Exclusive Splinter Cell Double Agent Weapons Preview

A very close look at Sam's OPSAT. Take a look into Sam's arsenel of weapons, gadgets and gizmos. Make sure you check out the last page, some extra things listed.

If you're a Splinter Cell fan then you will want to take a look at this.

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shotty5891d ago

Oh, almost forgot about the good old trusty electroshocker that doubles as a whistler to attrach nearby baddies. I remember shooting those into water soaked roades in Splinter Cell to see all the baddies get shocked.

Donkey Slayer5891d ago

It was a joke mocking all those who keep posting garbage.. "the game isn't worth $800" etc at any time a new topic comes up for a game.

Capt CHAOS5891d ago


Still.. Look forward to it, with GOW and Rainbow, I'll need some sedated screen wandering, the only other games that allows you to explore envs in such detail (actually, prob more) would have to be the Halo franchise.. And Morrowind - Note, not Olbivion, in Morrowind you could fly.. you can also do that in Halo with a frag :->

Anyway. I ramble with the excitement..

Capt InsaneO5891d ago

hmmmm..ok I wouldnt pay 500 for it either. Maybe 59.00.The online demo was good.So ok its worth 59.00.

PS3alltheway5891d ago

i just finish downloading the demo , for next gen game this game is not good , i notice bad graphics shadow effect is lame, low texture,lighning effect don't blame good. i suggest just rent this game online kinda sukx .

i luv splinter cell chaos theory , pandora tommrow

i hope this game on PS3 will look better and also 360 when it finish.

shotty5891d ago

Game looks pretty good, you have to remember for online the graphics are usually toned down like in GRAW. This is to help prevent lag.
Anyways I love playing the spy on the demo.

bizzy125891d ago

its not comming to the ps3 at all so dont get your hope up

Anerythristic265891d ago

Typical nonsense , are you Sony boys scripted? This game looks great , I'm excited about it. I like this series better than the Metal Gear series due to the realism.

Capt InsaneO5891d ago posted smetime as me.I see sorry for the smarta$$ comment.