Metal Gear Solid: Top 5 Boss Battles

"The recent announcement and trailers for Metal Gear Solid 5 has brought many fond memories back to gamers. Fans of the series will not only have their favourite entries, but also their favourite boss encounters."

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fsfsxii2117d ago

No.1 has to be Solid Snake vs. Psycho Mantis

DoomeDx2117d ago

No way! MGS4 imo! The final battle really was the most epic and touching boss fights ive ever seen in a video game.

Physcho Mantis was great. But the final battle in MGS4 was better.

rammstein912117d ago

my top 3 boss battle list

3.liquid boss battle in mgs4
2.the boss
1.psycho mantis in psone

stu8882117d ago

I'd have to go with that too. Getting the mic out and then sneaking around to hold him up was great fun.

Etseix2117d ago

Solid Snake vs Liquid Ocelot it's the best fight out of all

I was just a kid when i played MGS, therefore, i never expected to connect a 2nd controller when fighting with Psycho mantis, and the result was an incredibly tedius (and hard) fight of 1 hour ( or more? )
Thats my reason to love that fight, i spended several hours trying to beat him till i did, and felt great!
But then again, it was over and over to do the same thing.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

%100 agree, that Solid Snake vs Liquid Ocelot bit was amazing. The way he changed pose/fighting style, the way they changed the health bar and the music after all those awesome flashbacks was epic (NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!!!!) . The Boss fight was a close second in my opinion.

goldwyncq2117d ago

The Boss. An epic fight to end an epic game.

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