reciting the same thing every other person says instead of actually knowing the history behind it.

MH was far from the first game to achieve the concept and PSO wasn't the first either. PC had tons of MMO's long before that did the same.

Now was PSO literally the first game of its kind to come to consoles yes and that is important. You can't use MH clones because technically PSO was literally the first game of that kind to be on a console period.

I don't use the world clone anyway, it is simply a genre of games.

Just like there are many different types of FPS.. but why is it every game that has monsters in it that get hunted people say it is a MH clone.. Makes no damn sense.

The term is heavily over used, people treat Monster Hunter like it is god when it isn't even jesus.

T3MPL3TON 3335d ago


Have you actually played either of those games?

Monster Hunter is nothing like Phantasy Star. Unless you're being foolishly general in saying they both had you killing monsters.

isyourhouseonfire3335d ago

It's a Monster Hunter clone. Welcome to 2013. Quit living off of the past and history.

Qrphe3334d ago

To the many uncultured many who use such term, if a game has bosses that can be beaten through co-op, it's a MH clone

sikbeta3334d ago

Can't be serious, can it? just because Vita is selling kind of decent -/+30k for a couple of weeks doesn't make it a success, it's nothing compared to 3DS...

breakpad3334d ago

@dedicatedtogamers totaly agree about MH relation with Phantasy resembles more the street fighter series (skillful combination of strikes...not for everyone) than the Phantasy star crap....

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Th4Freak3335d ago

SS and Toukiden are not MH clones. By your logic I could say that every platformer game that came after Space Panic are clones or every FPS that came after Wolfestain 3D are clones.

Welshy3335d ago

As cool as the gritty take on a zombie FPS is over L4D or maybe Dead Island, it just doesn't look good enough to the point i'd want to buy a new system for it.

Especially when i have a much bigger overall games library and more future releases that will be on PS360 soon enough.

Not to mention next gen consoles are just round the corner and there has been very little tro convince me that the Wii U has any £300 worth of power advantage over my PS3 and 360 right now.

For those who have a Wii U and are enjoying it? great, fire away, i won't hate on people having fun with it. But for me personally? The Wii U just doesn't have the library to entice me over i can't play on my current system nor does it show me any great future potential when i can add an extra £100 on top of that Wii U price tag and get me a PS4 and/or 720 in 8 months time.

dedicatedtogamers3335d ago

@ Th4Freak and any other MH fan

Okay, just relax a bit. I'm a huge MH fan. I didn't mean it as an insult. I've sunk at least 600 hours between 3 different MH games over the years.

All I'm saying is that SS and Toukiden are targeting the same market as MH. Toukiden's gameplay is almost identical to MH's (I've played the demo for myself, not just watched trailers), and that's a good thing in my eyes. SS does a lot of different things compared to MH but it is similar.

tubers3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

SS IMO is far too unique to be even considered an MH/PSO clone.

No traditional item management, equipment crafting nor exploration.

+Dark/Serious theme and atmosphere
-MH have CAT ppl and PSO2 can be very MOE/anime-ish

+Forbidden Spells (ultimate)
+6 spells in combat; upgradeable and craftable
+Unique Sacrifice mechanics specially in MP
+Level Up system
+Variety of AI partners to be collected by Saving them.

Toukiden is something more "traditional" (relative to MH).. Weapon crafting, farming components, stages with mini areas.. what's most unique is the game's "Loadout System" (Souls to choose that have a pre determined set of skills/items) [Traps, Spiritual Shields, etc.].

Specific weapon system is also unique like Homing Arrows for Bows and stacking Whirlwinds with Great Swords.

Here's an HD gameplay:

IMO, one of the best looking VITA games so far (NATIVE RES, very good models and textures huge draw distances, detailed backdrops)

MikeMyers3335d ago

Sure, there are cool games coming to Vita but it also helps that Vita got a price cut. It's also a year older than the Wii U. So why do we have a topic trying to compare the two? Once the Wii U starts getting more software and a price cut I imagine it too will be seen as a comeback.

dungeonboss3335d ago

For the same reason people are comparing Wii U to Xbox 360 and PS3 sales.

We'll see the same article next year regarding the Wii U versus PS4 and 720.

LOL_WUT3335d ago

i second that price cut ;)

MikeMyers3335d ago

There are legit reasons to compare those consoles to one another and how they stack up. What I am saying is why compare how one system is doing sales wise after a year and has had a price cut and had time to get more games to another that has only been out for a few months with no price cut? Wouldn't it had made more sense to see how well they did to one another in the same time-frame? The media was way too quick to call the Vita a failure back then too.

snipes1013335d ago

The whole premise of the article goes against itself. Vita is making a come back that people weren't exactly forecasting. Wii U has a good a chance as the Vita did to make a comeback in the future.

