Leaked document reveals new Arcade and content for 360 Marketplace

We've discovered a leaked document which we assume is for retailers, that details some of the upcoming content on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Some of the content can already be found on the Marketplace now such as the PDZ maps, and PGR3 Cadillac Pack. However, the list also reveals some new Arcade titles and how much they will cost.

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shotty6201d ago

Those are not leaked. They are from a published UK magazine

RealDoubleJ6201d ago

It perplexes me why MS are being very quiet over the Arcade when it was all people could talk about after the launch. Very happy that SF2 will be only 400 points but 1200 for Lumines?! hmmm....that and it's apparent that the newsletter ballsed it up if they're planning for an august/september launch.

I'll wait on the large map pack for PDZ...I just can't stand Desert so I fear for those types of maps

FamoAmo6201d ago

The trench is nothing like desert map!! Also the 6$ I payed for the maps was we'll worth it. The maps are super big and very detailed. Gas Plant kind of reminds me of the first dark zero!! I would pony up and get the new maps they are awsome. GRAW style graphic detail on the new maps!!

shotty6201d ago

Well you got to understand how much lumines cost on the psp maybe more than double what they are charging for the xbox 360 version. Also this version would have extra content and don't forget it's HD.

ScorpioKyle6201d ago

also gotta figure in that this lumines is going to have Liscensed music videos in it.

RealDoubleJ6201d ago

I've never picked up Lumines on the PSP but i've heard nothing of praise. I'm just still a wee bit burnt from bankshot billiards. Also, FamoAmo: Thank God! Trench is nothing like Desert!! It's not a huge map to get lost in like Desert. None of the new ones really are. The only problem I've had is a game on gasplant where most of my team got lost in the caverns!! lol Desert matches just descends into aerial supremacy and getting sniped on the plains. If other large maps are like that, I'm just going to stick with map pack #1

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Schmitty076201d ago

SFII will only be 400 pts? That is sweet

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