These Are FIVE Must Buy Games in April 2013

April 2013 is going to be one of the big month for video-game industry as numerous high profile multi-platform and exclusive releases coming for numerous gaming systems. Here is the list of FIVE Must Buy Games in 2013. All you superheroes video-game fans out there, something special is there for you in April 2013.

urwifeminder3976d ago

Must buy is a bit of a stretch with any of these games.

TongkatAli3976d ago

Soul Sacrifice is made by one of the creators of MegaMan, you know a pioneer game designer and the soundtrack was composed on Skywalker ranch where the Star Wars films got their epic music made.

6 fails and 2 smart people : )

Nilemonitors133976d ago

Im sorry if you don't consider Soul sacrifice as a must buy, to me its a very expected game and I just kno im going to love it.

HammadTheBeast3976d ago

Only one I disagree with is Defiance.

TXIDarkAvenger3976d ago

Only interested in Injustice. Netherrealm did a great job with MK.

IIC0mPLeXII3976d ago

Uh where the fuck is Devil Summoner? And no one cares about defiance.

Blastoise3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Soul sacrifice. The rest don't interest me.

Saying that though I live in the UK so I'll be waiting until May

Nilemonitors133976d ago

Only one day after man, it'll be fine

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