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chadboban3335d ago

Isn't Dragon's Crown being released for the PS3 as well? And Muramasa is an enhanced port if I'm not mistaken, although I've been told that is has quite a bit of additional content, I'm guessing in the same vein as Persona 4 Golden. As far as the various Sony first party games, the only ones I'm aware of for the Vita are Killzone, Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice (correct me if I'm wrong though). Now you mention that the Wii U has nothing on it that you can't already play on other systems, which is somewhat true,(the Wii U has a serious port problem that I'm hoping it gets over soon), but yet you mention upcoming Vita games, why not mention the upcoming Wii U games that you won't be able to play on other systems?

The Wii U's launch a wasn't great and Nintendo refusing to give info on upcoming games including solid release dates for games like Pikmin 3 and the Wonderful 101 isn't helping one bit. Also don't see the point in their 3DS showcase coming up next week as I honestly think it would be better suited for the Wii U seeing that it is the system that currently has to prove itself, not the 3DS.

Hicken3335d ago

One of the big differences when you're talking about ports on a handheld vs. ports on a console is that... well, you can leave the house with the handheld.

Yeah, you can play Muramasa on the Wii. AT HOME ONLY. Dragon Crown, by the way, is cross-play. And P4G is not only a few generations apart and portable, but comes with so much additional content it's almost not even the same game.

On the Wii U side, the ports being referenced are likely already playable on a console that would be RIGHT NEXT to your Wii U, or they'll be coming out on multiple systems when they DO release. And few of them come with significant content increases or improvements.

miyamoto3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

No offense mate. but by your logic Monster Hunter is a Phantasy Star Online clone.

MH has SO MANY game play elements PSO started on the Dreamcast in 2001.


Even tho the Sega Dreamcast is one of the greatest console ever made, its the MANY NEW Ground Breaking Games that mattered to it.

Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure 1&2, Virtua Fighter 3TB, Shen Mue, Crazy Taxi, Project Gotham Racing, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Jet Set Radio, Space Shannel 5, and CAPCOM's undying 3rd party support: RE Code Veronica, Power Stone 1&2, MVC 1&2, Capcom vs SNK 1&2, Techromancer,

I didn't care too much about dual screen gaming. Got annoyed by Dreamcast VMU dual screen integration on RE Code Veronica, just had to turn it off, looking up and down between two screens big and small is not convenient.

The good thing about the PSV and PS3 PS4 dual screen gaming control proposition is its completely OPTIONAL and non mandatory.

The PSV can stand and thrive on its own away from the PS3 or PS4 unlike the Wii U Gamepad.

FriedGoat3334d ago

Project gotham? I believe you mean metropolis street racer!

dark-hollow3335d ago

What happened to "give it time" that being said in every vita thread in the past by everyone? It doesn't apply to the Wii u too?

BosSSyndrome3335d ago

Um no dude. Vita has been out for over a year. There have been minimal "Vita is doomed" articles. Meanwhile 3ds and Wii U are saturated with doom articles from before their launch until they start selling millions. Give the Wii U a year just like the Vita.

MaxXAttaxX3335d ago

Maybe people's expectations for a Nintendo console were different from a Sony handheld.

Also it's been over a year. I think you've forgotten.

FriedGoat3334d ago

The difference is, in a year the WiiU has more market share to lose... Its the only console in it's gen at the moment, in a year even less will be buying wiiU

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Ck1x3335d ago

So it took the Vita a whole year to get these games that you speak of and yet the WiiU can't get 6months before you fanboys call it a failure on the market. The fact of the matter is most of the exclusive games coming to the WiiU are unlike anything on any of the other systems, so your analysis there is wrong that you can play these games anywhere... Japan is actually more of a portable marketplace so one would expect that the Vita would be doing even better with the price cut it had. But all of this celebration is premature, once Pokemon X/Y comes out for 3ds there's really no chance after that!

dedicatedtogamers3335d ago

These games are unlike ANYTHING on the market? What?!? Tell me! You mean games like Scribblenatus, Epic Mickey 2, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect, and Darksiders II?

Oh, you said exclusives. You mean games like Mario Kart U, Zelda U, Pikmin U, and 3D Mario U? Yeah, nothing like that has ever been made before!

And despite nine main-series Pokemon games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, Black 2, White, White 2, SoulSilver, and HeartGold) coming to the DS, the PSP somehow managed to sell 80 million units over its lifespan. I think the Vita will do just fine...

Zer0bros3335d ago

Pokemon? Do people still play that regurgitated game? Wow..

3335d ago
GezForce3334d ago

I just picked up persona 4 golden on my vita.. its awesome :).

