Top Ten Nintendo DS Games That Need 3DS Sequels

SPC writes, "We have a brand-new list for you to peruse. Yesterday we posted a top ten talking about the Nintendo 3DS's best games from its second year on the market. Let's continue our 3DS theme with another list. A good number of Nintendo DS games have already seen sequels arrive on Nintendo's newest handheld hardware. However, there are still a slew of titles that have been cast to the wayside and have been overlooked for new games on the 3DS. This list is comprised of such titles. From Super Princess Peach to Elite Beat Agents, there are some interesting things that could be done to bring some DS favorites to the 3DS."

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BlackWolf3592d ago

Good list. Wolud love a new Crystal Chronicles and TWEWY. I'd also add to the list a sequel to Jump Ultimate Stars.

Phil323592d ago

Yeah, I actually had Jump on a preliminary list, but I ultimately axed it since it never came out in the West.

sitharrefus3592d ago

Great list, I hope they make a sequel for advance wars and the world ends with you soon :)

Donnieboi3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I would like a Trauma Center sequel. Imagine using the 3d combined with tilt chip to see deep inside angles of the patient for more complex surgeries.

Phil323592d ago

That's a great one too. What's so great about the DS is how many excellent games that are deserving of sequels there are.

kirbyu3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Kirby Mass Attack
Mario Basketball

Sammy1123592d ago

The world ends with you. NEEDS a sequel. That game is just so good.

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