Splinter Cell Plays Both Sides

Sam Fisher isn't so clean-cut anymore with the launch of Splinter Cell Double Agent for Xbox 360 this week. The game's brand manager tells Next-Gen how this gritty makeover posed a challenge for SCDA's marketing team. The rest of this week's releases listed within...

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PS360PCROCKS5898d ago

hell yeah this game is finally coming out, this is a great series of games that only gets better

THWIP5898d ago

"We released two game demos. The first one highlights the new single-player experience showing Sam Fisher in an open daylight environment in the midst of a full-scale African civil war. The second demo released highlights the accessibility and great fun of our new Spy vs. Mercenary multi-player mode. These demos are available for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Marketplace or on PC via online distribution. "

We never got a SP demo, dammit!