Always Online Would Be the Least of Our Problems With the Next Xbox

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Things have been a bit messy with the Microsoft camp. If you're reading this site, you know doubt heard or read about it. A creative director for Microsoft's gaming division spoke out on Twitter, defending the idea of a console that is always online. That means that an Internet connection is always required to use the system's services and features. Well, unfortunately, Mr. Adam Orth said his comments in an incredibly rude and disrespectful manner. This not only insulted gamers, but even Xbox fans are up in arms. You can see an example of Mr. Orth's tweeting below. Now, we are in the stage of damage control for Microsoft.

While an always online next Xbox would be a bad thing to us, it's not the worst thing that we can think of that Microsoft could do with their third console. Here are four troublesome and worrying things Microsoft may have for the so-called "Nextbox.""

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StrongMan2114d ago

Great read. The author is right, MS have a lot more problems with the next Xbox leaks of always requiring an Internet connection to play games even offline. Your silence is only hurting you, MS. Your employees are defending the always online thing so that pretty much confirms it's true.

lastofgen2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"Your employees are defending the always online thing .."

correction: one employee.

edit: for those who disagreed with me, is my statement incorrect or are you just disagreeing with me for the heck of it?

sengoku2114d ago Show
iGAM3R-VIII2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@lasyofgen #DealWithIt #ItsTrue #AdamOrth #MS #Why lol

@StongMan I have to agree with you, this article really states some problems that are true. MS really do have to change their direction by E3 but I doubt they can do that in that amount of time.

amiga-man2114d ago

I have no doubt the always online is true, after the huge outcry M$ may be having second thoughts and are back peddling as we speak, if not especially if the other rumours are true as well, M$ really are taking the pee out of it's users.

All that and you are still charged for online, it's a joke but it's not even funny anymore.

chukamachine2114d ago

You can put lipstick on a pig, yes it's still a pig. But a hot pig.

lastofgen2114d ago 18 people who disagreed with me believe that one employee = employees.

I see what this community is turning into...

thechosenone2114d ago

For those who may have missed it, another confirmation of MS going the always on route.

"Developer on Xbox 720 always-online: "All I can say is be sure to pay your ISP bills"

user76939582113d ago

what about the troolls employers who are in n4g and any other gaming webpages?
who are defending it? I bet m$ pays them to do so.

silenius2113d ago

all this articles about the next xbox to be gone...
I'm tired of them, and clearly in the end, they don't say anything new.
People... either wait and see what MS has to offer to show in E3, OR stop flaming on that f**king "unanounced" corpse of the Next Xbox.

Suddenly everybody has "an inside source" that knows EVERYTHING! and suddenly everybody has an opinion on something THAT IS NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED!

Seriously though, N4G starts to look more like a site in which 2 fanatic religious groups are trying So hard to prove that their religion is the only and rightful one...

GuyBanks2113d ago

@lastofgen You can't just assume that he is the ONLY employee in all of MS that supports the idea. The reason you believe that is because he's the only one that has come out and said something about it.

IK IR Y IP T2113d ago

they are disagreeing with you because it has to do with microsoft atleast when u support microsoft that money goes back into the us economy unlike the sony who's money goes straight overseas no wonderthey love there dumb lil fanboys...

nosferatuzodd2113d ago

what about the troolls employers who are in n4g and any other gaming webpages?
who are defending it? I bet m$ pays them to do so.
Zodd the immortal said its not impossible it does happen look! they paid this guy 134million that's million folks to discredit Google with the scroogle add Microsoft is a very cut throat company i know if they cant win they'll do anything Sony better watch it if Microsoft cant have their way..

like i said the only thing xboxlive do that PSN don't is cross media chat that's it i have both and that's the only thing my Xbox friends can talk to me about when we have a discussion

Gaming1012113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

What are you delusional? Devs have come out and said that "You better pay your ISP bills". If you can't understand from all the evidence that you always need to be online, from the mountain of evidence in front of you, you're a typical delusional fanboy living in a bubble with your hands over your ears screaming "LALALALALALALALA"

And for those of you delusional enough to think that Msoft pays internet trolls, they have bigger things on their minds. Internet trolls are just that - saps with nothing better to do, who will fanboy it up for free.

