Makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Settle FTC Charges

The companies behind the popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they failed to disclose important information about the game's content to consumers. According to the FTC, the companies, in advertising the Entertainment Software Rating Board ("ESRB") rating for the game, did not tell consumers that the game discs contained potentially viewable nude female characters and a potentially playable sex mini-game. Although San Andreas players could not access or view this sexual content during normal game play, sophisticated players posted a program on the Internet, dubbed "Hot Coffee," that revealed this content on the PC version of the game. PlayStation 2 and Xbox players eventually were able to access the Hot Coffee content by modifying or adding an accessory to their game consoles, installing special software, and inputting "cheat codes" developed by third parties. These developments led to a more restrictive rating by the ESRB.

FamoAmo6198d ago

BS BS BS!! How are they responsible for people modding their systems, and tweaking the game? We'll as long as #4 drops thats all I want. Saints Row will hold me over until4!

OutLaw6198d ago

Also the FTC said parents has the right to rely on rating. HELLO!! Last I saw this game was rated M for Mature. Which means you have to be 17+. But no they want to make it AO (Adults Only). What 17+ isn't consider to be an adult? I feel if you could go away to college and fight a war for my country at that age then you should be consider as an adult. If parents feel games like this isn't appropriate for their child than don't buy the game. But if you do than expect all the negatives these games have. The FTC just wants to prove a bogus point, thats it.

FamoAmo6198d ago

Buy a Wii and you won't have to worry about these types of games. I find nothing wrong with the GTA series. Violence and things are in evey game. Look at Rumble Roses its practically a porno!! lol

Lucidmantra6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

Exactly the game was obviously for MATURE ADULTS. And the code was modified to access the Hot Coffee minigame. If I was rockstar I would sue the balls of the people who published or harbored the modification to my copywritten and registered game. Then tell the FTC they illegally modified my code by reinserting connections that were not in the finalized game to code that was inaccessable.

Besides I wonder how these parents can be so outraged by sex and yet still have kids... Which they had to have sex to have children. If you were not 17+ whoever bought it for you or sold it to you broke the law and you shouldn't possess the game. And your parents should at least take an interest in what you are playing enough to take a look.