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chrisarsenalsavart3335d ago

be patient people, wiiu games will come eventually and every little things gonna be alright.

JoGam3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )


Donnieboi3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Will Wii U get games that are not sequels or spin offs of sequels too? Games utilizing next gen middleware like Unreal Engine 4, Luminous, and the engine from Deep Down (panta Rhei is what I think it's called). How about that amazing photo-realistic next gen engine by Activision. If Battlefield 4 were to come out for Wii U, could it even handle 64 players, or only 24 like current gen. Forget that, would EA even bother putting it on Wii U in the first place? Is the Origin dispute really why EA has stopped bringing games to Wii U, or would EA still choose not to even if Nintendo allowed origin (especially after EA looks at the dismal sales of the Wii U after all this time).

MMO's might actually be a big thing next gen, is Wii U powerful enough to run large scale mmo's, and is the fact that Wii U uses WiFi instead of an ethernet port a hinderance to MMO's or large scale online games from coming to it? Are devs supposed to expect EVERY wii U owner to buy an ethernet adapter/converter?

Will it have strong 3rd party support despite these issues?

Can someone tell me the likelyhood of these things happening for the Wii U? Is one wrong for considering all these issues before buying a Wii U? No. And these are issues that WILL effect Wii U's ability to compete. Not saying it already failed, but these issues are not making it any easier. Especially the lack of new original Nintendo IP's on their HOME console.

Oh_Yeah3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

It was confirmed no unreal engine 4 on wii u and I'm guessing many other engines will also be skipping it. I ask this to everyone who thinks about getting a Nintendo system, do you REALLY like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Metroid, etc? If so get it, if not then don't.. Its as simple as that.

truechainz3335d ago

Don't care if there are sequels as long as they are still good. Everyone complains about them not releasing tons of new IP's when in reality Nintendo's current ones have such a rooted brand that any new IP Nintendo releases will be hilariously outgunned by the new 3d mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, etc. no matter how good it actually is. I'm not saying that you shouldn't consider these issues if they are important to you and what you buy, but I'm just saying if I enjoy the sequel more than the new IP because I feel it is a genuinely better game (regardless of the console)then I don't think that a company should be ridiculed for that. It is the same reason why I like the God of War series more than any new IP Sony has put out and there are like seven of those games on different platforms.

Theyellowflash303334d ago

Actually, Unreal Engine 4 is coming to Wii U, it's just not supported by Epic themselves. Cry Engine 3 runs on Wii U, The Hedgehog Engine runs on Wii U, Ubisoft's Anvil Engine runs on Wii U. Unity, and Framework run on Wii U.

Unreal Engine 4 might not be anywhere near as successful as Unreal Engine 3. Many developers have their own engines for their games.

MasterCornholio3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Is that the prayer you make to the gods of gaming before going to bed?

LOL im just kidding but IMO if Nintendo doesnt bring the goods to the Wii U it will not succeed with 2 other consoles hogging all the 3rd party games.


"and is the fact that Wii U uses WiFi instead of an ethernet port"

ROFL the Wii U is a gaming console and the Wii U would have to be designed by morons to not have an ethernet port. Seriously i dont believe that the Wii U doesnt have a LAN port.

Ol_G3334d ago

It doesn't have one -.- atleast mine the thing is not everybody likes cables and internet lag isn't the same as 10 years ago so i don't see the problem.
Remember when you had to buy wifi for 360 and how much it costs .
funny people now complaining it has no ethernet port

nypifisel3334d ago

Why? How is it moronic to discard an Ethernet port in 2013? Are you living in the forest, under a tree somewhere, banging sticks together trying to get some fire? Jeez, WiFi only makes sense in this day and age, having an Ethernet port does not.

SilentNegotiator3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

We already know the history of how successful hardware is on games alone (without consideration of how the system fit in to the gaming world); Gamecube.

Without the system itself being compelling, Wii U won't see a major turnaround. And without a strong online community or spike in power, it won't attract hardcore gamers. Without the promise of exercise, it doesn't have anything unique to attract the casuals like Wii did.

Ps3 and 360 NEVER DID AS POORLY as the Wii U because 360 attracted people with its strong online community, Ps3 attracted people with its Blu-ray, and both were a major advancement over previous consoles. Wii did well because it was supposed to be a "fun" way to lose weight, seniors to stay active, kid-friendliness, operated ENTIRELY outside the normal rules of video game consoles and did well for it.

Theyellowflash303334d ago

The Wii U outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 in their first four months on the market.

So your technically wrong. And the market in 2006 is different then, than it is now. If you think the PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to come out and fly off shelves at $400+.... you're in for a rude awakening.

