10 Can't Miss Games for 2013

"The first quarter of 2013 has already brought us a pile of high-quality game experiences, and we’ve even played the front-runner for Game of the Year. There are still nine months to go, however, and there’s going to be way more where that came from."

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iGAM3R-VIII4060d ago

Pretty much every game that is going onto Next-Gen consoles.

WonsAuto4060d ago

I agree. Unfortunately, a lot of them don't have release dates, not even the stuff Sony showed for PS4, so pretty much none of them made the cut for the list.

iGAM3R-VIII4060d ago

True, but Watch_dogs, Killzone, and Infamous and Knack and Driveclub are coming as launch titles I think

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MikeMyers4060d ago

1. The Witcher 3
2. Watch Dogs
3. The Last of Us
4. Bioshock Infinite (already out)
5. Metro: Last Light
6. Destiny
7. GTA V
8. Battlefield 4
9. Tomb Raider (already out)
10. Beyond: Two Souls

Some may not come out in 2013.

Ezz20134060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

this guy ^^
also you forgot God of War: Ascension (already out)
Lord of shadows 2
metal gears solid 5

but the last two games won't come out this year though

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TheLyonKing4060d ago

The only games I want is The Last of us, KH HD and FF x HD

Black-Rock-Shooter4060d ago

Its nice to see lists putting less know game like Guacamelee.
Could have seen more...but its ok.
Alright list.

Yui_Suzumiya4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Beyond: Two Souls
BioShock Infinite
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Crysis 3
Dead Space 3
Dragon Age III
God of War: Ascension
The Last of Us
Metal Gear Rising
Metro: Last Light
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation
Prey 2
Remember Me
Resident Evil: Revelations
Tomb Raider

jdktech20104060d ago

Really just looking forward to injustice and then next gen consoles. After injustice I'll be looking at catching up on older games like far cry 3 and dmc.

Nothing coming out except beyond is really my style but if they are, should be some high quality experiences

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GTA 5’s cut “James Bond Trevor” DLC was already part-shot, actor says

The GTA 5 Agent Trevor DLC episode could have been a real treat for fans on PlayStation and Xbox, before it was scrubbed sometime before 2017.

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Killer2020UK25d ago

More interested in money than giving fans what they want. Such a shame

CrimsonWing6925d ago

With the amount of money they generated, I just don’t understand the scrubbing of this. It would’ve been fantastic for fans.

Profchaos25d ago

I really want to know who drove the decision to focus on multiplayer was it Rockstar or take two.

Because when online started taking off many of the studio leads began having falling outs and leading including a founder

Demetrius25d ago

Ikr mfs that greedy it's ridiculous

andy8525d ago

This makes me sad. Trevor was one of my favourite characters in gaming

Demetrius25d ago

One of the reason I believe once gta 6 release, most of us thoroughly play it, enjoy the world they crafted then after that no offline support, no dlc at all