Sixaxis: Worst Controller Ever?

From : "Sixaxis is the worst name for a controller in the history of the world, whether you spell it entirely in capital letters or no. Luckily, the Sixaxis also appears to be the worst controller in the world, so it's aptly named!"

rj816184d ago

I'm working on a "pleasure device" called the SEXAXIS

Marty83706184d ago

I'll judge for myself when I get my PS3.In my opinion the PS2 had the best ever pad,and I can't see this changing.The Xbox/X360 are awefull pads.

Silverwolf6184d ago

Xbox360 is one of the best controllers out there. The dual shock is a good controller, but taking into consideration the changes they've done with sixaxis. There's a chance they did mess up all the good the dual shock had going for it.

blackmagic6184d ago

How a controller feels in your hands is purely a subjective thing. The size and shape of your hands also make everybody's choice completely unique.

Having said that, I must admit that I had essentially ignored console gaming until the s-controller for the xbox came out and the 360 controller is even better (for me).

Personally, I refuse to use a controller with convex analoque sticks which unfortunately eliminates the entire playstation line...

sparco6184d ago (Edited 6184d ago )

I tried the "PS3Fans MOM" pad just the other day! The tilt was a nice feature, but without the rumble, there was just no "force" feedback, which left me quite disappointed. Will never pay to use that again.

Your posts are pointless. "The Xbox/X360 are awful pads". Well thats utter b*llox. I had absolutely no problem at all with even the original Xbox pads (ya kno, the jumbo jet ones) The xbox360 ones, well, they are close to perfected. Sure, the PS2 pads were great! They were brilliant for games like FIFA and PES! but as soon as i got a 360 pad in my hand, it just felt right. I think i fell in love :-P

shortyNZ6183d ago

the ps3 probably will be fine, but i gotta say the 360 pad is the best ive used ever, and ive had nearly every console! but i got a 3rd party 360 pad for wen my batteries run out and its utter cr@p!

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Marty83706184d ago

rj81 - Is it shaped like the PS3 boomarang

videl6184d ago

the ps2 pad is far better thant the xbox360 pad. how can the ps3 pad be not so good like a xbox360 pad? i am sure it will be the best pad ever !

daboosa6184d ago (Edited 6184d ago )

I have played with the PS3 controler AND IT IS THE Best if they had trouble wit the L&R then thats rubbish, or they have never held a ps2 pad !! plus its the same plastic as xbox contoller (tht aint too bad) and its hell of alot lighter! ur only goin to miss dual shock on grand torimo but this controller will make you forget

Capt InsaneO6184d ago

Well I dont believe it will be the worst controller ever and I also don't see how an informitive article wrote by any one would write that. I do see some weaknesses in it like the thumbsticks. I am really not sure how that is going to be good for an FPS. I also do not see how the Xbox 360 pad is an aweful pad. I have been using it for almost a year now, its great. As far as the Ps3 pad being aweful I will hold judgement till I play resistance. Even then, worst controller ever I doubt it.