Annoyed Gamer:A Strong Disturbance in the Workforce

Marcus pokes at the poor decisions behind this week’s big layoffs.

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Godmars2902117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Someone needs to take off their nostalgia glasses. Besides Battlefront Lucasarts haven't done much that's genuinely good.

Boy, and then he goes on and lambast the Square fanboys for their nostalgia glasses.

Worst part of that before FF13, I use to be one.

majiebeast2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Yeah but he has a point about Square enix bitching about Eidos, while Eidos is basicly keeping Square enix up at this point. The output of games that square enix has made this gen is dreadful to say the least, when you compare it to Enix and Squaresoft solo last gen.

Bad decisions all around, like why hasnt FF Type:0 not been localized, or why isnt Crisis core and Kingdom hearts PSP on psn. Lets not forget pulling Versus team of their game, to work on Toriyama's lightning my waifu games.

Godmars2902117d ago

FF14. That has been a literal, utter, disaster.

Someone needs to explain that whole situation to me:
- Wasn't it meant to replace FF11?
- But then the former chief dev starts 14 from a lazy yet expensive square-one.
- Is fired, but then infinite wisdom Wada dumps twice the money already wasted into fixing it.
- Meanwhile FF11 is still a thing in direct opposition to FF14.

Heisenburger2117d ago

Why hasn't it not been localized?

Hmm.... <_<

nirwanda2117d ago

Square got left behind because they didn't invest early enough in development, they concentrated on the ps2 instead, they had next yo noone on this gen making tech and game engines and when they did it wasn't very good compaired to what else was around.

Looking at all the tech demo's for agnis philosophy it won't happen again.

nirwanda2117d ago

Same thing with new starwars game it looked like they had turned a corner.

HonestDragon2117d ago

Damn, Marcus came back with a fury and pulled no punches.

palaeomerus2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

He's s shrill self-righteous idiot who loves to hear himself blather on and on. He's sick of people who disagree with him on twitter. Really? Who cares? Him? What a pretentious irrelevant little man-baby he is.

aliengmr2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

No, they were thinking that LucasArts was garbage, because it was.

In the 90's they were great. In the early 00's still good but on a downward slope, that just continued to spiral down.

Personally, I wanted a new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game more than Battlefront 3. But I have to wonder how a company decides not to commit to Battlefront 3. Its relevant and has one of the best franchises attached to it.

How was it that BF3 wasn't the #1 goal? Its like LA sees a pot of gold sitting there and says, meh.

LA needed more than just the franchise to milk to stay in business.

Set aside your "fanboyism" for Star Wars or even one of the games LA attached its name to, then look at LA in recent years.

Disney may never make SW games again, but its still better than what LucasArts was doing.

nirwanda2117d ago

Because Disney haven't had a really successful game since the megadrive days so they don't see the value in a good game division.

ZeekQuattro2117d ago

Very nicely done. I've never seen one of these videocasts but I will be sure to keep an eye on them in the future. I agree with everything he said.

stuntman_mike2117d ago

nice one Marcus. couldn't of said it better.