IGN Weekly Episode 29: Which gaming giant is poised to win the holiday season?

Video of IGN staff discussing the pros/cons of each console this holiday season.

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specialguest5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

it's going to be the Wii for the win this holiday season. it's inexpensive and available for everyone. the big question is, who will win the next holiday sales of '07? Dec'07 being the year when the Wii and PS3 gets a whole year to settle in and develope it's software lines. no more excuses next time.

THAMMER15893d ago

I tried to post but I know I did it wrong. Thanks Islandkiwi.

kewlkat0075893d ago

How true gamers/fanboys/fanboyettes might see the consoles this Holiday season:

Wii - will do great at launch. Looks catchy and look at that price.

+virtual gaming(Nes,Snes,N64)
-seen as a kids console
-subpar graphics

Somehow nintendo knows how to stay alive just ask the Nintendo DS.

PS3 - Will be sold out the first coupld of batches.(we all know who will purchase it).

+gaming library of past 2 Gen consoles.
+Locust hordes of faithful followers
+Cell Chip(It still warrrants attention)
-Blue-ray(unnescassary price inflation)
-sony's strategy(online and flip-flop pricing)

Sony will do great at launch but will be a hard sell to casual gamers that have a PS2/xbox or both, and what they will purchase this time around. It's still a big Question Mark, and a tough sell. cough cough..$600

XBOX 360 - As the underdog and With a year under it's belt, I can only see the sales increase as it takes away some of sony's PS2 faithfuls. It will put a gash in sony's market regardless what "fanboys" or analyst will tell ya..

+Great backing with deep Pocekts.
+Strong gaming lineup for end of 06 to 07.
+Proven XBlive service(keeps getting better but not perfect)
- Too bad..."Not made in japan"
-Backwards compatibility..(could of been better)
-Top Japanese developers suport(it's coming along I hope)

With the xbox 360 ofcourse is far from a perfect machine but has a lot of steam ahead of it right now. Well with a year and great showings at E3, TGS and X06, I wouldn't doubt that. Unless you think so otherwise which is kewl. Seems to be the more support MS gets th e better the 360 will be recognizes in the video gaming industry. Still a tough uphill batter for MS, anyway you slice it.

Well this is what I think are the strong(+) and weak(-) points of all these consoles.

Mikey_Gee5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

Nice find

I will still get my PS3, but I did not walk away from this video with a warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

-Saying COD3 looks better on 360
-1080p games refresh rate issues
-dude suggested to WAIT on buying it.

Not knocking it, just repeating what I heard. It kills me that I may have spent $700 (canadian) for "ONE GAME" --> Resistance

Islandkiwi5893d ago

What I liked about it was the non-hostility. Everyone seems to be in general agreement with the current situation, and I can't disagree with them either.

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