Epic Talks Gears: Judgment, Designed to be “As Accessible as Possible”

RipTen: "You always run the risk of alienating people when you alter core mechanics, and that was the focus of our recent conversation with Epic Games Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown."

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browland13335d ago

I'm not the biggest Gears fan, but it's always interesting to hear insight from those involved in designing the games. Excellent interview.

otherZinc3335d ago

I'm one of the BIGGEST Gears fans there will ever be, as are my 2 children and this interview SUCKED!

1. The site is ridiculous for giveing this game a 60. Also, every site giving Gears Judgment a 60 is ridiculous as well & should never be trusted again.

2. The main reason this game is a problem with me is the OMISSION OF HORDE MODE! And to a lesser degree, Weapon Selection moved to the Y button away from the D Pad.

3. HORDE MODE being eliminated from the game made me not buy 2 copies for co-op with my kids. Yes, I'll play same console co-op with my daughter through the campaign but my son & I want to co-op HORDE MODE for hours with his friends and I! Now, we cant!

4. The reviewer not asking why HORDE MODE was omitted means this site had VERY LITTLE reason to give this game a 60!

5. This Epic employee must be the reason for the omission of HORDE MODE as he never said anything about it.

6. After I complete this game on Insane Mode, there will be no reason to play Gears Judgment for 3 months straight as I did the HORDE MODE Gears 1 & Gears 2.

7. My HORDE MODE buddies send be invites to play HORDE all the time & all of us have Judgment!

8. SEASON PASS: will not be purchased by me & many others if there will be no HORDE MODE in it.

9. Survival Mode: Sucks with that silly CLASS SYSTEM!

Nostradavis3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I am going to go out on a limb and say you like Horde Mode. The review mentions the shift out of Horde Mode and into the new Survival Mode.

"Outside of campaign (which features enough Horde Mode elements of its own) fans of Horde Mode will now have something called Survival Mode to keep them busy. This is essentially the same as the old Horde Mode but with a class based approach. You and up to four other people must decide upon either engineer, soldier, medic, or scout before taking part. You are then tasked with surviving wave after wave of Horde onslaught. Sadly, the waves cap out at ten and that left me feeling a bit cheated."

Thanks for telling me what I can and can't score a game based on my opinion simply because it doesn't line up with yours.

I gave Judgment a 6.0 because I felt the game was light in terms of multiplayer content and I did not like the changes made to the gameplay on the multiplayer side. The focus of my interview was to talk about the changes in that regard.


Nostradavis3335d ago

I am a big fan of the video at the end, from 2006. "Brought to you by Netscape."

CrzyFooL3335d ago

As mediocre as possible to grab that cash fast more like it!

Nostradavis3335d ago

Interesting. They never said that in the interview.

sandman2243335d ago

And I'm thankfull for that. I was getting sick of playing a shotgun feast multiplayer in the previous versions. Now I can use the lancer and not get pawned. This game is a must buy for 360 owners.

BanBrother3335d ago

But that is what Gears is about lol. Don't know why CoD gamers want everything to be like CoD. They ruined Gears and Killzone 3 MP.

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