BattleAxe2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I totally agree with the author of this article.

1. The idea of a console that is always online is a bad idea.

2. Blocked used games are a bad idea.

3. Let's talk about their extensive lineup of compelling first-party exclusives, or lack thereof. Between Halo and Forza, that's pretty much all that excites some people, myself included.

4. Then there's Kinect which is turning the XBOX brand into a casual games machine.

5. Microsoft's attitude with Xbox Live, I'm sorry, but having to have a subscription to play online with your friends is total garbage. Microsoft essentially became so arrogant that they raised the cost of their service from $50 per year to $60 per year. That's for the privilege of playing with your friends, various chat services, Netflix and YouTube (both free on other platforms).

S2Killinit2113d ago

I disagreed with you even though I agree that it is the first time that at least I, hear an MS employee defending the decision for 'always online'. Honestly though, I think the main reason why I disagreed with you is because you are (rightfully in this case) defending a company that seems to be taking the industry in a direction that just somehow doesn't sit right with me. I feel that MS's decisions are part of a bigger picture that I'm not quite certain I look forward to. I donno you are entitled to your opinion but thats just me.

Ritsujun2113d ago

It could be the last 'next' box for Microtendo. =)

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whoyouwit042114d ago

Nothing is confirmed until Microsoft them selve come out and say's it, You are just hoping with all your Sony heart that it is true.

iGAM3R-VIII2114d ago

The fact a MS employee said it, you still think that it isn't true. That's like an police employee saying on twitter someone killed a guy and you don't believe it because you want the chief policeman to say it in piblic.

Saigon2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )


It has nothing to do with being a Sony fanboy...but it has everything to do with being a gamer...

I totally agreed with your statement until the last bit. You are right it is not confirmed, but creditable sources such as Edge Online and sad to say Kotaku are coming out with information that usually is spot on. That is the reason for the hoopla. It has nothing to do with fanboyism...

My biggest issue is that this strategy is more aimed at the casual gaming market versus the hardcore gamers. The sad part about it is that no one has recognized that yet. Everyone is complaining about the concept without looking at the true meaning or intentions behind the move.

lastofgen2114d ago

the employee was merely expressing his opinion.
and always online could mean anything. most likely, it's something akin to sony's sleep mode or never again having to sit through "connecting to xbox live" again because it always remains connected to xbox live even when you turn it off.

you can hold me to my word. I am 100% confident that the always online requirement is false and ms has nothing like it planned.

and when all the rumors are conflicting and never really correctly align, you should realize that something is up with the sources, which are most likely fake.

amiga-man2114d ago

No but I am pretty sure most xbox owners are hoping with all of their heart that it isn't true,

If it is are you seriously going to defend it?

xxLuckyStrike2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )


And personally I would never buy a console that doesn't work as a stand alone gaming device. See it's my option if I so choose to get online for multiplayer or movies!!! It's my decision if I want to loan my game to a buddy. I paid for it!!! I should be able to do what I choose.

*I'm not going to pay $400 for a console with restrictions, requirements, fees, and or devices I deem unnecessary.

The way it sounds is pretty ugly!!

*Kinect Required
*Always online Required
* DRM required
*Block used games

What's wrong with the current business model in place? Why not continue to Build on it!! Don't restrict it.

Gamers/world aren't ready for the all digital console. Always online so you can always update monitor. And MS is/was considering forcing the issue down our throats upcoming gen. NO WAY!!! Maybe when Xbox 4 and PS5 come out that may be. Better make sure you get there first!!!

This rant was based solely on rumors and means absolutely nothing

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fermcr2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"Always Online Would Be the Least of Our Problems With the Next Xbox"

OUR problems !!! ???

