Where are all the 1st Party Titles Nintendo?

With the Wii U out for several months it’s disappointing that there aren't very many 1st party titles. Since the Wii U’s release Nintendo has had to cut the price just to keep the system alive. If they don’t start releasing these titles soon the system could be forgotten before it even gets going.

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Y_51502023d ago

I can bet money Nintendo is going to have an all out crazy spew of first party games being announced @E3! If not, well they would be screwed. But again, they will show some BIG ONES!!!

chrispseuphoria2023d ago

I'm hoping for Super Smash Bros to release this Holiday. If they have this, I'm buying a Wii U.

guitarded772023d ago

I'm excited to see what the next Zelda and Metroid are going to look like.

IDEA: If Nintendo would implement a trophy/achievement system, and add them to virtual console games, that would create a new incentive for us to replay many of them, and ease the waiting period we're in right now. I'd love to unlock some virtual awards in TLZ, Super Metroid and Mario Kart. It'd bee cool if there were Mii unlockables too.

MikeMyers2022d ago

Of course they will have a strong showing of content at E3. They knew the PS4 and Xbox were going to be hitting soon so they will have to have something to distract them.

What we have is basically Nintendo trying to let 3rd party publishers have some breathing room by not over-crowding the line-up with 1st party games and hurting the chances for them. In reality it could have been Nintendo relying on die-hard fans to keep the system afloat that buy new systems regardless of software line-ups. That is very risky mind you as it creates a negative image to your platform which is where we are now. The Nintendo Direct video tried to help but the problem is we still don't have much in terms of actual release dates for the bigger games.

Delays and long droughts between bi releases have always been a problem for Nintendo. I thought that they would have learned by now and them partnering with other developers like Platinum would help ease that. Apparently not.

showtimefolks2023d ago


they already announced bunch of stuff, the issue is most of it is in development but isn't due out anytime soon

why didn't nintendo prepare better for this? how can they launch a system without any support from their 1st or 2nd party studios? PS3 was the same way too

why do these game companies launch systems than ask us to wait few years before games start to come out on regular bases? by now someone should figure this out that a new system needs games

i hope MS and sony do better job of it with ps4 and next xbox

what hurts nintendo even more is they are famous for not getting 3rd party support so that's what hurts too, they have done nothing to improve their relationship with 3rd party publishers

when the biggest game of the year GTA5 isn't coming to your console along with a lot of other games than you need to fix something

i think nintendo was counting on the gamepad to sell wiiu, you see nintendo that's there problem casual gamers move on to other products while we the core gamers are here to stay

MS will get a rude awakening with kinect 2

home gaming console above all other apps,features need games and if you can't deliver than it will be a long gen

Y_51502023d ago

They didn't announced enough Nintendo First Party titles that are coming out this year yet for the Wii U. The 3DS is getting the love right now!

delboy2023d ago


Trophy/achievement is ok for 3rd party games, but Nintendo games doesn't actually need them.
They have in game rewards like secret levels, and this is far better than a virtual trophy reward.

guitarded772023d ago

Well, you can have those too? Just because a feature is added doesn't mean any other feature has to suffer. I've probably played the original Legend of Zelda some 50+ times through. I love the game, and still try to do an annual playthrough. Adding a trophy system to Virtual Console games would ass a whole new dynamic not just to new games, but classics like these. Beating Ganon is an accomplishment that many gamers would want to share... and for those who don't care about trophies/achievements... no biggie, just don't pay any attention to them.

3-4-52023d ago

They are being developed. Good games take time.

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Abash2023d ago

On the 3DS. In fact thats why I have yet to buy a Wii U, I get my Nintendo fix with SM3DL, Kid Icarus: Uprising, MK7, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and so on.

PopRocks3592023d ago

This would have been a better question before six games within that category were confirmed during a Direct conference. Release dates are another story though. We'll probably hear more either during another Direct or perhaps E3.

Also... "Since the Wii U’s release Nintendo has had to cut the price just to keep the system alive."

Uh... Nintendo never cut the price of the console as far as I know. Retailers did, and that cut was temporary.

LastXeno2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

All of the main franchises have been confirmed for E3 (Mario, Zelda, Retro Studios, Xeno, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc).

gamefiles2023d ago

retro studios? doin what? you know somtin??

jcnba282023d ago

Retro Studios are building a new engine for Wii U as well as working on an unannounced title. I hope it's another Metroid fpa.

LastXeno2023d ago

Retro Studios was pulled last year. It's given their Metroid/ Star Fox/ New IP will be shown in 2 months or earlier via Nintendo Direct.

Dj7FairyTail2023d ago

A game that everyone want them to do.
What Devs did they hired
Naughty Dog, Vigil Games, Bungie and Crytek.

What do everyone want Metroid Prime 4.
What have they work on Metroid Prime 1-3 and Hunter and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

They already said they are not doing DKCR sequel. Since Monster Games are doing a 3DS port.

Star Fox will most likely be done by
Nintendo EAD or Platinum Games.

So what leave them. Metroid Prime 4 and it possible that they are working on a new IP.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2022d ago

I would want Post Metroid Samus Game.

I would rather the game just explore the Bounty Hunter in a Deus Ex. sort of way.
Maybe Metroid Prime with Other M/Splinter Cell/ GTA components.

The only other games I would think the insane amount of talent could be working on is and it be something everyone wants is:

Raven Blade (cancelled)
Eternal Darkness 2 (critically acclaimed cult classic)
Metroid Dread

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Phil322023d ago

Excited not just for E3, but hopefully a new Wii U-related Nintendo Direct!

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