Injustice character select screen revealed "A Warner Bros. Interactive employee tweeted the character select screen for the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us that reveals the full roster for the game. Included in the roster are a few characters that haven't seen much light of day."

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waltyftm3467d ago

Superman and Batman!!, oh golly i cant wait ;)

raiden-493467d ago

I love Green Arrow, but Aquaman is the underdog.

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maniacmayhem3467d ago

I'm disappointed with the enemy roster. Have they never heard of the Legion of Doom or Secret Society?

Killer Frost? Seriously? Is this an excuse for Nether Realms to use Sub-Zero like moves? Because I bet that's what she'll have.

Ares? Really?

No Cheetah? Toyman? Black Manta? Vandal Savage? Not one character from Flash's Rogue Gallery?

Sorry but as a comic fan/geek this is very disappointing.

sway_z3467d ago

I know how ya' guess is they'll release fighter dlc packs at cost. So you may get what you're looking for 'IF' you're prepared to 'Pony Up'...

I dislike DLC because you can never be sure it's not a forgone conclusion. Games aren't exactly cheap you know!

pr0t0typeknuckles3467d ago

i fell that waiting for the ultimate edition will be worth it in the end,cause i feel just like you two about the villians roster,lobo,cheetah,star safire,gorilla grodd all would have been amazing,injustice if its anything like MK9 which was amazing,and packed full of content,and from the demo it is so i may get it now but im tempted to see what the first batch of DLC willl llok like before i do. .

Deku-Johnny3466d ago

I'm hoping they do add some DLC characters. I want them to put the rest of the Teen Titans into the game.

Kevin ButIer3466d ago

You got to admit it was a major improvement from previous games...

Nimblest-Assassin3466d ago

I'm sorry... but Killer Frost and Ares...


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Root3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I thought they would of added the heros first then add the villain to each one. They have in some cases....Lex Luthor/Superman, The Joker/Batman but others I'm not seeing it.

We have extra characters though from the same comics, like why is Solomon Grundy there, Ares and Killer Frost.

I thought they would put Superman supporters on one side and Batmans on the other.

gninja923466d ago

why do ppl clamor for more dlc to arrive with new characters if u dont buy games that try to milk dlc or at least never buy the dlc. they will have to rethink their strategies. i mean why is it on ps2 there is never any dlc all the content was alread y packed in , think Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. wat did that game have 70 characters but these days its down to 30. with 20 DLC?

CarlosX3603466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I thought Solomon Gundy was intimidating in Batman: Arkham City. Granted, it was an easy boss battle once you get the hang of trying to beat him, but it was awesome to meet him for the first time.

Too bad he's not this "big baddie" in Injustice, tho. His size in Injustice is weaksauce compared to what you see in Arkham City.

Thatlalala3466d ago

Good Heroes, but your right about the Villians.

Oh_Yeah3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Got it early, it's basically a re skinned updated super hero version of the last mortal combat game...has the same feel to it.

LAWSON723467d ago

It was pretty sick that doomsday was in the demo, but honestly I will not be buying this. I am not a fan of fighting games because I am just terrible at them.

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