If rumors are true, then it's not going to be OUR problems. The problems belong to the people that purchase the next Xbox.

iGAM3R-VIII2114d ago

I would say Microsofts instead of Ours, it makes more sense too

Saigon2114d ago

Bubbles, you are so right...if we as gamers or should I say casuals buy into this, it is OUR problem...

Jakens2113d ago

I still think that this is OUR problem. This doesn't affect you? Yes, sadly it does.

rainslacker2113d ago

I wish that were true. However MS has become a force within the gaming industry. Whatever they do has the potential of becoming a norm for gaming, and if this type of thing gains momentum and sees positive results for the company, it could soon become every gamers problem as the other console providers take notice.

I know it seems everyone that wants to turn a blind eye wants to call those in the Sony camp against the idea a fan boy, but I can look at the situation realistically and see beyond just one or two years how this may affect me, and other gamers, as well as developers. I don't speak out on this issue(or others like it from any console maker) because of console preference, I do so because I'm a consumer, and I like having at the very least the illusion of choice in my game purchases.

There are some issues that are simply bigger than console preference. And the console wars should stay out of it. It only makes the debate less effective because it becomes to easy to discredit those who have perfectly valid reasons for not liking the idea.

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Peppino72114d ago

I do believe the rumored blocking used games would be the worst of the 2.

Freedomland2113d ago

Hmmmmmmm! that's why they are choked and lost for words.

Dee_Cazo2113d ago

I am sure this very credible news site and your opinion has sealed that this is fact, and has nothing to do with the fanboys on n4g.

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MikeMyers2114d ago

Yes they are. Three main issues stand out that will kill the next Xbox.

1. It will require a constant connection at all times to run games.

2. It will block used games.

3. Too much emphasis on Kinect.

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swishersweets200312114d ago

Microsoft. The ship that started sinking before it left port.

ThatCanadianGuy5142114d ago

They lost their first gen.
Came in dead last in their 2nd attempt
And they seem to be in for a rocky start nextgen.

Just stop already with the shameful xbox nonsense microsoft.Come back to PC gaming, where you should of stayed.

whoyouwit042114d ago

No sony is dead last this gen, nowhere ever did read or hear them officially come out and said they out sold Microsoft. The only time they said anything close to that was when Jack Trenton said something like, we sold just as many as them, PROBABLY more. Not his exact quote, but close enough. Anyways, if they really out sold the 360 there wouldn't be a probably He would've just came out and said it, and gloated when he when he did. Show me where you have undisputed proof that the PS3 actually out sold the 360, and I'm not talking about some bullshit IDC numbers. I want a direct quote from sony them selves saying yes they have out sold the 360 with no probably nowhere in the quote. Probably is not a definitive yes.

wantonGamer2114d ago


Oh but it's definitive enough for you to say they absolutely haven't outsold the 360 !? And even to claim Sony is dead last ? Why don't you look it up yourself, it was a pretty big deal some time ago.

Lifebanisher2114d ago

You mean microsoft go back to pc software your windows 8 is not selling and your money grabbing pay 2 play online console could have the same fate.

S2Killinit2113d ago

@ whoyouwit04
you say you want proof that Sony outsold MS but your own knowledge about which company had sold more up to this point was the same statistics that you whole irrelevant or insufficient. Sony had outsold MS for a while now, you can see it in the numbers. It would be a stupid idea for Sony to come out and gloat about having sold more units because (due to many other reasons I can think of) that could result in a response from MS that is bad for both companies (as in a economically disparate move on MS's part) for example, dropping the cost of Xbox significantly in order to save face. Not to mention that it would put Sony in the same position where many people criticized them for being 'arrogant'. well Sony is not going to make that mistake just as MS didn't make that mistake when they were ahead.

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Cam9772114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Even if it does flop MS won't be affected, they're stupidly wealthy.

It may however make them leave the console market for years.

StrawHatPatriot2113d ago

It's they're wealthy, but it doesn't help that Windows Phone is flopping, Windows 8 has a very slow adoption rate and mixed reviews, and Bing hasn't caught on as much as Micrsoft would hope.