We are currently in a economic recession. People don't have a much money to spend on gaming. That's why the walmart $99 Xbox's are flying off shelf, and the 3DS is doing so well. Cheap gaming with a lot of games.

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lilbroRx3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Not sure if whoever wrote this has read the charts in recent weeks, but the Wii U has been topping the Vita for a good while now.

How is selling less than something else coming back and selling more failing? Especially when you consider that handhelds generally have higher sells than consoles.

Platform | America | Europe | Japan | Global

WiiU | 24,872 | 16,310 | 22,485 | 68,391

PSV | 6,470 | 9,225 | 32,944 | 53,283

Aceman183335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

they were just talking about japan not the worldwide numbers.


i think it just has to do with the fact that even with a big game like dragon quest which is extremely popular in japan that it actually did horrible for its usually releases over there, and it didnt really help the wii u much.

nintendo needs to let people know what the system is all about and their failing to do that imo

lilbroRx3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Ah, so they truncated the data and effectively moved the goalpost to cover only the single spot that was beneficial for their opinion? Then on top of that, they don't compare Vita to "its actual real competitor", the 3DS, at all.

So if they are going to single out the small lead in Japanese sales, then where are the two articles singling out the huge lead in American and European sells for balance?

These writers are clearly not biased fanboys who are trying to twist data and bash the Wii U from whatever angle is most convenient. Nope, not even a little bit...

InMyOpinion3334d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to compare the Vita to the 3DS, since they're both handhelds and the Wii-U is not? Just a crazy thought.

GribbleGrunger3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

mmmm... That's odd because I'm a member of that site and that's not the way I've been seeing it. I guess I spend too much time on the forum there discussing the sales figures and not enough time looking at the sales figures.

Donnieboi3335d ago

A remake of a last gen Monster Hunter (with bonuses) and a new Dragon Quest game are to thank for that. But the increase is not amazing enough considering that those two game franchises are extremely popular. The increase was not big enough to make waves (aside from it selling more than Vita...which is not saying much).

gamer423335d ago

The monster hunter 3 port already came out in december in japan, so the boost was really because of dragon quest.

chadboban3335d ago

Um Dragon Quest X isn't new. It was already released for the Wii last year so it is basically an enhanced port as well. Had it actually been a new dragon quest, I think sales would've been a little better in Japan.

lilbroRx3335d ago

Dragon Quest X is also a remake of a last gen game, albeit with less added content.

PopRocks3593335d ago

So a Vita gets a price drop which leads to a boost in Japan and it's huge and amazing and successful now.

Then when the Wii U gets a few new games and a boost in multiple regions (even outselling the Vita) it's not a big deal.

That's backwards logic if ever I've seen it.

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jcnba283335d ago

I know this article is pathetic lol.

Aceman183335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

also think about it dragon quest usually does between 300-500k in its first week of release in japan and moves systems.

for it to do only 33k upon release and barely helps move wii u speaks volumes.


lol im not worried what anyone says or thinks. everyone who knows about dragon quest knows its a big game in japan and doing 33k is just horrible for that franchise over there.

Donnieboi3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Shhhhh...don't say logical things like that! It doesn't fit the Ninty militia's propaganda.

Edit RE: yeah I know Ace, it's called sarcasm. <3

chadboban3335d ago

Like I said before, Dragon Quest X is pretty much a straight port of what has proven to be the least popular dragon quest game ever that was only released months ago for the Wii. I can pretty much understand why people didn't exactly clamor to get their hands on it seeing that it
1) Is already available on Wii
2) Is pretty much one of the least well received DQ games sales wise in years.

I'll admit I expected it to do better, but honestly, it not doing that well given the circumstances isn't exactly that shocking to me.

Ck1x3335d ago

Here's how little you know about DQ and its fans! The title that first launched on the Wii and then on the WiiU is an MMO... Since when have DQ games ever been a MMO status and considered as the normal franchise. If most of Japan really didn't care for that type of game on the Wii, they surely wouldn't care for it on the WiiU. So I guess because Sony is releasing an Uncharted card game, you expect that to sell like the main game does. That's real smarts there...

3335d ago Replies(2)
xursz3334d ago

Wait so nobody had the sense to call out libroRx's fake numbers? Well, too bad I came late to the party. Everything except Japan is straight from vgchartz. Why do you think he would exclude his source?

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mshope103335d ago

well you can't say wii u is failing and vita's doing better when with no price cut wii u was the top selling home console this week in Japan.and portables always outsell consoles in Japan look at 3ds it is always crushing it.

and wii u is beating vita worldwide. this week with no price cut.are you people crazy?

Ol_G3334d ago

They are fanboys not a gaming fan but Sony fanboys what did you expect?

Theyellowflash303335d ago

This article is manipulating data to support their point.