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Nerdluster: BioShock Infinite is a complete and compelling game with a riveting story that promises a "shocking" ending, I can say that it does indeed deliver on those promises. The mystery & intrigue of Ken Levine's writing is still a hallmark of Irrational's many varied games and as such it is a wonder to play through Infinite whether it's your first time or your fifth. It can be said though that this is a game that is much too ambitious especially for a studio that may want to capitalize further on this an award winning series. In wrapping up BioShock Infinite you may find that all of your questions about this "universe" are answered . If this was Irrational's ingenious way to finally leave the BioShock series behind they may have made it possible through the Infinite's ending. It finishes the story arc so much that I can't imagine what sort of DLC they have worked up for the Season Pass they've been selling.

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