My First Four Hours with Defiance

Defiance, that crazy transmedia project that links an MMO with a Syfy television series, is finally here. Well, at least the video game half is here; the show lands later this month.

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fracturedrich2024d ago

Some of the issues are now sorted but i get where your coming from with the overpower of monsters in ark event,but it is a sight to behold 300 people slap down on a bad guy.

32froshes2024d ago

True. And Trion did say they're working on Arkfall scaling, so this will probably change eventually.

Heisenburger2024d ago

I'm patching my copy as I type! I'm very excited!!

Captain Qwark 92023d ago

so far i love it but im getting pretty annoyed with all the server issues. if i had to score it so far, id give it a 7. that said, id highly recommend it to anyone and with some added content and bug fixes, game easily has the potential to hit the 9+/10.